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  1. As others have stated they are accepting email applications. Just did this 2 weeks ago and my OBC was added to my account the next day. You still have to email the form and the required proof of ownership.
  2. The way the casino looks at it is on a fifteen day cruise you have a lot more time to gamble especially with many sea days like the Hawaii cruise. They might lose money on you but they will make it up on others. They are not in the business of losing money.
  3. Ask it can't hurt but I wouldn't expect a free upgrade on a Christmas cruise. They usually are very popular and sell out.
  4. You can only book onboard with a promo. Just call the dine line or stop at the restaurant after boarding. I have never had a problem getting the time and day I wanted.
  5. The vaccine news is sending all travel related stocks soaring today.
  6. I personally feel cruise lines recognize this. Thats the reason you see the continued cancellations. They fully understand that a large outbreak on a ship would have dire consequences for the industry. They want a vaccine even more than we might.
  7. I got a completely different answer from my PVP. Was told that Princess was aware of the work around and the IT department was working on the software to be able to identify those who have a b2b booking. She told me that they will contact them and give them the option to cancel one of the b2b.
  8. My PVP gave me very different info today. She told me that Princess is aware of the work around but the software has not been updated to catch if you booked a b2b as two separate cruises yet. She said as soon as the software is updated my cruises or at least one will be cancelled.
  9. No. It's on the cancelled list. It will not be in FLL to sail to Europe. Look at the list of cancelled cruises. Looks like the Enchanted is cancelled at least thru the middle of May
  10. It will be many months until a vaccine is available to the general public. You need 2 shots a month apart and then probably a yearly booster.
  11. They did mandate mask on day 3. The Point Guy is still on the ship and reported they are confined to their state room. I guess now the question is will Barbados let them dock and how soon can they go home.
  12. If you click on the 3 dots on the top right hand corner of your post you can then edit. Agree it was much easier before.
  13. Thanks for getting it to post. Don't know what my problem was. My feelings exactly. Just terrible news.
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