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  1. We loved the Coral when we sailed on her in 2008 for our anniversary and 1st Panama Canal cruise (full transit).  The small size suited us just fine, and we enjoyed walking on the full promenade deck.  One feature that we really liked immensely was the aft viewing area on our deck (Baja--11).  We discovered it was a great place to observe the operation of the locks from an aft vantage point, after being outside on several much more crowded areas of the ship.    We stayed out there for the later part of the transit with the added benefits of shade and lounge chairs.



  2. 13 hours ago, mom says said:

    I haven't used a lock on my luggage in decades. Any thief can get around a lock in seconds, and could damage the bag in the process. I just zip tie the zippers together so they don't open due to rough treatment by the baggage handlers.  The nail clippers in my purse are all I need to remove them,

    That's exactly what we've been doing for years.  

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  3. I apologize if this has been recently discussed, but I haven't read whether or not the Winemakers Dinner is available on the Enchanted.  Sailing next month and would like to secure spots for us.  Recall posters saying that the dinner has to be reserved ASAP when you board.  Have done Chef's Dinner before (which was a wonderful experience), but we're interested in trying the Winemakers this time around, if possible.  The last I read, believe the price was $40pp. at that time?



  4. Another vote to keep the Internet Cafe.  As a person of a certain age and not overly "tech-savvy", I appreciate the space in order to spread out a bit, get help if I need it and for printing as necessary.


    Perhaps a few more years down the road, the need for the Internet Cafe will diminish, but right now, I say please keep it!

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  5. 1 hour ago, PacnGoNow said:

    Maybe someone in the IT team will correct it. It may still come in the mail with the correct color. They usually arrive about 10-14 days before sailing.

    But, when you arrive at the port, don’t bother going to the checkin area, just go through the green lane, if there is one and onto the ship.  You can stop at GS anytime and change it. Really only a few minutes.


    Would be interesting to know if it arrives with the correct color. LMK

    Yep...anxious to see which color DH ends up with...LOL...we'll just try to have it fixed on sailing day.


    In the grand scheme of things, it isn't a big deal, of course.  Just glad we're sailing again!



  6. 3 hours ago, PacnGoNow said:

    Your medallion should reflect your status when you sail. You are hoping to get the correct color in the mail, I presume?


    What does the App show when your DW signs into her account?  Ruby or Platinum?  When you click on her photo and you see the seawitch is is black or red?

    Is the website correct for both of you?


    If it’s just the App that is wrong, you could call PCL first thing tmrw morning and ask for the Medallion App team and tell them to correct on the App.  

    If they 

    don’t fix it before you go, GS OB can verify the Platinum status and switch out the medallion.  It only takes a couple of mins.




    Thanks for your response.  Yes, we want to receive the correct color of Medallion (in our case, Platinum) in the mail before we cruise.    As I stated, our Princess accounts both show our correct status, both when I log in and when my husband logs in, respectively.  It's the app. that is incorrect.  Of course, it's not really shocking, seeing how many issues the app. has had since the get-go.   Our Princess CVP didn't seem to have any answers, other than to suggest we have someone at the terminal correct it when we check-in.  I got a similar response from the person I connected with on "Live Chat'.  I called Princess yesterday and spoke to a girl from the Medallion App staff.  She said she sent a message to one of her "higher-ups" (her words).   


    Not holding our breath for any further action, so will just wait until boarding day to have them straighten out hubby's status level.

  7. We have an upcoming cruise in November and will finally be sailing at the Platinum level.  When we log into our Princess accounts, we both are now listed as Platinum, also showing on our travel summary.  


    When I ordered our Medallions on the app., the first order showed us as Ruby.  Ok, I figured since I ordered the Medallions shortly after we returned from our last Princess cruise in May, our accounts hadn't been updated yet (completing the May cruise finally put us into Platinum status).  Fast forward to Aug., checked the Medallion order again, found we hadn't been upgraded to Platinum, so decided to just cancel the 1st order and reorder both our medallions.  Now, in Sept., just 2 months before sailing, was checking the app. and, lo and behold, mine shows I'm platinum, but DH shows as ruby.   Have used Live Chat, speaking to our Princess CVP and talking to the dept. that handles medallion issues.  No luck.  All I get is wait until we get to the port....ugghh....


    Why is it so hard to get something as simple as this straightened out?

  8. We got our "upgrade offer" early this AM.   Not exactly like NCL.  When we sent a bid on an NCL cruise a few years ago, there was the similar sliding-type meter showing "weak" to "strong" and we could put in the maximum we were willing to pay, but the Princess upgrade offer starts at a pretty high price (for their "weak" accepted minimum and the "strong" is way more than we'd ever pay.  No thanks.  We're staying with our original cabin (Prem.Deluxe Balc.).

    Thought it was odd that all the choices given us with this offer---e.g., Club Class Mini-Suite, Vista, Premium & Penthouse Suites---are available, when they're showing as unavailable for our sailing in Nov. on the Princess website.

