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  1. I’m the opposite. I lose weight on a cruise. I eat healthier, don’t eat desserts, use the stairs as much as possible and don’t eat junk food like I do at home. I rarely drink unless I’m cruising with certain friends. I need 2 cruises ASAP to lose 10 pounds a cruise.
  2. My comment is negative cynicism. I’m not taking the vaccine even if they say it is 99% effective. We all make choices about our lives. I won’t take any vaccine.
  3. Considering I haven’t had a cold or flu in 18 years, I’ll put faith in my immune system. I have 2 family members that had very bad reactions to the flu vaccine. I’m pretty much a homebody, hanging out by my pool except when I’m cruising. I know the risk of getting it at some point is great, but it’s a risk I’m very comfortable with taking, considering my family’s history with the flu vaccine.
  4. Thanks for the laugh. I’m never taking the vaccine and almost everyone I know isn’t taking it either. The ones thinking about taking the vaccine definitely won’t be taking for at least a year. Thanks again for making me laugh.
  5. 1. Harmony 11/15/20 2. Brillance 5/22/21 3. Rhapsody 2/2/21 #2 will probably change to a free cruise in April. I’m deciding this week. #3. First “free” 11 night cruise and I’ve never sailed the Panama Canal. #2. I’ll jump on the first cruise out of Florida when the announce they are resuming cruising.
  6. Scuba diving: Cozumel Grand Cayman Bonaire Curacao Barbados Tortola St. Kitts NOT: Aruba
  7. I loved the Rosario strings. They played in the VCL on the Monarch and the Majesty during the Diamond event.
  8. One of my Canadian friends pays extra from his employer for more health insurance coverage as he says the government health care isn’t complete. Even with 2 insurances, he had to wait SIX weeks to get the hernia surgery. He was suffering in pain. The doctor said that was the earliest he could get on the schedule. In the USA, it would have been scheduled in less than a week.
  9. 🙂 If we end up on the same cruise, I have trigger red Trump plastic straws. I’ll give you one.
  10. I don’t put in the code. It automatically does the 150% when I put in my C&A.
  11. Sounds awesome. You, Laura, Jeffrey and me! Lol
  12. Mangeesh, better known as MJ. Was on the Vision as Concierge for years. He Is now on the Liberty. John, a server in CK on the Harmony. Mark, Andreea, and Chris, casino hosts (or Assist. Host)
  13. If ANY are American, I want any American port to open to them to get ANY and ALL Americans OFF that ship. For any American, Florida needs to step up for people on the cruise.
  14. His contract was up in March 8th or 15th. I was thinking of jumping in the Oasis, “free” from the casino to see him again. I knew him from the Mariner as assistant casino host. I had asked him before I was going to book it. Decided 1.5 months not to go. That is why I know when his contract was suppose to end.
  15. I guess the Independence and other ships sailing in April will be choosing another port.
  16. I just tried to book a Grandeur cruise For March 2020 on Royal’s website and it let me. Hummmmm
  17. You better double check your County. Most school board counties are telling employees if they travel out of country, they will have to self quarantine for 14 days upon return.
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