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  1. 3 hours ago, Steelers36 said:




    That was the plan - to have single/common login credentials for both Princess.com and Medallion Class.

    Think you're onto something...went through the same thing today as others have posted.  Couldn't use my usual password for the website---tried many times---then changed my password to the same as I have on the Medallion app.....and VOILA!   Guess that may have been Princess' MO all along....and here's the message that popped up on my screen when I successfully signed in with my "new password" on the Princess website:

    Good News!

    You can now use this account for both Princess.com and the MedallionClass™ app.

    Guess that may have been Princess' MO all along...

    Would've been nice for Princess to tell us this to save a lot of aggravation and time.

  2. We have been experiencing summer-like weather here for this 2nd half of May - the 1st week was cool & rainy, so this is nice....even with higher humidity arriving.  We'll take it, for sure.


    Just reminiscing today about the cruises we've taken in this time of the year....just exactly 2 yrs. ago today we were in Havana, Cuba (NCL Sun).  What a great memory--so glad we had this opportunity as who knows if/when cruises to Cuba will be possible for USA residents again.


    Covid vax has been going well, but lately the numbers of those getting vaccinated has slowed down.  Good new is that our state has reported only 2 towns are left in the high-risk "red" zone.




  3. Wow...couldn't believe this, so I did a search to see which cruise line could possibly be offering a cruise to Bermuda in Feb/Mar.   Actually did find a 5-day NYC to Bermuda itinerary on the NCL Getaway starting Feb. 5, 2023, with the NCL Pearl sailing from Boston to Bermuda starting in late March, 2023.  Would not consider either of those, no matter how cheap the fare.  Brrrrr......🥶



  4. This new My Time dining feature seems too much like work.   We like to be able to "relax" while on a cruise and not have to deal with worrying about so many details.   In the past, we've always looked at the daily patter (or whatever the daily activity schedule is called on the particular cruiseline) and figured out basically what we wanted to do that day (or perhaps the following day) and go from there.  That's why we prefer AD, not being tied to a specific dining time and can adjust, based on what activities we want to participate in that evening.  Don't care about which specific dining room we're assigned to.  If we want, we can change things up by reserving an evening meal in one of the specialty dining venues, or eat casually in the buffet or even the IC.  It's vacation, after all.

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  5. 19 hours ago, Laurab23 said:

    When do you think they will be cancelled? I have one booked for Sept 2021 and am waiting to be notified.



    Think you'd better check with Princess.  The cruises showing on Princess' website with sailing dates from Aug. 28 to Oct. 30 are all marked "Currently Unavailable" (Caribbean Princess).

  6. 1 hour ago, Cruise Raider said:


    They haven't even canceled my Alaska cruise for mid summer yet.  I'm expecting them to do so any day now, though.  They will have to get an exemption from the PVSA in order to make it happen.  That seems unlikely ... if they will offer it, I will just do the shift to next year.  

    We had an Alaskan cruise for May cancelled months ago by Princess.  Would think the summer ones would be cancelled fairly soon as well.  We already moved ours up to 2022 and transferred $$ over.

  7. 33 minutes ago, DaveyCaper said:

    My name is David and my DW often calls me Davey (when she is happy with me LOL) and I am born and lived all my life on Cape Breton Island and residents of our island are called "Capers".  Capers is also the name of the isand's (and my alma mater's) university's sports team.

    Like the handle and love your part of the world...have enjoyed visiting there in the past.  Hope to visit Sydney again late Aug, 2022 for a port stop (NCL Boston-Canada cruise), God willing...

  8. Thanks for the tips on massaging & moving arm after shot.  We're up for our 2nd shots end of the month and had heard some people experienced more symptoms after the 2nd (Moderna).  Heard only about 10-11% of our state's population (MA) have received full vaccination.  Teachers & school staff will become eligible tomorrow.


    It has warmed up here...enjoying an early Spring for about 3 days and then temps supposed to take a dive again on the weekend, BUT for the time being, it is good.  Actually was out in backyard  with DH burning brush this afternoon.  Nice to be able to spend time outdoors in the sun.


    Just one year since our first 2 cruises were cancelled....and what a year it's been!!

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  9. For late Nov., 2021, we've booked an Aft Prem. Deluxe Balcony on deck #9--Cat.D4, as we enjoy being aft.   After doing some research, found these cabins have larger balconies as skynight stated.  


    Good luck with your choice.

  10. We're booked for Aug., 2022 on NCL Pearl (r/trip-BOS to Canada) in an Aft Club Balcony Suite on deck 11.  As we previously sailed on the Gem, I'm sure we will enjoy cruising on her sister, the Pearl.   If any one has been in one of these cabins (previously mini-suites), would the location be particularly noisy?  

  11. Cautiously optimistic that the late Aug., 2022, 7-day cruise out of Boston to Canada and Maine we  booked on the NCL Pearl will sail.  Although we've visited these ports previously, we're still looking forward to sailing out of a close cruise port with no flying involved, arriving by sea to these familiar and favorite places we've been to before. Hoping cruising will be as close to normal as possible by then, but do expect some changes onboard.


    As far as the 2 additional cruises we have booked (Princess) are concerned (Nov., 2021 and May, 2022), it's possible either one or both of these may not happen for us.  Time will tell.



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  12. Well, here we are again...another blanket of snow.  DH out there with snow blower as I type this.  At least with both of us now retired, we aren't in any big rush to get anywhere.  


    Wind chills expected to be below zero here by the weekend....even more reason to dream about a Caribbean cruise.


    Hoping to get vaccine in the next few weeks (depending on the rollout in our area) and then we will feel relieved.


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