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  1. I would book as soon as possible. Popular excursions sell out. You can always cancel if you change your minds.
  2. Was curious so just did a mock booking for a Sky suite on the Enchanted Princess for February 13 2021 from a Big Box store. Choose that date because we have that cruise booked. The price I could of booked the Sky suite was 14568 for 2 people and 17656 for 4. That includes port charges. I would of also received over 2500 in refundable OBC.
  3. I have never seen them offer a discount on shore excursions. In fact just the opposite. On my last cruise the popular excursions went up in price closer to sailing. Yes Alaska excursion are pricey.
  4. Bought some for my last cruise. My wife thanked me.
  5. I I believed you were sincere when you asked the question and thats why I answered. It's a topic that has been discussed for years and some people have very strong opinions. Just do what will make you feel right.
  6. I tipped our room steward a extra $40 on my 7 day Regal cruise. I do anytime dining and only 2 nights had the same waiter. Did have the same assistant waiter multiple times and gave him 20 the last evening. Never have tipped the head waiter. I probably would if he provided me with the special service. There are no guidelines and no right or wrong. Just a personal choice.
  7. No cpap but have the same amount of gadgets plus a kindle when we travel Thinking about only taking one of the ipads next trip.
  8. Not tier related. Citi offers many different cards. Each card that they offer has different perks and costs. If you go to Citi's website you can see all the different type of cards you can apply for. Allstate rewards and AARP has been offering the same discount off and on. There are threads about both.
  9. February we were on a Medallion Cruise and I know we did not print our boarding passes and had no trouble entering the port. I do not remember what we had to show at the guard station.
  10. Thanks for the solution. Usually just drink it on my way to my cabin. Than I have nothing to drink in the cabin.
  11. I have never had any problem getting a un-opened beer with or without a tip. I just have to remember to ask before he opens it.
  12. Sabatini's has special cocktails Crown Grill doesn't.
  13. We get the package and find it a great deal on Caribbean cruises where we do not spend a lot of time on shore. A Bloody Mary in the morning, a couple of beers at lunch, a frozen cocktail in the afternoon a couple of glasses of wine with dinner and drink or 2 later in the evening. Plus specialty coffee and bottled water. Both plain and fizzy.
  14. I also booked my flights when they first opened and got a great price. Checked almost everyday and the prices were just going up. Started checking less and less. Maybe once a week. Right around the 60 day mark went to print my travel summary and checked EZ price and the price dropped $180 per person. You just never know. Keep checking only takes a few minutes.
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