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  1. Note the three-week intervals in those schedules. Now factor in the previous posting about the 7/14/21 night sailings. They are perfectly aligned.
  2. A few years back, at least one cruise line had Hawaii cruises that would disembark passengers in Ensenada and bus them to SD or LA. They were marketed that way.
  3. Mexican Riviera cruises do NOT have to stop in Ensenada, because they are already visiting a foreign port (i.e., Cabo, PV, etc.)
  4. It was five members of a house (sub)Committee. NO indication that they tried to enlist any other congressional help at that time. IOW, no reason to think that there only 5 of 435 support the request.
  5. I did. I was seriously considering the Sept cruise, Vancouver/Hawaii/Tahiti. But just because it took seven months so far, that doesn't mean it will take another seven months. I think a lot of progress has been made.
  6. You think? (Not trying to be smart.) Actually, I agree with you.
  7. The ordering by phone in the MDR is a new proposal. I don't think anyone who sailed before the shutdown would have experienced it.
  8. We were on the Caribbean in Mid-August, 2018. The Medallion installation was taking place. We got a medallion on about day4. It only worked for door and purchases at that time. I believe they were fully Medallion two weeks later. That means everyone got a Medallion. All the features had not been developed at that point. That's true. I haven't seen an update to the Medallion launch schedule since the Covid pause began.
  9. I can't really explain that, but passengers who are not from the US will get their medallions at embarkation. So, it appears prior preparation is not needed.
  10. I'm just passing on information that has been put out by Princess HQ staff. I can't answer questions. People who don't have smartphones have consistently been assured that they don't/won't need one to use the medallion in place of a cruise card. I guess they won't have the enhanced features, but can use it for all the activities the card has been used for. (ID, door opening, charging purchases, etc.)
  11. All others receive theirs at the pier. That is the current procedure.
  12. Maybe because it hasn't been implemented YET. I believe all Pacific Princess sailings have been cancelled well into mid-2021. I would guess that the conversion is expected to happen before she returns to service.
  13. The video I'm referring to was released late on Oct 7, so that is new information. A few weeks ago there was as slideshow from Jan Schwartz that indicated all would be Medallion. Yes, that was later edited to say most. I am referring to a webinar released less than 36 hours ago. John Chernesky made the statement at one point, and it was repeated by another official later in the presentation. Go to John Chernesky's facebook page. It is currently the first item on the page. It is a 1-hour + video entitled "Cruise the Americas."
  14. The original plan (things may have changed) was that the Medallion would be implemented, first on Princess ships, and then extended to the rest of Carnival Corp lines (Carnival, HAL, Cunard, etc.) I guess Princess is acting as the "Beta Test."
  15. Just be aware, there is a very large water hazard.
  16. There is no fail-safe method, unfortunately. My late wife had terminal cancer. She asked the doctor, "How much time do I have?" He said, "No way of telling." She said, "True, I could get hit by a bus tomorrow." Most of us choose to not live our lives in a bubble.
  17. Medallions are not designed to work with smartphones. They work independently. You do not need a smartphone, or any cell phone for that matter, ALL Princess ships will be Medallion Class when sailing resumes. (John Chernesky, Sr VP of Sales for Princess, in a webinar Weds eve, 10/7/2020.)
  18. No smartphone required. Everything will operate thru the Medallion which operates independently of any phone. According to John Chernesky, Princess Sr VP of Sales, ALL ships will be Medallion Class when they resume sailing. (per yesterdays webinar "Cruising the Americas.")
  19. I'm very familiar with the PVSA retirement to visit a foreign port. I just don't understand why some make such a short stop in in such an interesting city, and do it in the late evening. I suppose it's a timing issue, to fit in with the rest of the itinerary. Since it's such a short distance to Seattle. ships can stay late and still make their early morning arrival. BTW, are you from Illinois?
  20. Yes. I've always wondered why so many ships make only a short evening visit to Victoria. We were on Ovation from Hawaii to Vancouver in 2019. We had a longer stop scheduled for Victoria, but it had to be cut to a few afternoon hours, because we had to get to Vancouver to pass under the bridge by 7 PM. It was Ovation's first visit to Vancouver, and the captain had to carefully time the arrival. Next time to be able to pass under the bridge was on departure the next day.
  21. Thanks for the picture. I guess I expected a side privacy wall .on the bump-out balcony.
  22. Vice versa? How does that work? (I had a condo in Honolulu which had a balcony on a "bump-out." I could look into their balcony and living room, but they sure couldn't see into mine.)
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