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  1. Hi Mom2B+Z, As you can see...you will get 15 different answers. For what it's worth (because half of the pax will do whatever they please) I will throw in my Cruise Dress Guidelines. On Formal or Gala nights you can do the minimum of khaki pants and polo or button down shirt. The next step up would be blazers. Women look good in pants and dressy tops. Men can wear tuxes, dress suits or dinner jackets if so desired. (This shows respect for the waiters and staff who must dress up on those evenings.) I would never denigrate a person who makes the effort to dress for dinner. Shorts should never be worn in the dining room at dinner. Just my opinion but you need to have standards set somewhere. What's the sense of trying to have a refined atmosphere in the dining room??? If you want to relax on a casual night then by all means change into shorts after dinner. Wearing shorts, baseball caps, gym pants, flip flops, etc. is a sure sign of TTOB. (Trailer Trash On Board). Dinner in the MDR should always be neat and clean. By dressing appropriately you are showing respect for the staff and the effort they are making.
  2. Hello Jerseygirl, You can go to the ship at 11:30 AM. You are paying for the day...so enjoy it!:D
  3. Dear eroller, SUPER SUPER SUPER REVIEW!! Thanks so much...
  4. You have only cruised on Princess and now you have booked the YC for November?? PREPARE TO HAVE YOUR WORLD ROCKED!!!:cool:
  5. If anyone reading this takes the time to read this entire thread you will be treated to a trip down Nostalgia Lane. You will find lots of wonderful memories with some ironic and some funny stories...well worth your time. If any of you out there can remember anything pertinent to the TS Bremen please feel free to contribute your thoughts and experiences here on this thread. These memories are all we have left of that proud and wonderful ship.
  6. Hello Callum, Sorry I was late seeing this. Wow! 1952!! Yes the Pasteur had been a trooper from 1939 onwards. I think she also made some voyages to Vietnam. She survived the war and got an entire overhaul in order to sail as TS Bremen in 1958. It was an incredible overhaul as Bremen was gorgeous once she was in service. The Germans were very proud of her and everyone who sailed on her remembers the luxurious atmosphere and outstanding service that echoed back to the gilded era on the Atlantic.
  7. There is a very valid reason for not including the DSC into the cruise price...in a word, competition. The mass market lines are very competitive and the original sticker price is a huge factor in choosing a cruise...the lower the price the better.
  8. I have read and completely understand what you have said. The choice is yours...but I fail to see the rationale of withholding the DSC from all the people who are cooking, washing, and doing the cleaning behind the scene...the people who work so hard and are never seen. You are telling me you are going to do this because...your waiter wasn’t too good or you did not get your cabin made up on time?? I really don’t see the connection.:confused:
  9. The official stance of MSC is to say that tipping is discouraged. Of course, they operate mostly in Europe. They do not want their personnel pandering for tips. The reality is that, while the staff does not ask for tips, they will readily accept them and they will be able to keep them. By all means feel free to reward excellence. I usually put the tip in an envelope with the person’s name on the front and I also enclose a short note thanking them for their service. You have every right to do so.
  10. NOT SO BELLA: I don't know where you are getting your information but it is incorrect. MSC can simply implement a new policy of "No Frills" cabins...and there is nothing the German government can do about it. You can give the consumer a choice of paying the DSC or not paying it. If they choose not to pay they can be assigned a No Frills cabin. My point is this: no matter what the government does makes no difference to MSC...they will be one step ahead. It is not a sin for a waiter or steward to accept a tip on MSC. They will not lose their job. As I have stated, you have the choice to pay or not to pay. If you have no intention of paying the DSC then inform the service personnel beforehand.
  11. The German case might prove to be the solution. If a passenger refuses to pay the DSC when booking then his/her cabin can be placed in the new “No Tipping” section of the ship. This section of the ship shall be strictly self-service with dining in the buffet only. If German law allows the passenger to refuse the DSC when booking the cruise then MSC is not under any obligation to provide cabin service or dining room service. I wonder how many of you who are planning on removing the DSC are prepared to be honest enough, at the beginning of the cruise, to inform your cabin steward and dining room waiters that you have no intention of tipping them? After all, that would the fair and honest way of dealing with it.:halo:
  12. Right...and I am here to report that there is no evidence of that whatsoever.
  13. Here, here Sid...well said. I reiterate, MSC is conducting tours through the YC in order to cultivate more interest and bookings with those who are planning future cruises. They are doing this with discretion and placing limits on the number of people allowed in the YC. I don’t think I saw more than 1 tour while I was sailing...no problem. I did not hear 1 complaint about this. Everyone seemed to be enjoying the view.
  14. MSC Yacht Club is a great way to try something new. If you like a big ship experience with a touch of luxury then YC is for you. We found it to be excellent.
  15. So true gk. The first time I had a Royal Suite on RCI they came and stocked the bar for me. By the time I had the Royal Suite the third time...you could not get anything to put on the bar. What's the point of having a wet bar in your suite if they won't let you stock it?? I will take Yacht Club over the Royal Suite anytime!!
  16. LOL pmb...I am sure that the whole thing is conducted with the utmost decorum and discretion. When I was on Divina we had a forward 2 room suite 12001 on Deck 12...outside the YC. None of the other pax who were next to and around us on Deck 12 had any idea that we were in the YC. I doubt they even knew the YC existed.
  17. As Joanc has said, “they would have booked the YC if space had been available”. I really think that is the point. The people who are thinking of booking the YC would like to look at it and are willing to pay $110 to do so. As someone who has sailed in the YC I see no problem with that. It also sounds like the staff keeps it discreet and handles it well...another successful marketing technique.
  18. You seem to be focused on food options so I would say go with Celebrity. You will really like their buffet system and MDR experience. Their extra tariff venues are also very good.
  19. Thank you Ron, but I have to disagree with your explanation above. I believe the airline analogy is valid as well as the past 160 plus years of Cunard history that validate the division on board ships. I agree that the new Celebrity project sounds very nice but any comparison with that and the MSC Yacht Club is as apples and oranges. Th suite experience on Celebrity is nothing like the YC experience on MSC. Just as NCL is totally different from both. I like to think that there is something for everybody in each of these lines. BTW the food has improved on Seaside...according to the most recent reviews. MSC is a work in progress and they will continue to improve.
  20. The interview that you attached above was very interesting. Most of the problems described have been rectified...including the food. You will notice that he took his cruise in early January. He was a verification of why I always give a new ship at least a year to break in. I found his Astonishment at the so-called class segregation to be amusing. Does he also want to fly on an airline that has no First Class and no priority boarding? I’m sure there is a cruise company out there that will satisfy his needs.
  21. If you enjoyed the Lido food options on CCL then chances are you will not like the European style of MSC. You might want to try NCL, as long as you take advantage of their dine around plan and try the different dining venues with extra charges. The pax who are demanding a mass market American style cruise are not often satisfied with MSC as it is a different experience that veers from the usual form of CCL.
  22. Hi Dusten, It is always wonderful to read about the experiences of a newbie cruiser. Some of us are “old salts” and it is still a thrill to hear about a first-time cruise as seen through your eyes. Thanks so much...:)
  23. Hi Naples, This question, to me, is a no brainer. I would chose the YC anytime...even in an inside cabin. The inside cabin is ideal for sleeping which is how we spend most of our time in the cabin. The YC perks far outweigh the Fantastica experience.
  24. What’s the cabin number??
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