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  1. After 20+ cruises we’ve seen some rude behaviour on occasions and thinking about it most of those have been on August (school holiday) cruises. It’s not “rude” behaviour as such but the worst incident we’ve seen is two adult males squaring up. The son of one of the men did something to annoy the other chap who then made a comment. Next thing dad jumped up and threatened him so it looked like they were going to start fighting. Luckily crew jumped in just in time and separated them.
  2. DamianG


    On our August cruise on Ventura lifejackets were not required for the muster drill. We had an aft cabin so we were able to go down to Havana really quickly via an extra crew/emergency staircase opened up at the end of our corridor. Returning to the cabin took approximately 15 minutes using the public stairways. As such, my suggestion would be to keep the extra staircases open after the drill so that the passengers can disperse quicker. I suppose that they don’t do this as these extra staircases would need to manned by crew but if they could I think it would help a lot.
  3. On Ventura last August kids were able to use the adults only pool aft and there is a paddling pool for little ones there as well. Madeira is not great for little ones in my opinion, there is a lido Complexo Balnear do Lido which is really good with cheap admission and fair priced food but you'd need a taxi to get there. La Palma is easy to DIY if you fancy a beach day. Tenerife we take our son to Parque Marítimo de Santa Cruz, a lido near the opera house known by the locals as “la piscina” (swimming pool). It is family friendly and reasonably priced for everything. Gran Canaria we usually walk to the beach then have lunch in the Plaza de España. There is a cracking toy shop not far from there if you want to treat the kids. Lanzarote I'd suggest a taxi ride to Rancho Texas (taxi was €23 a few years back). The beach in Arrecife isn't great and the town seems a little run down so I wouldn't recommend just going ashore and catching the shuttle bus without a plan. Cadiz is good for the beach, especially if you are happy to take a short bus ride to Playa Cortadura which is nicer than the one nearer the port (catch the bus opposite the dock gates). Lisbon has plenty to do for the kids, Oceanario (aquarium) and the zoo are both favourites for our son and you can get to either on the tube.
  4. Is that cruise A107? If it is then I agree, what a superb itinerary. For what it's worth I'd be happier on Azura too, just that bit more special than Ventura in our opinion even though they are sister ships. Great that you had a hassle free transfer as well, a good example of P&O getting things right ("for once" I can hear people cry!).
  5. We've pre-registered for B118 14 nights Mediterranean in the main summer school holidays and are delighted that there are 3 ports which are new to us (Alicante, Villefranche and Ibiza). We're also really happy that the last port is Lisbon rather than Gibraltar (nothing wrong with the latter but Lisbon gives us far more choices of things to do ashore with our son). In terms of prices we're paying £320 more than our 2020 booking (same ship, same cabin, similar itinerary) so we're okay with that too.
  6. They're all going to either Spain or Portugal one way or another. The only 7 nighter is E135 20th Sept Vigo, Lisbon, Porto, St Peter Port.
  7. If you mean Scandinavia and Baltic then I'm sorry to say I don't see any for Oceana!
  8. Hi John I've just had a quick look & reckon that there are 22 cruises which match your criteria: Britannia 11 Med cruises B112 8th May to B117 17th July then B119 14th August to B123 9th October Ventura 9 cruises N109 to N114 (alternating Med / Baltic) then N117 22nd Aug to N119 19th Sept Oceana E116 8th May & E136 27th Sept (Spain, Portugal, Canaries) I don't fancy typing out 22 itineraries though!
  9. We were super excited to receive a brochure this morning, completely unexpected on my part at least. Unfortunately the excitement lasted about 3 minutes which is all it took to choose something for 2021 based on our preferences (son prefers newest ships and Med or Canaries, restricted to July / August school holidays cruises). That quickly narrowed it down to 2 choices and we're happy with the result. To think we used to spend hours browsing and making plans...….
  10. 1st time we went we took the "Rome on your own" excursion and though we had a good day we didn't enjoy the coach trip (it was a busy day for ships in port and the journey was delayed with a chaotic stop at a very overcrowded services). Following that we had 2 successful independent trips via the trains with no problems whatsoever (though I do respect others comments about potential delays etc.). Nowadays we always stay in Civitavecchia as our son loves having a swim at the lido at the Water Polo club. Last time we were there I went to Sunday mass in the Cathedral then met with the rest of our group at Mastro Titta Pizzeria for lunch followed by an afternoon at the lido. Obviously it's hard to know what will appeal to your father-in-law but if he stays in port a stroll down the promenade followed by a good lunch in a friendly restaurant may be of interest?
  11. On our last 7 cruises we have travelled with my in-laws and we all dine together in the MDR every evening. Our son usually chooses from the kids menu and on occasions Grandma and Grandad have had items from that same menu without any problems whatsoever. Grandma sometimes just wants something plain (e.g. fish fingers and chips) and Grandad is very partial to a cream horn for dessert! As others have said the waiters are always fantastic and very accommodating.
  12. You just reminded me of an excursion down the River Nile many years ago with lunch included. One of the options was pasta with a separate tomato sauce. An older lady in our picked up the ladle from the sauce then raised it to her mouth for a taste before putting it back into the sauce. We carefully avoided anything she went near, however a few days later I caught my one and only dose of norovirus. Thankfully it was a very minor case and I was confined to the cabin for a couple of days only.
  13. Farewell our favourite ship by far. Our 1st cruise on her was 18 nights to Egypt in 2008 where we only had half a day in port (Malaga) in the first 7 days. It was probably the most sociable cruise I can ever remember as we got to know quite a few passengers outside our party during that first week, definitely helped by the size of the ship which meant that you met people then actually saw them again (unlike on some of the biggest ships these days). We followed that up with a memorable 17 night Easter cruise in 2011 which included Venice and we have fond memories of cruising away from that port sat out at the tiered stern with classical music playing. We are by no means classical music fans or experts but it was perfect for the setting. We also tried the Gary Rhodes restaurant on that cruise and thoroughly enjoyed it (and the man himself said good morning to us when passing on a staircase). Our final adventure was a 17 night Christmas and New Year cruise where the staff made a real effort with Carol Concerts etc and I (nervously) delivered the readings at a packed Midnight Mass. It felt like every crew member who attended wanted to shake my hand afterwards. Great memories.
  14. We've never had a cruise spoiled by the Captain and doubt that we ever would. However, we have fond memories of some of the (in our opinion) "better" Captains such as Chris Wells, Robert Camby and most recently Derek Gray. We saw a lot of Chris Wells as our cabin was near the bridge and he would always take time to say hello if we saw him on the corridor. I also remember him joining in with ballroom dancing in the Atrium which must have been a lovely experience for the ladies he invited to dance with him (I hope so anyway). Robert Camby was every bit as good as others have posted here, and took time out to speak to our son in the Atrium prior to the Captain's Welcome On Board reception. I posted some positive comments about Derek Gray in my recent onboard blog and he is the only Captain I can remember who attended the Caribbean Tier lunch and went from table to table to speak to the guests. These are all just little things, not vitally important, but happy memories that help us to recall our cruises with fondness.
  15. We did 3 Christmas Market cruises in our pre-parenting days including the first ever by P&O back in 2005. Loved them all. Enjoy!
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