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  1. Tough times Pete, I can especially relate to your employment situation and all credit to you for getting that second job. You have my utmost respect remaining compliant with all the lockdown restrictions (as does everyone else who follows the rules) when it is blatantly obvious that so many are ignoring these. It’s a real source of frustration for me but I try hard to focus on things I can control and not get too upset by things that I can’t. I hope things pick up for you sooner rather than later. Damian
  2. Anyone following the Suez Canal wedged container ship saga? Honestly, they think they've got problems?
  3. I woke up a lot earlier than usual today, just after 6am. I couldn’t work out why but now I know who to blame! 😀
  4. Speaking as someone who likes to buy a bottle of wine at dinner most evenings on board our experience of the wine packages is that we tried them twice but couldn’t really make them work for us. There is a good discount but to some extent, for us anyway, that is somewhat negated by there always being one or two selections in the package which we wouldn’t usually choose and isn’t really to our taste. That said, I always keep an open mind and always take a look at what’s on offer as the selections do change and one day we may see something that suits us perfectly. From memory, the last
  5. One of our local butchers makes a mean pork pie: About Us | Wilsons Butchers If I'm in that area it's considered rude not to pop in and buy at least one.
  6. It looks like our sector ended in Huatulco but we're looking forward to everyone's photos and may be back on board in future.
  7. In Huatulco we took a private boat tour to a deserted beach and various coastline sites before the pilot dropped us off at his friends beach side cafe. I remember it was a lovely lunch, seems like it was so good we dudn't take any photos. On the return journey there were so many pelicans flying around that I asked our pilot what the Spanish name for them was. He then very slowly and deliberately spelt out "Pel-i-can-o!" 😃 Back in port we strolled around and had a look at the open plan church.
  8. I think we have a lot of the same photos as everyone else so here's a few that I think are different: This is my favourite:
  9. Thanks, I’m not 57 myself but I know someone who is! Thankfully I got the NHS invitation this week and I have booked myself in for a vaccination rather than wait for the surgery to catch up.
  10. We spoiled ourself with a suite for this cruise (the price was less than we've paid in the past for standard cabins in school holidays) and following your lead I've just had a look. They're sold out!
  11. I think that you're doing exactly the right thing. All the best.
  12. Great news. I'm convinced it's down to each local doctor's practice. My wife's surgery are now vaccinating the 40 something's, meanwhile our surgery still hasn't got to 57's. I now know several people younger than me who have been vaccinated and good luck to them.
  13. Bus tour in the morning including a Curacao Liqueur Distillery, than across the swing bridge for a wander around Willemstad and refreshments at the Iguana Cafe. Such a lovely place and the sailaways are always great.
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