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  1. We finally received the elusive email on 7/7 at 3:39 PM ... the day the cabins went on pre-sail. I did notice there was no attachment to view prices or sailing dates. It didn't look like the "heads up" elite emails we have received previously for early booking. 💁‍♀️ Thanks everyone for the valuable input and information! Till we sail again 🛥️ Noreen
  2. It's to bad we're not on the same sailing for Tahiti!
  3. If you are Elite w/Princess you should be getting an early booking email. We used to get them but have not received one since Covid hit. We use Costco Travel so we don't have a personal TA who throws us e-mails for a heads up. Very frustrating as I have had several conversations with Princess.
  4. We just booked Oct. 30th also. I've always wanted to be on a ship on Halloween 🥳
  5. I am on the web site right now and can see prices so I'm not sure what's going on maybe call your travel agent. Princess is struggling for sure. We just booked Oct. 30th on the Majestic
  6. We can still book but we just won't have any insight on what is offered. I was hoping someone would share the PDF file they received on their e-mails.
  7. The pre-bookings start tomorrow but the emails went out with information yesterday for viewing. Did you get one?
  8. Is anyone else having a problem getting their e-mail's from Princess regarding the Elite booking notice? Apparently one went out the other day for 2021-2022 West Coast Americas voyages. We never received the one that was sent out for the Tahiti sailings in 21-22 either. I have several friends who are Elite and having the same problem. I called Princess and they double checked my e-mail and said we should be getting them. I have double checked spam and nothing there either. If anyone received the West Coast Voyage e-mail could you share the downloadable file on here please. I asked Princess to send another and they didn't have access to it... #wierd
  9. Jill if you want to e-mail me I will shoot you the e-mail we received from Princess. Expand my signature and you will see my e-mail Noreen
  10. Thank you gdlamberth... I created the roll call for the doomed Tahiti Nov.4th 2020 cruise and I so didn't want to jinx it again. Cheers 🥂 to planning & preparing for Feb. 8th 2022! 🥳🍹 Noreen
  11. So are my neighbors! they are on with us for the 10 day departing Feb.8th and then they are continuing on to Sydney. I'm sure you will meet they are very interesting and a lot of fun.
  12. We booked the Feb. 8th 2022 10 day Tahiti trip today also. So happy that Princess brought it back again. Only 609 days to go!🍹🥳
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