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  1. Hi Jim By now you’ll be on your way to Catania, hope you have a great voyage. We just recently completed the 30th Sept sailing identical to the one you are now on and thoroughly enjoyed the trip. We are like yourselves, our first trip was on Century, loved it and have never cruised with another line, so loyal Celebrity cruisers. We chose this cruise as we had been nearly everywhere before but wanted to try the Edge and thought it a good one to get used to the ship and judge for ourselves the hype and or criticism surrounding the ship. We were in an IV stateroom so the experience will be different but I’m looking forward to your review and opinion of the Edge as I’ve always found your reviews to be entertaining and views well balanced. I do have a question, Is the scaffolding still on the funnel ?
  2. Two pictures taken on the caldera walk between Fira and Imerovigli quite near to Fira, one looking over the central volcano the other looking towards Imerovigli and the Skaros rock with Oia seen in the far distance.
  3. Hi Jenny We have just returned in the past week from a cruise on Celebrity Edge which included Santorini and we were also in port from 7am till 7pm. I have been to Santorini many times and spent many weeks exploring and hiking the island. Since we have started cruising we return on average about every two years so we like to take our time, either don’t get off or do what we always do and take a stroll along the caldera walk as far as Imerovigli, a nice place situated overlooking the Skaros rock and scene of many wedding and fashion shoots. You have plenty of time with a 7 till 7 visit. There were 6 ships in port when we were there, 5 of them arriving at 7am. We waited had a nice relaxing breakfast, coffee etc then checked the lines at the cable car queues from the ship, you can see them, and went ashore when there were no queues at about 10am. You should still have plenty of time to do the walk in either direction but as I mentioned earlier the best bits and views are, in my opinion between Imerovigli and Fira and the best sunset shots are from there as well so perhaps go to Oia first and work your way back to Fira, possibly avoiding the sunset crowds and busy traffic.
  4. Hi Lisa I think you should bear in mind that sunset in November is likely to be around about 5.30pm. NCL schedule does not seem to allow many daylight hours as you may not get ashore till 3pm however if it arrives early you may be in with a chance. Sunsets in Oia I believe are overrated and they are much better from Fira itself, or Imerovigli which is on the walk nearer to Fira. Sunsets from Oia are basically into the sea, same as from the ship. From Fira they will include the central volcano or the island Thirassia or both. Don’t get me wrong, Oia is beautiful and should be seen if possible but I would recommend you get there first as soon as you can, you’re fit obviously so to avoid cable car queues from your own ship maybe take the boat and climb the road to Oia then take a taxi or bus back to Imerovigli and walk to Fira from there. You’ll avoid the sunset mob and get better views on the way back to Fira which is where you will need to be eventually. It’s the most spectacular part of the walk as well.
  5. I use UK Met Office and an excellent app on the phone called Windy which shows world wide weather patterns wave heights etc. Windy.com is also a web site providing even more info.
  6. We are currently in an IV, the opaque glass has been done. We bring the balcony table permanently inside which makes the chairs easy to move about. We sleep with the window cracked slightly open to hear the sea, the inner doors closed and in the morning the sun light comes softly in. However its October in the Med and sunrise is quite late and temps not too warm, so its not too bad.
  7. La Spezia is increasingly being used as a port stop by cruise lines for Florence not just Cinque Terre . If you've not seen either then I would suggest Florence is a must, not only is it photogenic but the history is amazing and once there its easily manageable on foot. I've spent holidays there and been on cruises many times and its always a delight. We recently did Cinque Terre in May and thats easily done on your own, a lovely 30 minute walk to the station and trains are very frequent. If you want to do it, do it, dont be put off by talk of crowds (not in May anyway) busy but not crowded. We got off our ship early and went straight to the station and bought the day pass. Trains were busy but not overcrowded and the villages were not that busy early on, getting busy in the afternoon. We only did three, went only as far as Vernazza, Monterosso we didnt feel was worth it and is the furthest. we then worked our way back missing Corniglia as its small on top of a hill and time consuming for little reward, and stopped at Manarola and Riomaggiore about midday and none of the three were that crowded. We were the only ship in port which is often the case at La Spezia and many passengers went to Florence, I suspect we were in Vernazza before some of the tour buses had left port.
  8. This web site should help you. https://www.seat61.com/Italy-trains.htm
  9. You could try Marella Cruises, the British arm of the German TUI travel company. They make regualr visits to Zante and I cant imagine their prices are unfavourable when compared to NCL. Their ships are former upgraded Celebrity Cruises ships like Celebrity Century which has just entered service as Marella Explorer 2. We spent our honeymoon on Zante but that was back when we wanted sun and booze beach holidays :-). Although the shipwreck bay makes for one spectacular photo and is the image of the island, its hard to get to that spot (time) for the photo, its also not that safe to lean over and get the shot. Any boat trip to the bay doesnt really give you any form of view except a close up of the wreck, so maybe reconsider if its worth it. If you're not after a beach holiday, other islands offer more.
  10. Same here. The former Celebrity Century will also be there as Marella Explorer 2. Our first ship.
  11. Celestyal is a Greek cruise line and its ship Olympia does regular 3 or 4 night round trip cruises from Athens to the islands, mostly including Rhodes, Mykonos, Santorini and Crete. The 4 night cruises often include Kusadasi in Turkey. Hectic because you get two islands in one day. Their itinerary can be seen here. https://www.cruisemapper.com/ships/Celestyal-Olympia-725
  12. I use my RX100iii on a selfie stick sometimes. You need a combined selfie/monopod like the Wareway or similar. They have a camera tripod mount on the end. Its strong enough to mount my K5 DSLR although my wrist doesnt like it for too long ! You can mount the camera hold it high above peoples heads and remote the camera with a smartphone. Can also be used with a smartphone or GoPro of course.
  13. Try this website. https://santorinidave.com/athens-to-santorini
  14. A day trip to Santorini is really not feasible by boat. Certainly not something you could get much out of. You need to think about flying if you only have a day. Or stay overnight in Santorini.
  15. In the UK when booking, Celebrity have block bookings on certain commonly used flights that they expect to fill, even though payment has been made they dont release the tickets for the whole block until about 30 days before flight. ie the airline doesnt have the names yet even though they know its booked. Maybe its something like that.
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