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    11 minutes ago, Tak8 said:

    That is a quick turnaround from the last update.  Wondering how many cancellations or threats to cancel Princess received.  

    We cancelled our Nov. cruise sailing from FLL last week....the 3-day pre-testing requirement just was too much to have to deal with to find a location for testing in our area on Thanksgiving weekend.  Probably could have waited (our final payment wasn't until Sept.1st), but when they changed the date to Dec. 31st for pre-testing on all US voyages, that was the tipping point.  Wearing masks everywhere onboard and the high rate of covid cases, especially in FL, entered into our decision, also. 

    So now we're waiting until 2022 to sail again.

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  2. 2 hours ago, Reader0108598 said:

    Please let us know if u can I am in Ma son is in NJ on vacation! worried sick lol

    Looking like the storm will turn to the west--so affecting NY/Conn./RI more, but still not taking any chances--we all ran around today securing lawn furniture, bringing in plants, etc.  Our hummingbirds are going to be unhappy, we will only have 1 feeder out during the storm--much closer to the ground.


    It's a beautiful night here--almost full moon and hardly any wind....but expect things will be very different in the next 12 hours.  


    Hopefully your son will do ok in NJ and stay safe.  Wishing the best.

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  3. Bracing for the arrival of now-Hurricane Henri tomorrow.  Looks like it's due to hit NY and a good chunk of Southern New England (we live south of Boston, and have daughter living in Wareham close to the water on south-facing coast, near Buzzards Bay/Cape Cod Canal.  Our other daughter & son live in Plymouth, also on the coast. Should be an interesting Sunday for us all.


    Hope everyone in Henri's path stays safe!

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  4. So sorry you have gone through this awful and stressful experience.  The TA definitely needs to step up and do something above & beyond for you and your husband as a result of this mess.  


    We prefer not to use a TA---had an experience years ago--booked a cruise and cruise agency was about to go belly up just before our final payment was due....fortunately we were able to contact cruiseline and send the payment sent directly to them.  I like to have control of our booking.  


    Hopefully, you will find a good and reliable TA you can depend on in the future.

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  5. Hope they still offer "Princess Love Boat Dream" dessert for our next cruise!  


    Agree with many of the dining choices mentioned above.


    Have also enjoyed offerings in the International Cafe as a lighter lunch option than the buffet....shrimp & chicken salads were quite good...and the warm baked cookies and gelato...yummy....



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  6. Folks on our Nov. 30th cruise are cancelling because of this update, and we're seriously thinking of taking that route, as well---no fun to have to be masked virtually everywhere when we're fully vaccinated.  AND the final tipping point is having to obtain a negative covid test within 3 days of embarkation.  This really takes the fun out of getting back to cruising.


    Our final payment coming up right around the corner--Sept. 1st.  Time for a decision we hoped we wouldn't have to consider.

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  7. Our July has been rather strange--usually it is the dryest and hottest month here in MA, but June was hotter & dryer this year.  Returned a few days ago from a trip to Maine--including 4 days on a 150-yr. old windjammer, the Stephen Taber, (out of Rockland, ME).  Although our cabin was pretty small, the fantastic meals prepared by the Chef was a highlight, with wine & cheese every night chosen by the Capt. and his wife--we even had a lobster bake on a beach and the Capt. personally prepared "special" S'mores for dessert.  Certainly different from an ocean cruise--but definitely a fantastic alternative.  


    Now in just about 4 more months  we will (hopefully) be boarding the new Enchanted Princess.

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  8. 20 minutes ago, Steelers36 said:

    Yes, good point.  I know it was down due to recent MC App version update, but has anyone been able to view existing res or check to make a new one in the past couple of days?  Trying to figure out if DMW is 100% off-line or working for some voyages.

    I was able to access our existing dinner ressies  (cruises in Nov. & May) yesterday on the DMW  ---but just a day or 2 before, I couldn't....seems you never know any given day whether it'll work or not.

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  9. 5 hours ago, Reader0108598 said:

    Also in Mass but in a part Boston Politicians do not know! Just waving Hello 🙂 I worked for the state, campus police officer 24 years had more than one tell me we were in the boondocks no wonder we get nothing here! lol Have a great time on your trip!  Masshole lol




    lol...thanks! 👍

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  10. Our weather has not been traditional July weather--cooler and definitely wetter than usual.  The Boston TV weathercasters have said we are at the 3rd highest amount of rainfall in July ever recorded, and the month is not even 1/2 over yet!  It's crazy on the East Coast with all the rain and flooding, when the poor folks out West have endured such awful heat with droughts and fires in many spots.


