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  1. Embtsam Mea Culpae, apologies to you, and indeed anyone else reading my previous post -- I was confusing my cruises!! Included shorexes are for a subsequent cruise. The following was announced from Monaco on November 19th 2020, 'Included with every voyage in Silversea's new collection of 2022/2023 itineraries, travellers will enjoy complimentary shore excursions in every port and included roundtrip air'. I did check My Silversea for the Grand Voyage on the Shadow, (the first two cruises), an
  2. Emtbsam Long time no talk!! I remembered you saying you had booked the Grand Voyage and wondered whether that remained the case? We in fact are doing part of the voyage, in fact we were starting on August 27th in Athens, which has summarily already been cancelled by SS, seemingly to leave Silver Moon the only ship in that part of the world, until the start of the Grand Voyage on the Shadow. This was extremely annoying as we had our flights booked, which entailed much expense and time to unravel them to start in Venice twelve days later instead of Athens!! I think
  3. Dear SS My dear what a catalogue of problems and disappointments you have all endured, both on the Whisper and the Explorer, and for those maybe not be up to speed, also the Shadow which has spent the last week holed up in Recife, with no date currently, as to their ordeal ending. Seemingly it is now over for some of you and soon you Mr & Mrs SS will be back in dear old Blighty - probably not as you remember it though!! Have a safe flight, and as so many Silversea aficionados have said in the last few weeks, hats off to Silversea and their amazing staff and crew.
  4. Dear SIlver Spectre Good to see a blue sky and a little sun?!! Long may it continue 😀😀 Kindest Regards Master Echo
  5. Dear SS I totally concur with all the comments made to you - how rotten. Even the ports who have accepted you haven't been very welcoming by giving you non stop rain. As you say, looking on the bright side, you are on a lovely ship, with some lovely shipmates (?), lovely food, and do not have to wash clean and cook!! Hopefully things WILL improve. I can quite imagine you prefer to be where you are than in the UK, apart from the rapid Covid-19 escalation, the weather is also wet, windy and COLD - and I have to do all the chores!! Keep smiling!!
  6. Dear Caymus88 I thought that your date wasnt correct. The Lady Shadow will be at sea on the 7th April and she arrives in Lisbon on the 8th. I will - hopefully - be on the cruise before you, disembarking on the 9th. Let us hope we both make it!! Kindest regards Master Echo
  7. Oh dear, Beaujolais - you are quite correct, I had just been talking about a Shadow cruise which is imminent!! Apologies - yes of course it was Silver Whisper!! Kindest regards Master Echo
  8. Brimary I do not think that either of your comments are quite correct. Luna Rossa has retained the entertainment contract for a further three years. However whilst they will still have six entertainers per ship, the concept is completely changing. There will still be a lead male and female singer, but the other four will be two singers/dancers, and two dancers. Thry will also be using LED Screens, and the information that Stumblefoot gave on an earlier post is accurate. I am not quite sure what you mean when you say - more RCI rebranding to add to staff reductions -
  9. Which Silversea ship do you mean? kindest regards Master Echo
  10. This is certainly an evolving situation, about which the experts are struggling. At the very start of reporting of the outbreak in China, we were told by the experts that person to person transmission was highly unlikely; well they were clearly wrong about that! Today I learned that analysis shows there is a age gradient for susceptibility, with very few cases amongst the very young, and the largest number amongst the more elderly; this has confounded the experts. Also today we learned that a Japanese person has now contracted the virus a second time, having tested negative, afte
  11. Dear SS So sorry to come to the party late! For some unknown reason I was not given notification of any posts - good old CC!! Was so disappointed for all those whose ambition was to see Easter Island, but know that you have already been. Having also travelled with passengers in the past, who had booked cruise after cruise, only to have their Easter Island landings thwarted - I decided in 2018 the only way to set foot on this magical place, was to fly, and I spent four days and three nights there prior to a cruise from Buenos Aires. I was extremely fortun
  12. Lovely to hear from you SS and glad that your flight from old Blighty was good. Hope the DW has got over the lack of baths, and you are all geared up for tomorrow's embarkation. Looks like the segmentarians are well out numbered!! Raise a glass of champers for me. Kindest regards Master Echo
  13. Hello Mr & Mrs Silver Spectre Hope flight to GRU was good, and now of course you must be in Santiago by now? Hope the second leg was uneventful. Now you can relax at the MO and reacquaint yourselves with Santiago. Are you sailing from Valparaiso or San Antonio? The latter is basically a huge hanger with no facilities or was a year ago, so I hope you will have the benefit of sailing from the former. The only asset from sailing out of San Antonio, it is marginally nearer to Santiago. I will be avidly following all your posts and your comments on the various ports
  14. I also have over 350 days with Silversea, and have travelled on all the classic fleet, as well as the Discoverer. It is definitely a matter of personal preference, and what is okay for one is not for another. It is correct that the mattress has a soft and a firmer side. If passengers requested a mattress topper, in the past this was often the "egg crate" affair, which frankly was of no use. I now ask in advance for two duvets to put on the top of the mattress and under the bottom sheet. The only downside to this, is as the days increase the "bounce" of the duvets decreases and
  15. Dear Qld13, You will note that some of my comments were in quotes - stating what SS had told me. I totally agree with both you and Kool Cruiser that the reasons given are totally at odds with previous Jane McDonald cruises, and I am surprised that SS would think we would believe their explanations. BTW Kool Cruiser, I note you live in the UK. On Quest TV which is operated by Discovery Inc, there is a whole series called Mighty Cruise Ships which you may be interested to watch. Unfortunately I am not sure when they are broadcast, but I have seen many repeats.
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