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  1. We’re currently on a cruise, not Viking, our onboard gratuities are $15.50 per person per day, not included in our cruise fare and is added to our onboard account daily. To those who state they only tip those that provide exceptional service, in their opinion, and prefer to tip these crew members only, I ask, did you selectively tip the crew members who did your laundry and provided clean linens and fresh towels daily? What about those behind the scenes that prepare your food, wash your dishes and keep your ship spotless? Envelopes for each of these? If you have a problem I understand, talk to customer service and have adjustments made but to not tip those behind the scenes is not right. in my opinion, if you (we) choose to travel don’t wimp out and withhold gratuities, it’s unfair. Personally I’d prefer if Viking and other cruise lines just rolled the cost of gratuities into the cruise price, this would solve many problems. Like I said, this is only my opinion.
  2. Sorry, darned autofill, like it knows what I want to say..... curling irons!
  3. I think Viking has recently changed items allowable and it looks like urging irons are no longer prohibited.
  4. No way...no how! 1 communal toilet and no shower, give me the boatel anytime over this!
  5. Our TA has us marked for ‘no upgrades’ per our request. We book the cabin we want and if it isn’t to our liking there’s no one to blame.
  6. Thanks again everyone who took the time to respond. Like I mentioned, we haven’t cruised with Princess in several years and I was under the impression that wine could only be brought onboard at embarkation in your carryon, not in checked luggage. We have cruised with Viking river & ocean cruises the past few years and they have no limit on what or when you can bring on any adult beverages which added to my confusion.
  7. Agree with you Peregrina651, while we didn’t do Roof of the World, we did do imperial Jewels of China as our first trip with Viking, it was excellent and got us hooked. As a result we’ve traveled with them 12 times since - which was 2011 and have both a river and ocean booked for 2020.
  8. Thanks caribill. I think we may have met you on a Celebrity cruise a few years ago? We live near you, across the lake in Seabrook.
  9. Letting it go, sometimes you just try too darn hard. We have our paper boarding passes, our medallions in the holder with the lanyards, we’re good to go. Thanks for help and suggestions but I’m done 🤣.
  10. OK thanks, so it doesn’t matter if only my photos show up when I log in? bubble hasn’t burst yet!
  11. I’m having a ‘brain-bubble’ here. Cruising in a few days on the Caribbean Princess, have received our medallions, everything is to be ready to go....however, when I go into the app on my iPhone and enter my info, all photos, etc come up so, how do I do the same for my husband? Does he need a separate app? Thanks in advance and hope some of you pros can burst that bubble.
  12. Nope, I don’t think it’s misleading, perhaps the name ‘mini suite’ gives lofty expectations but it’s all written out in the explanation of the mini suites and club class minis. You read the description, see what is or isn’t offered and make your decision based on that. Easy peasy.
  13. Thanks to all, I appreciate your taking the time to respond. So it looks like we may - if they take it, which apparently isn’t the case for the most part, so be it. We’d fully expect to pay the corkage if consumed anywhere outside of our cabin.
  14. Thanks, I guess I won’t risk it then. I don’t mind paying the corkage fee but don’t want to deal with retrieving it at the end of the cruise before our flight home. I wish there was a clear cut answer.
  15. We’re on the Caribbean Princess next week and I’ve purchased this New Grounds Coffee Package$36.58 per person (15 beverages) Save 20% with our New Grounds Coffee Package that includes 15 hot or cold specialty coffee drinks along with unlimited brewed coffee and premium tea for the duration of the cruise. If I read it correctly - unlimited brewed coffee and premium tea are not considered in the 15 beverages. Sounds great but I’m guessing you have to get these from the ???
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