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  1. We are also doing our own air and was told by our TA that we can book transfers with Crystal for $50pp each way. We’d rather have more control and will take care of our own transportation as well.
  2. Hello. Don’t hold me to it and this and I’d check with Crystal before believing me 🙂 but I was told last week, by Crystals air department, that we have to be onboard by 2 pm. This was in relation to our August 7 cruise Nassau r/t. Just throwing my 2 cents worth in.
  3. I’m just a little disappointed having been told by Crystal that they would only be booking at 50% or less. Maybe it’s time to cancel?
  4. We’re scheduled for the August 7 cruise and it was my understanding....from a Crystal rep last week that they’ll be sailing at 50% or lower capacity, not the full 900. has anyone else heard or been told this? If they’re sailing at capacity I may be rethinking paying the deposit. thanks for any inout you can share
  5. We currently have a Crystal cruise booked (actually on hold) for mid July. They state ALL passengers must be fully vaccinated at least 14 days prior to departure, no exceptions be it medical, age, etc. They also state that those under 16 or of any age must be vaccinated so that sort of rules out traveling with families. Another plus the Crystal Serenity will cruise at 50% capacity or less, the cruise is only in the Bahamas and will not be using the regular ports, small ones which will need to be tendered to. Sounds too good to be true but we have 2+ weeks to more details before
  6. We just booked July 17-Nassau r/t. Let the countdown begin.
  7. We too are looking at this and have contacted our TA. Like you, this would be our first Crystal cruise so would be a great introduction to a new line for us also.
  8. We too are in chats with our TA about doing mid July. Have never cruised with Crystal so this will be an excellent time to try for many reasons besides what you mentioned bitob!
  9. I spoke to someone from Crystal about these cruises this afternoon and was told they ports are all tender ports, except Nassau. Was also told that many people never leave the ship as that’s what Crystal is all about, the service. Thus the itinerary to small, unknown islands. We’’ve not cruised with Crystal and thought this may be an excellent introduction but I’m not sure I want to stay onboard for an entire week. Thoughts?
  10. We’re right there with you! Have Northern Lights, reschedule twice 🤞🏼now March 2022 and meeting friends on the Grand European (2nd time) June 2022. We’re very fortunate, tho we live in South Carolina we’re part of the greater Charlotte, NC metro area and they opened vaccines to 65+ mid January. We received our first Pfizer vaccine 1/24 and scheduled for the 2nd this coming Sunday, 2/14 ❤️ Day! There’s still a long way to go but it’s a start!
  11. We got the email cancelling all Viking cruises thru 3.31.2021 and some into April tho they didn’t note which ones. We were scheduled on 10 March, Northern Lights tho we knew we would not be going just waiting for the official word. After 3 cruises being cancelled this year for us, it was no surprise. We’re still undecided about taking the 125% voucher or a cash refund as we’ve done with the others.
  12. If you’re avid bikers perhaps look into a European biking tour. It may meet your needs and wants and also rule out “stragglers”.
  13. I’d say yes, you did get benefit from the 115% FCC, at least you have the extra $ to rebook a cruise next year. Even if it means using the extra 15% to cover the rise in costs you’ll still be able to book. With the losses the cruise industry is taking this year it’s no wonder that prices will increase and probably will be knocking some of us out of being able to cruise. Just my opinion.
  14. bbtondo, just wanted to throw something out there, it may/may not be a consideration for your upcoming cruise. If you DO make the final payment in June and the virus is still unresolved, as long as you cancel 120+ prior to your departure you would be eligible for a full refund less a $100 per person penalty. As I’m sure you know, after the 120 days out the penalties become steeper so maybe it’s something to check into and think about. We had a July 2020 Viking ocean cruise PIF however in late March we decided to pull the plug (at about 125 days out) and canceled 3.23. We receive
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