    Sure hoping the weather improves as we're taking a mini-cruise, of sorts, the end of this week on a schooner out of Maine.  We'll be sailing out of Rockland, ME and roughing it in a tiny cabin, but looking forward to being out on the water for 4 days.  The ship only holds about 22 people and very casual -- NO dress code, which makes DH very happy.    Meals included, with wine & cheese in the evening.  Looking forward to it.

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  11. 53 minutes ago, NavyVeteran said:

    Since this is your first time through the Panama Canal, I recommend Panama Canal & Locks Transit By Boat (NC2-615). This tour takes you through the old locks to the Pacific Ocean, so you will have done a full transit (even though the ship has only done a partial transit).


    Also, the small boat will go to the Pacific through the historic old locks. These are the original locks that have a lot of history behind them - much more than the new locks. By taking this excursion, you will get the full Canal experience - all the way from the Atlantic to the Pacific and both the new locks and the old ones.


    For information about building the old locks, I definitely recommend you read The Path Between The Seas by David McCullough. It is the definitive book about the Panama Canal.


    We took this excursion in 2018 on the 10-day Partial Transit of the Caribbean Princess.  It was a long day, but so worth it.  Although we'd experienced a full transit several years before on the Coral, it was interesting to pass through the old locks on a much small excursion vessel, and we were able to touch the sides of the canal.  

  12. Checked the app yesterday and can't access DMW at all now.  Was in there a few days before and the dining reservations for our 2 upcoming cruises were still there.


    At least our sailings aren't until this Nov. and next May, so there is time for improvement (hopefully).  Just feel bad for those who have cruises coming up soon.  


    Have decided to leave things as they are in the app and try not to stress about it.   Won't even bother watching the Medallion Monday videos anymore...just useless P.R. presentations by Princess.

  13. 9 hours ago, Tedferg said:

    I would have thought you would have a problem at that time, too many people. Actually DMW could help you with a reservation at that time. 

    you can still just turn up but that is a high traffic time 

    Well, you are right..it is a high traffic time and I suppose in that regard, we may be better off making reservations rather than just showing up.  In the past we did have to wait for awhile with a beeper to be seated.  

    5 hours ago, wowzz said:

    Depends on the particular cruise. It certainly is not a high traffic time for European cruises. Why eat when the sun is still out, and you can be drinking cocktails ? It's the best part of the day, and you don't want to waste it, sitting inside.

    We are used to eating early as you in Europe prefer later dining.  After eating, we are free for evening activities onboard or to take a walk on the outside decks, enjoying the sunset or night breezes.  To each his own.

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  14. We've preferred Anytime Dining for being able to decide whatever time we wanted to eat, but now have to rethink our dining plans.  One of the things we have enjoyed about cruising is being able to relax and not deal with stress.  Now it's a whole new ballgame dealing with DMW, and feel we need to pre-book dining at the time best for us or we'll lose out that time slot....sigh...


    Hoping once cruising starts up this summer, we hear positive reports about how this plays out.

  15. 2 hours ago, Dave from Ont said:

    My wife and I were having breakfast this morning and were thinking about the medallion class app and all it's problems. As mentioned before we cannot get into the app and we have talked to tech support and with our ipad we should be having no problems, however we still do. We think it is very interesting how we can use our PC/Desktop to peruse all of Princess's cruises. We can select a cruise we want to go on. Then we can select our cabin, bed arrangement, and dinning time. Finally we can pay online with our credit card and Princes is only too happy to take the payment. All done on our PC, then when I want to check-in, they change the rules, and tell me I have to use an app on my iphone/ipad etc. to be able to do this. We are all for people wanting to use this medallion app on board the ship or however else they want to.. We are just not happy that Princess is not allowing us to complete the check-in  of a booking that was begun on our PC.


    2 hours ago, Tedferg said:

    Well said, how any responsible IT department can take away a working solution and replace it with this mess is beyond belief !

    Agree with everything said above...100%!

  16. We are not yet Platinum...after our upcoming cruise in Nov., we will be.  We booked the cruise well before June 7th (the "grandfathered" date), and were able to book dining reservations for the Nov. cruise and one in May, 2022 without making final payment on either.  At this point, we only have the deposits and FCC's applied to both.

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