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  1. 10 minutes ago, Heidi13 said:


    I don't believe the gardens open until 09:00 and I would allow an hour each way to/from the cruise port. With a Noon departure, all aboard will be 11:30, so you would only have a maximum of 90 mins at the gardens.


    In that time, at best you can walk some of the paths. Not really sufficient time to stop and enjoy the gardens.


    The other consideration, when sailing down the Pacific Ocean, if the vessel experiences heavy weather it may arrive late in Victoria. Having worked this coast for 30+ years, I have experienced a number of May storms. While late arrival is a fairly low probability, it should still be a factor in your decision making.

    As this will be our 1st Alaskan cruise and stop in Victoria, we very much appreciate the info. you've provided.   Good to know and we will certainly take your experience/observations into consideration.  Thank You!

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  2. We'll be in Victoria, BC in mid-May on the way back to San Francisco (inside passage cruise on the Ruby Princess).  This is our 3rd attempt to visit since Covid caused the pause (cancelled 2020 & 2021 cruises, like so many others).   I've really wanted to visit Butchart Gardens, but on this sailing, we'll only be in Victoria from 6am to 12noon.   Because of the limited time, I would lean toward booking the ship's excursion to make sure we get back to the ship in time.


    My question is, would it be worth it to visit the gardens for this length of time in port?  

  3. Sorry to hear buffet back to self-serve on the Ruby, as we're sailing on her in May and we actually liked the idea of items served by crew.   Personally never cared for the chaos of all self-serve.  Would rather be in a line and have thing more organized....and less confusing.  Not to mention less chance of food contamination.


    To each his own.  Guess I'll spend less time in the buffet and more in the IC.

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  4. 1 hour ago, Ride-The-Waves said:

    “The Ruby Princess has a maximum passenger capacity of 3,782 and 1,200 crew members.”


    That seems awfully high for total # of pax on the Ruby.   Isn't that closer to Royal Class ships' capacity?


    This is from Princess website under ship(s) section:

    ?? Guests 3,080

    Crew 1,200
    Refurbished October 2018
    Believe OP was referring to what the current sailings have for capacity--possibly reduced?  We are sailing on the Ruby in May...assume by then the ship will be sailing close to normal capacity
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  5. Our cruise isn't until May, but we're travelling from East to West Coast on Mon. for a Tues. departure and would need to have test on a Sun. if the 2-day testing requirement holds.  Have been holding off ordering proctored tests to see a "big announcement" after reading about change to 3 days--but, so far, no evidence I can find.  So many of us would benefit from the testing being changed to 3 days.  


    Very frustrating and a giant P-I-T-A.   


    On a positive, note, at least the mask requirements have been relaxed.

  6. BTW, if you want to do the 10-day Panama Canal itinerary....it will be a "partial" canal cruise.  We did it on the Caribbean Princess a few years ago in late April.   It was a little humid, but for the most part, we had good weather and enjoyed the ship.


    To second Thrak's opinion, I would definitely take the Coral Princess for a full canal cruise through the old locks.  

  7. As JF-retired RRT said above, you should have no problem.  We cancelled a Nov., 2021 cruise just days before final payment was due, and had our FCC's transferred over to other existing bookings for May, 2022 and Nov., 2022.  The FCC's needed to be used by 12/31/2022--so it worked out for us.

  8. We were sailing on the Boston to Bermuda itinerary some years back on the NCL Majesty (smaller ship).  Heading to Bermuda, the seas were extremely rough. My DH, being an old sailor (US Navy and USCG) was fine and I was as well, but we ended up being the only people who showed up in the DR at a table for 10.  That was in mid-May.  That ship was really rocking and creaking all day and night.  There were barf bags in the elevators, etc. and many people brought blankets and pillows out of their cabins to common areas (lounges, etc.) to be in larger spaces with others.  On 2 other cruises from Boston to Bermuda, we experienced stiff winds, but the seas weren't that bad.  A cruise from NYC to Bermuda would probably yield similar conditions.   Being on a larger ship, like the Joy, will help.


    As bluesea77 commented, "it's a crapshoot!", especially sailing in the northern Atlantic waters, regardless of the time of year.  

  9. To be fair, we won't be impacted that much by the removal of a tub from the Club Balcony Suite we'll have for our next NCL cruise, which isn't on the upper tier of staterooms like those of you who have suites booked.  But, if we paid the extra $$$ for one of the affected suites, I would definitely want to know how NCL is changing that space or even perhaps if there may be a price adjustment.   Can understand that losing that tub with a water view would be a giant disappointment.


    Also wonder why at this time, NCL is doing this, especially if they're trying to recoup some of the lost revenue from the pause in cruising...doesn't make sense to be spending a lot on a change like this now.

