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  1. I just got a call from Kimberly Baldwin herself from Princess, less than an hour after sending out the email to her.  She was very nice and seemed genuinely concerned about the problems we've encountered with the Medallion App (DMW, specifically).  We chatted about my issue with some of the Princess customer service reps' attitudes and responses (not all, some are quite professional and helpful) and she apologized.  She did agree that the functions within the Medallion app need to be improved and understands the frustration that we and others have been experiencing.


    The upshot was she that would be sending me 2 emails regarding my request for proof that both dining credits have been applied.  Unfortunately, she can't do anything about having it show in the app itself, evidently.  BTW, we did not get a charge on the credit card yet for the confirmed specialty dining reservation in question...so that's a good thing.   


    On our other booked Princess cruise, with NO dining credits, I also made Specialty Dining reservations.  Those charges have already hit my credit card.





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  2. After thinking about my unresolved call to Princess for a few days now, I decided to shoot off an email to Princess Customer Relations (kbaldwin was mentioned here and on another thread).  


    I asked the question about only one Specialty Dining Credit was applied under DMW on the app. while making a reservation for DH and myself, and having no proof our 2nd credit was applied.   Did add that some Princess phone reps have not been patient and/or helpful with folks calling with questions pertaining to their experiences with the app & DMW in particular.


    Know this is a small problem, but have read many, like us, have experienced it.


    Figured...what do I have to lose?  If I get any response, I will share.

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  3. Called Princess yesterday re the problem with specialty dining credit only showing applied for one of us on the app for DMW on an upcoming cruise.  Was told by the rep (obviously "annoyed" by my question), that it was fine and that I was "overthinking it"....huh??  I said I would like to be able to see that our total specialty dining credits were applied and she obviously didn't want to hear it. 


    Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I seem to recall that before the new app featuring DMW, you could see in your Cruise Personalizer on the Princess website any credits applied under your dining reservations.


    I'm fine using technology to a point, but don't like it being forced on me.  Us old timers are doing our best, but are never going to be tech geniuses.

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  4. Yes, our Christmas in June was a big hit.  Had scads of food and Christmas lights out by our firepit and on the tool shed and other decorations scattered around.  Even put mini ornaments on our little table-top sized lighted palm tree.  Everyone had fun playing corn hole and other games and the youngest ones played under the sprinkler.   It made up for the isolated holiday 2020 season we all experienced.  Where there's a will, there's a way...


    Meanwhile, looking forward to our next cruise (this coming Nov.) and a better holiday season in 2021 for us all!🤞


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  5. Was able to make specialty dining reservations for our Nov. 2021 cruise on DMW; however, only partly successful booking specialty dining for our May, 2022 cruise---I say "partly" because we had the same problem many others have experienced--cannot get our specialty dining credit of $29 applied to both DH and myself--the app will only apply the credit for one of us.  Will call Princess to see if this can be resolved.


    Have been able to secure individual dining times in the free MDR's for both cruises.  We usually choose Anytime Dining, but now with DMW, figured we better try to secure definite times through the app.

  6. 11 minutes ago, memoak said:

    And those who do not use TA’s and do not come here are going to go into their personalizer and find the can’t do anything that will spur many many calls to Princess

    You've got a point.  IMHO, Princess could've/should've posted updates directly on the website to let booked guests know the latest on the process.  At least we all here on CC can try to help each other figure it all out as we go along.  I've found very helpful info. from what other posters have shared here.

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  7. We have 2 cruises booked--one in Nov., 2021 and the other May, 2022.  I was able to reserve a 2-top for the first few nights in 2 different dining rooms (Nov. cruise), but when I tried to reserve dinners for the 2nd cruise (May), only 4-tops are available, no matter what time I pick.  I know it's nearly a year out, but found this a bit strange.  Also notice one of the 3 main dining rooms doesn't seem to be available.

  8. We had booked an oceanview for a May, 2019 sailing on the Sun (Key West/Havana).   Several weeks out we received an upgrade offer to either a balcony or mini-suite.  We bid for a balcony and didn't find out our bid was accepted until we were already in a pre-cruise hotel in FL (2 days before sailing).   We lucked out with an aft balcony, which was what I was hoping for, as a long shot.  

  9. As I think I'd read in another post, there doesn't seem to be any defined "anytime" or even "traditional" dining times now that DMW is reality.  If you chose early or late traditional dining, curious how this is going to play out without a specific designated time?  And as far as anytime dining goes, if you  just show up during the dining hours without a reservation, is the wait going to be even longer?


    Looks like the upcoming summer cruises will be the real test.

  10. I finally was able to download the app yesterday to our tablet from the Princess website and it works, for the most part.  This morning, I decided to throw caution to the wind and deleted the app from my  phone, which I had previously downloaded from the Google Play store.....with great trepidation, I logged onto the Princess site and clicked the app and voila....the app is now on my Android (Samsung 8.1) and is definitely the upgraded version and all of my info is intact.  