    BTW, our bid through NCL was accepted--from an Oceanview to an Aft Balcony, and the upgrade price was quite reasonable, IMO.

  9. Have used EZ Air several times and are pretty satisfied so far.  Only once we had an issue with luggage being lost...but that was the airline's handling, not the fault of Princess.  Right now, we are booking non-stop flights only to avoid any problems.

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  10. 6 hours ago, leck57 said:


    They were not free in our recent cruise. You are spending a considerable sum on a cruise, if the laundries are free then good, if not be prepared to spend all of $3 for a wash and $3 for a dry. Detergent if you need it costs less.

    Not free on our cruise on the Ruby in May, either...$3.00 for washer and dryer (each) then, also.  We bring our own detergent.

  11. Our Alaskan Cruise on the Ruby in May was the 1st sailing that deleted Victoria and substituted it with Prince Rupert.  We had never been to Victoria and were very much looking forward to it (especially seeing Butchart Gardens).  The people in Prince Rupert were very friendly and we made the best of it.  There were only a couple of excursions available, and we chose a visit to the Musuem of Northern BC.  That walk uphill from the port was pretty steep, but the Musuem had some interesting artifacts and we also saw a demonstration of local Tsimshian heritage & traditions by young local children and teens.  Although we enjoyed the museum, we still were disappointed in the swap of ports.

  12. Finding this thread interesting as we're sailing in a few days out of SF on the Ruby.  1st Alaskan cruise for us and I'm pretty sure I've overpacked...I can't imagine getting all of this stuff into a carry-on only, so will have each a large suitcase & a carry-on.  Bringing a lot of stuff for layering.  Also going to wear our hiking shoes onboard & carry jackets to lighten the load a bit.  Usually check the large bags with porters and roll on our carryons.  Hoping we can drop those off in cabin before lunch.

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  13. 5 hours ago, 1965 said:

    I see posts from time to time asking how far before cruise do medallians arrive. We depart May 11. Our medallians arrived today, April 28. Two weeks out.

    Same for us---we sail May 10th and received our medallions yesterday, Apr. 27th--13 days prior.

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  14. If you're going to be in a cabin on Caribe deck, mid-ship, then that is a great location with, as others have said, a larger, half-covered balcony.  We love the Caribe deck balconies!   Enjoyed ours with an ultimate balcony dinner--plenty of room.



  15. On 4/14/2022 at 12:29 PM, scottca075 said:

    I don't know where they are doing the Covid testing, but as to the area, it is about the nicest surrounding area you'll ever see for a major city cruise port area.




    Thanks, appreciate your comments on the SF terminal area.  Would like to find out, though, exactly where the Doc Go pre-cruise testing is done at the terminal, if anyone has seen or used this testing option.


    Thanks again.

  16. 13 minutes ago, weedpindle said:

    Why dont you do the proctored home test ?

    Thought about it, but not crazy about the idea..would rather have someone else administer the tests for us.   Don't want to deal with the online aspect.   Not great with those kinds of things.  Had hard enough time with the Medallion app.  Too much frustration!

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  17. Tried posting on West Coast Departures board re info. on SF cruise terminal....guess I wasn't specific enough.  What we really want to know is, exactly where at Pier 27 is the pre-cruise Doc Go covid testing done for the Ruby?  Is it located in the terminal---where specifically.  Or, is it done outside.?  1st time embarking from SF.  Will be sailing May 10.   We booked with Doc Go. just in case we can't get results in time from tests done in our area before we fly out to the west coast.  Better safe than sorry, so we're going to "double-test".  Scheduled appts. right within boarding window (A)  This has been the most stressful part of planning the cruise....LOL.



  18. We'll be sailing on the Ruby Princess in a few weeks and this will be our 1st time embarking from the port of San Francisco. We're flying in the day before and will be  taking a taxi or Uber from the hotel to the pier for embarkation.   For all those who are familiar with the terminal and recent conditions there, would appreciate your expertise.  One particular question is, if we reserve the pre-cruise covid testing at the terminal, where is the testing done specifically--inside the terminal (& where) or outside?  We were told that we would sail out of Pier 27.  Any other info. about the pier area would be appreciated, as well.


    Thanks for your help!

  19. Have 2 cruises (Princess) booked for May (Alaska) and Nov.( So.Caribbean), 2022.  We had a third cruise (Canada/NE) booked for 2022 (NCL) but we have moved this one up a year.  Had 4 cruises cancelled in 2020 and 2021.


    Find the pre-testing requirement a bit stressful, but we understand and appreciate the reasons why.  Will wear masks when needed.  Fully vaccinated, boosted & anxious to get back to cruising!!

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  20. Re:  Embarkation Lunch:  we don't even ask crew/staff members anymore--we just walk over & check out the MDRs on whatever ship we're on.   If we feel like a lighter & quicker lunch, then will see what's available in the I.C.  Much less chaos than the buffet!😲

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