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  1. Sounds like a round Britain cruise to start with, Kent coastline for Indiana, anywhere North Yorkshire / Humberside coastline would do for us then up to the North East for Graham and Pauline. Scotland would be the next logical pick up for all our North of the Border friends.
  2. That sounds good! I think a few might be shocked at the prices for school holiday cruises though! 😁
  3. First thing we did when he got in the house? Ran a bath for him of course! 👍
  4. Yes, of course we have! The main thing has been wondering what he's been up to as there was no WiFi so the messages from the grown ups have been intermittent. Since coming home he's disappeared up to his bedroom with his iPad, only putting in odd appearances for supplies, so we're back to normal very quickly!
  5. I'm pretty sure these 2 pints cost me NKR180 in the port area in Molde back in 2009!!! Still, it was a Sunday, not much was open and we'd not spent anything else having been on a lovely walk.
  6. Kyle is now back home with a burnt lip (hot marshmallow from the camp fire), a laceration on his foot (got caught up in a vine), scratches and bruises on his legs and a tale of being sick on the first night. However, he's played in the woods, paddled in the stream, climbed a mini waterfall, had water pistol fights etc. and can't wait for the next time. We've been told that the kids entertained themselves so the grown ups were able to relax too. Best of all he's had a complete break from the iPad, Nintendo Switch etc. and played with kids of similar ages. We're relieved it's gone so well and grateful to our friends for taking him with them. I've already been out and got him a KFC to celebrate his safe return home.
  7. I used to work with a chap from there, always called it "Sorby" and corrected anybody who didn't pronounce it the same way.
  8. I would happily Munch on a Griegs sausage roll 😀
  9. 6pm check in so they’d presumably had plenty of time to clean it? That’s terrible, such a shame for you all.
  10. Stop it now! Sarah, we’re gonna need that box of Kleenex back...
  11. You're too kind, thank you. Sending you the virtual Kleenex!
  12. Thanks for another great thread Andy and everyone who has contributed. Being restricted hasn’t really bothered me that much. Close friends (including an ex-paramedic whose wife is a senior nurse) tipped me off what was coming at the end of February so in my mind I was as prepared as I could be though, of course, I had no idea of the reality of it. I didn’t miss watching sports anything like as badly as I thought I would (despite being a rugby season ticket holder for 40 years) and in some ways I have enjoyed the slower pace of life in general. Michelle has had health issues since last November but finally had a long overdue hospital appointment this week so we hope that is the last piece of the jigsaw on the way to long term recovery. Kyle has coped well with being stuck at home, in the main thanks to technology which means he can FaceTime friends and play games online with them. He’s had his moments of course, but I’m sure most kids will be the same. We’re not confident going out yet so I’m just doing the shopping and that’s it. Everyone’s got to decide for themselves and at some point, I’ll be confident enough to go back to things like going to church and eating out again. Michelle is desperate for a holiday so we have booked a caravan at the coast near Bridlington for 4 nights at the end of the month. We did make a big decision this week in allowing Kyle to go away for 2 nights glamping with our friend’s family including my Goddaughter and her sister who are almost like surrogate cousins to him. He asked why we’d said it would be okay so I tried to explain that we thought that the risk was worth it so that he could go away and have some fun with kids his own age. I think, for me, not being able to take Kyle to his gymnastics classes or on a spontaneous trip to the sweet shop or KFC (his favourite) have been the hardest restrictions, daft as that may sound. When we adopted him, it took just under 3 years from us applying to be adoptive parents to him moving in (no fast-tracking for us). Though he attached to us early, we then went through 2 very difficult years before he truly settled down and started to become the fantastic son that we now have. We are pragmatic and patient people (we had to be) and over those 5 years we learnt that everything passes with time. No matter what strife, hurt, upset etc. that you are going through or feeling at any particular moment in time, keep going and things will eventually change. That’s what Michelle and I keep reminding each other whenever either of us is feeling a bit down.
  13. I try to stay reasonably fit and have been lucky with my health. I've had one sick note in my life (chickenpox) and only one full day off sick in my last 11 years of employment. Worse thing was not being able to have injections at the dentist for fillings when I was a kid!
  14. Me too, and will attempt to trump you by throwing in Tetracyclines and Erythromycin!
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