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  1. I think the summary and analysis on the Azamara boards by ‘norn iron’ was spot on. It effectively ended the discussion.
  2. On the first anniversary of 9/11 I was in Asheville NC, I had a community radio station called WNCW playing in my car. At the exact time of the plane hitting the first tower they played Ring Them Bells by Bob Dylan. It poignant, symbolic, beautifully chosen and brought me out in goose bumps.
  3. I think Celebrity have dropped formal nights as well. If I’m wrong someone will correct me. I haven’t cruised with them in five years.
  4. Here is a balanced view from the BBC website on vaccine development https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-51665497 Another useful website that I used while working in clinical trials is. https://clinicaltrials.gov It’s goal is to track every clinical trial around the world. It’s not the easiest website to use if you are from outside of the industry, start by typing Covid 19 into the search bar and good luck.
  5. Manufacturing of pharmaceuticals is relatively cheap. R&D costs many millions, and the cost of the drug reflects the cost of the R&D. When comes to forward thinking countries, the cost of the drug is matched to the volume of usage, which makes the drug relatively cheap, think Canada and UK, not the USA. My point at the outset was that everyone thinks once a vaccine is discovered that the whole COVID 19 fiasco will be a walk in the park, the rich get a dose quick the poor at the end of the line. Think again, the whole vaccination process (once discovered) is a logistical nightmare world wide, especially when it comes to fair and disproportionate distribution of the product. My final point on this is, it took 9 years to find a vaccine for Ebola and they haven’t yet got one for SARS yet.
  6. Did they contract 5ml, 10ml or 20ml syringes? How can they order syringes without knowing the dose?
  7. It is all very well having millions of doses manufactured and sitting in a tank of liquid. What everyone over looks is you to have to have capacity to manufacture sterile glass vaccine syringes and have have capacity at a third party filling unit to fill the syringes. That is a logistical nightmare, especially when these filling plants have to sidetrack their day to day mainstream work. Distribution is more straightforward, having a team of medics qualified to deliver in the right time scale isn’t easy either. And don’t forget at every medical unit delivering treatment of the vaccine they have to have Anaphylactic Kits on standby in case of a reaction, are they stockpiled?
  8. There is a lot of sense in this posting. With Azamara having no plans for new builds I have had concerns for a while. Royal Caribbean as a group have a track record of moving ships on to third party operators once ships across the fleet reach twenty years of age. It’s well documented that at least three of Celebrity’s M class ships are presently up for sale now they have passed twenty. I hope I am wrong and Azamara survive in this cruise market meltdown.
  9. Dylandude


    Am I imagining it, or was Richard Fain drunk when he recorded that?
  10. Go for it. Put us out of our misery. I can’t bare the excitement 🤔
  11. Does this include FeverTree Tonic water.
  12. Bruce sang three songs, and that was the last we saw of him.
  13. If that’s how Az shore team treat customers I will probably skip any upgrades to the packages. It may put a smile on my face when I disembark $1400 better off.
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