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  10. Well, I just think this change re removal of the bathtubs is pretty strange.    Coincidentally, only a few hours after receiving the email as shown in this thread, we received a call from our "new" NCL cruise planner, just touching base to see if he could answer any questions, etc. about our upcoming booking on the Pearl.  So, since the opportunity presented itself, I told him about this latest "renovation".  He had absolutely NO clue about the email or any idea or knowledge about the bathtubs being taken out and the reasons why.  I did ask him if he could look into it and let us know what he finds out. 


    Bet I don't hear back....

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  11. Think it's the luck of the draw with Princess PVP's.  The first one we had several years ago was good, but for whatever reason, she was replaced by another PVP.  That girl was friendly and called or emailed often with special "offers", but hardly ever returned my calls or emails when I had questions or wanted to make a change on our existing reservation.  When I did speak with her, I quickly found I knew what was going on much better than she did (many times thanks to what I learned here on CC).  In the last several months, we have had another PVP reassigned again to us (starting to get a complex here🤨).  This new girl is friendly like her predecessor and eager to provide info on the latest promotion, but rather clueless.  She called today and wanted to give us the update on what we needed to prepare for embarking on our upcoming cruise, but evidentally did not check our account to see that the cruise we were supposed to be on right now was actually cancelled (by us) back in August.  When I informed her that our next Princesss cruise isn't until next May, she seemed taken aback.  Obviously, she didn't do her "homework" on our account.  Once again, it looks like we have not been able to score a very knowledgeable PVP.    So, I'll continue to check prices, promotions, etc. myself and only call Princess customer service when I need to make a change.


    Glad for those of you who have scored a good PVP.  We are still waiting...

  12. If you are considering the Caribbean Princess, the balconies on Caribe deck (#10) are significantly larger than on other decks, and are half-covered, half-uncovered.  We enjoyed a special anniversary with an Ultimate Balcony Dinner on one of these Caribe balconies and had plenty of room.


    Favorite areas of ours on the Caribbean Princess: Aft terrace pool on deck 14,  Outriggers bar above it on deck 15, and the view from the Skywalkers Bar/Nightclub on deck 18 is fantastic!


    As others have said, there tends to be more younger passengers on shorter (7 days or less) cruises.

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  13. 16 hours ago, scottca075 said:


    I am with Princeton123111, if you can stay in the Mark Hopkins, do it. Even if you book it on your own (or the Fairmont), these are quintessential San Francisco hotels.


    PS the locals hate it when the city is referred to as "SFO" or "San Fran" and heaven forbid "Frisco".

    Thanks for your input...and will keep in mind not to offend the locals...LOL...

  14. 11 minutes ago, princeton123211 said:

    Uber from SFO to Nob Hill will be at or just below $40. Uber from Nob Hill to the pier will be about $10 total. With the hotel half off its a heck of a deal compared to what Princess is offering for a tiny bit of effort. 

    Thanks for the info. on fares.  Agree, this option will sure cost us less!   The good thing is, it's easy to remove the hotel/transfer pkg. off our booking.  Have 3 months to go until final payment due.


    4 hours ago, princeton123211 said:

    If you are looking to have an "experience" in San Francisco (as opposed to just passing through) the Mark Hopkins is going to be vastly nicer than the other two.


    I've always thought the cruise arranged hotels are on the expensive side too-- maybe a price compromise is just book the Mark Hopkins or Fairmont across the street (one of my personal faves) direct with the hotel for less and take an Uber from the airport?

    Thanks...that is a consideration, also.  I did check price for direct booking with Mark Hopkins and it's about half the price Princess was charging (of course, transfers from airport to hotel and hotel to port were also included).  Will look into what an Uber or Lyft might cost.



  16. We're booked on the Ruby May, 2022 for the Inside Passage, departing SFO.  Flying out from MA the day before. Trying to narrow down choices for transportation from airport and hotel near Fisherman's Wharf.  Between Hotel RIU Plaza and Holiday Inn Express in that area.  Also looked at Super Shuttle from airport.


    Currently have transfers & hotel (Mark Hopkins) booked through Princess, but it's quite expensive.  Thought we could probably do a lot better on our own to save $$.


    Suggestions?  TIA.

  17. WOW...crazy weather here today in SE MA.  At one point this AM, 500,000+ power outages were reported.  After all the so-called hurricanes & tropical storms sailed by this way earlier in the season, we were hit last night & this morning with a good old-fashioned Nor'Easter, which has been the most powerful storm we've had here for a long time.


    Thankfully we had a generator installed last Spring...kicked in at 5 am today.


    So wish we were on a cruise right now....(sigh)

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