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  1. FLL is one of the few airports that I take a taxi from and not Uber or lyft. Never had a wait for a taxi of more than a couple minutes and their fares have always been competitive.
  2. We loved the aft cabin. Yes we had minor soot a couple of days. Annoying but still loved the cabin. Don't leave your wife's white beach coverup outside.
  3. Spirits are available on my November cruise but not yet available on our February cruise. Have Princess Plus on both cruises.
  4. I have seen popular tours only go up in price. If the happen to drop you can always cancel and rebook. Look at the Shore Excursions cancellation policy.
  5. On my last cruise on the Regal in 2019 we were not able to drop off our luggage or get to our room till after one. There was some type of maintenance issue on Dolphin deck. The elevators wouldn't even stop on the floor. Never had a problem on all my other cruises with Princess but doubt anyone knows what the requirements will be now. Especially with deep cleaning between cruise.
  6. When I cancelled my cruise before Princess and before final payment was due I received credit to my CC in 4 days. It was a large deposit because I booked a suite. When Princess cancelled took over 9 weeks to get my refund. Both cruises were cancelled in 2020.
  7. I'm one of the lucky ones. I haven't had any problems loading info into the app. Have not been able to choice a arrival time but my cruise isn't till February.
  8. Many a time. I very rarely order off the bar menu except for wine. I have never brought them a printed recipe just ordered the drink I wanted. Most of the bar personnel can make about anything.
  9. Iphone. My wife takes her Iphone and Ipad. You really don't want to use the computers in the internet cafe unless you need to print something.
  10. Great deal for us. Gratuities payed. We both will have a specialty coffee in the morning a beer or two in the afternoon and a couple glasses of wine with dinner. The only negative I found on a Medallion cruise was with the unlimited internet I found myself spending more time online than I really should on vacation.
  11. I have a cruise booked for February next year and have downloaded and added all my info without any problems after the last update using a Iphone. My wife has also. The only thing we have not been able to do is pick a arrival and departure time. It says will be available closer to sailing.
  12. Thanks for posting. No surprise that a stay was issued until the appeal is heard by the full court. Unable to find a timeline when that might be. But figure many weeks at best.
  13. On are last Caribbean cruise in 2019 we were in a penthouse suite and my wife asked our room steward if it was possible to have a kettle and he told her no but he would ask his manager if it was possible to make a exception. He left a message on the stateroom phone that his manager said NO exceptions. We did buy a french press in St Thomas. Don't remember her ever using it.
  14. Highly advise to rent early especially around the Thanksgiving holiday and be prepared for sticker shock. Rented a car in Miami in late May and payed double what I usually pay but was happy to get a car. Have been told that the shortage of rental cars will continue until at least the spring of 22.
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