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  1. Hopefully they will not be expecting a similar experience to VO... The river product is not bad, but it does not occupy the same relative position at the luxury end of the scale that VO offers...
  2. This is correct. There is nothing to pay on drinks within the package limits so no gratuity on those. On anything over the package limit of $9 you will pay the difference and the gratuity on that difference.
  3. Just to make 100% clear, that statement says that 20% will be added to the price of the package at checkout when you buy the package. You do not pay any further gratuity when consuming drinks within the package limits.
  4. Mark_T


    It's just you... 🙂 ... or at least it certainly isn't me... I tested this before flying to Hong Kong last month and I certainly didn't have any data service there at all and was still able to bring up the pass in the app. I left my phone on 'Airplane' mode so it didn't even try to find a data service, that may help...
  5. That would be a no. The description says: "If both adults in your stateroom purchase the Drinks & More package, the mini bar will be included and replenished once a day for your entire vacation." Your teenager will be on the non-alcoholic premium package anyway I'd assume as they are under 21... ? ... or are you on a departure from Europe, South America, Asia, Australia and New Zealand), where the the onboard drinking age is 18? A lot depends on just how old your teenager is and where you sail from...
  6. From what I’ve seen posted here, it is not a choice, they are not offering refunds, just th3 upgrade to premium. In your case I’d suggest you ask your TA what your options are...
  7. If you are happy that is what matters. Hope all goes well and do let us know how it goes, first time I've ever heard of Celebrity providing transfers like this.
  8. You can use the app to view the menu as Reflection is one of the supported ships...
  9. Mark_T


    The logistics would be way easier in Singapore, and a lot of these cruises arrive there the day before departure or have an overnight after embarkation.
  10. I tend to agree, too many ways to get delayed even once you get to MIA. It is not that it is impossible, it certainly isn't, it is just that there are a lot of ways for possible to become impossible.
  11. ... by the time you board it should have the drinks package on it, that can be as late as a few days before you board. If you got your drinks package as a perk it will not appear on the pass until it is unbundled from your reservation and added to your account. That is done in the last week before you board, but you or your TA can ask Celebrity to do it earlier if it is bothering you.
  12. Those prices do not include the gratuity... Note the little asterisk... For further clarity, you pay the gratuity on the price of the drinks package, you do not then pay any gratuity when you order drinks within that package.
  13. There are certainly going to be different exchange rates in play, especially if you have used some OBC already as that locks your personal rate to the day that you first used any of the OBC.
  14. You forgot the 20% gratuity that is added to the cost...
  15. Mark_T


    Generally no bathrooms, but they made a stop on the outskirts of Bangkok on the way out, and a similar stop about 2 hours after leaving Bangkok on the way back.
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