    Well, it seems we are all busy with this issue and have something to work on (and talk about) while we await our next cruises!

  11. 44 minutes ago, crows nest club said:

    It certainly doesn't here in the UK. I've just tried to install it from the Princess link and it's still a "No go". I'm using Android 8!!

    It's also not showing in Play Store.

    See above post#1078.   I'd been trying several times the last couple days and was ready to give up, but as you can see, it finally worked for me.  Hopefully, if you try again later, it will work successfully for you.   Definitely seems Princess changed something recently.

  12. 1 hour ago, Thrak said:

    The version that is now (as of today) linked from the Princess site claims to work with Android 8 and above.



    Thanks, Thrak.  Just a few minutes ago, I clicked on the link from the Princess website and was able to download the app directly onto our tablet (which is Samsung 8.1).  App still not available in Google Play Store...weird....



  13. 11 hours ago, crows nest club said:

    It may be helpful if Princess could give passengers an indication of which Android version we need to be able to access Medallion Class in the Play Store.  On Sunday the app was available,  but now it is not available at all in Play Store!! I'm using Android version 8. Is this permanent, or wil it reappear magically?

    I refuse to buy another phone just to check in on a future booked cruise.

    Amen to that....I also have 8.1 Android version.  I'm a crabby old lady and will not buy a new phone just because Princess can't get their act together!

  14. Just an additional observation on Android phones.  Even though we both have Samsung phones (& a tablet), my husband has a different version of the operating system on his phone and today logged in and had no problem accessing the dining ressies and also found the departure group for our upcoming Nov., 2021 cruise on the Enchanted.  My phone still cannot access any of this and can't load the app onto our tablet.  Not a big deal, but figured I'd share our discovery.  Too bad Princess can't list the types of devices/operating systems necessary for the new version of the app.  Guess I'm asking for too much.   


    If anyone is aware of this info., please enlighten us.  

  15. Funny thing is, I still have the app on my Samsung phone, but cannot now find the app to download to our tablet.   Nowhere to be found.  Tried the links from Princess site as Thrak did and it's a no-go.  


    Princess sure needs to do a better job with this soon or they'll be dealing with a lot of unhappy cruisers.





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  16. Also have Samsung phone, which is not the newest.   Funny thing is, when I downloaded the old version of the Medallion Class app over a year ago for a May, 2021 Alaskan cruise (cancelled, of course), everything worked fine.  Now....it's a giant mess.  I thought I read that we could start making dining reservations effective today for our cruise in Nov., but no way.  Already have deleted and re-uploaded the Medallion Class app. twice.   


    Wish Princess would do a better job with their "technical updates"...

  17. To the OP,  I agree this has been frustrating trying to understand how to navigate Medallion app and not be able to access what I thought I could.  I am not a tech whiz and easily get impatient.  Was trying to get into the Dine Options numerous times and finally found out our cruise has to be paid in full before we can do this, which I wasn't aware of.  However, I am still attempting to look on the bright side of this and glad we will be back to cruising in the next few months.  


    As awinte2 commented above, "technology can sometimes get in the way of the fun of planning..."



  18. So sorry to learn of the passing of beloved actor, Gavin MacLeod, who played Captain Stubing and "Murray", as well as many other characters. Like so many of you, especially enjoyed watching him on The Love Boat and Mary Tyler Moore shows.  Such a perfect ambassador for Princess Cruises.  


    He will certainly be missed.  Sincere condolences to his family and friends.

  19. I also wonder what Princess considers the threshold.  Although our 1st cruise back on a Princess ship is 6 months away, I am not too keen on having to be tested prior to boarding, especially as DH and I are fully vaccinated.  That could be a deal-breaker for us and others.


    Nothing more to do for now but stay cautiously optimistic.

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  20. Updated: May 27, 2021

    The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention publishes travel advice, warnings and recommendations related to COVID-19, including for travel on cruise ships, which you should consult at CDC Cruise Ship Travel website before confirming a reservation.

    If a threshold of COVID-19 is detected onboard, the voyage will be ended, the ship returned to the port of embarkation, and your subsequent travel or return home may be restricted or delayed.


    Saw this when I logged in this morning.  Geeez....I thought things were getting better, especially if you're vaccinated.  

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  21. Yes, I understand that covid is spread by airborne transmission; however, I'd kind of hoped that buffets would be changed up a bit anyway after all this.  You might not catch covid from the buffet, but sure can end up with something else, like norovirus, for one.  I understand a lot of folks like eating at the buffets, we have several times as well, but I try to avoid the areas (like the salad bar) where people tend to touch a lot of items and are in close proximity to each other.  


    To each his own.

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