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  1. The North Star Clinic(Lawrence Ave.) in Port Townsend does testing and you do not need to be a patient of their clinic. People we know have used them and had results in 48 hours or less. It sounds like they bill your insurance.
  2. I thought the first cruise to require testing was for 8/14. We are on the 8/7 cruise and have been told only about the mask mandate, not required testing.
  3. For passengers who come into Seattle there are two Walgreen's near Pier 91. 2438 32nd West Phone 206-283-9131 1448 NW Market St. 206-676-4062 I am not sure about the timing and waiting for the test results, just close locations. This could help people coming into Seattle a few days ahead of their cruise.
  4. TA just called back. Testing not required until 8/14, masks recommended starting 8/7 in public areas. Sorry for the wrong information.
  5. Our TA just called to tell us we need a test before Saturday. PCR or Antigen Test.
  6. We are on the August 7th sailing and have not heard anything. We cannot get on the Navigator App to answer the health questionnaire. Maybe things are going to be updated?
  7. The fact that the NA is still in Code Yellow has taken all of the usual excitement of boarding a ship for a cruise. If they are not in Code Green by Saturday, they should not be sailing. I am looking at our departure on Saturday with more of a sense of dreading the whole week. I wonder how all of their disclaimers apply if they sail without a Code Green status.
  8. Will you let us know if people are wearing masks in places where they can't social distance, like the theater or in lines? We are on the 8/7 cruise and are concerned about the Delta variant being so contagious.
  9. We just watched the Nieuw Amsterdam passing Point No Point heading to Port Townsend. Winds from the west as they enter the Straits of Juan de Fuca are 15-25knots. It is a beautiful night to be starting out on a cruise!
  10. I just read the thread on Viking Ocean about the vaccinated positive Covid 19 passenger in Iceland. Someone had a good idea to wear a mask indoors((even if vaccinated) for the 10 days prior to their cruise so that they don't pick up the Delta variant. This is probably a good idea for all of us leaving on cruises, especially from states with more cases of the Delta variant.
  11. Thanks for the info on the Nieuw Amsterdam. I will track it on Vesselfinder.com so we can see it as it comes into Puget Sound. Now I am really sorry we canceled our 8/7 cruise!
  12. We just saw Serenade of the Seas from our porch! Looks like they are starting a test cruise. Haven't seen a cruise ship for months!
  13. We always bring our own luggage onboard due to their size. Will we have to check them so that they can be sanitized? Lots of unknowns for our cruise on 8/7 to Alaska.
  14. We are considering a cruise on the Volendam which would be in Spain and Portugal during August 2022. I read reviews from prior to the shutdown that indicated some issues with A/C and plumbing. I am wondering if these concerns are still apt to be an issue due to the age of the ship. The A/C at that time of the year in these countries could be a problem.
  15. If you have ever seen a doctor at UW you can set up appt. through ECare. If you don't have that account, you can set one up. Just go on UW Medicine for info.
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