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  1. I’ve ended up sick on vacation twice in the last 10 years. Both times I was thankful I was in a room I was comfortable to spend some time in. When cruising that is my criteria. Pick a room I’d be happy to spend the entire cruise in. Just in case.
  2. I’m guessing commercial flights. If it’s not safe enough to fly commercial it’s not safe enough to sail. These ships are too big to be able to get enough passengers for a revenue positive sailing without any of the passengers flying to the embarkation.
  3. That would be a great suggestion, that when someone is infected everyone onboard would be tested. But that did not happen on any of the ships that docked in the US, either California or Florida. For the Grand Princess the Vice President and the cruise line said they would all be tested before leaving quarantine, but that did not happen.
  4. The change in transportation rules did throw them for a loop, but there are a few things they could have done. They could communicate. They could send twice daily updates of what passengers left and how many healthy passengers are waiting for planes, just so people still on board know they are not alone. They could explain the ambulances, if there are ill passengers or crew it would be nice to hear from the captain rather than find out on the internet. If there are really only 287 left on board they could set the front desk with help to call every party and make sure
  5. Self isolation, as suggested by our local health services, is having 14 days of provisions dropped off outside the door, and having those in isolation disinfect the package of supplies, and cook and clean for themselves for 14 days. No outside interaction. Reading exhibit B from Holland America in their package to the port commission there were 14 sick people taken to hospitals; 10 passengers from the Zaandam, 3 from the Rotterdam, one crew unspecified which ship. There were an additional 13 passengers on each ship showing symptoms for a total of 26 passengers. Those passengers
  6. Even if those people have quarantined in their cabin for 14 days, if any of the people who made their food, plated their food, delivered their food, folded the extra sheets and towels, etc became infected from being around infected crew or picking up dishes or linens from infected cabins then everyone’s 14 days needs to start over. When the Hal ships docked there were 13 passengers on the well ship, the Rotterdam, that were sick. Another 3 passengers from the Rotterdam were taken in ambulances to hospitals in Florida. Again, that’s the non-sick ship. Hal said 50 crew in addition to
  7. We have learned a few things during this crises that have less to do specifically with Covid19 and more to do with the way the cruise industry is able to deal with virulent diseases. 1) the crew is not immune Though it is probable a crew member originally caught the corona virus, and in the past a norovirus, from a passenger, it is clear to me once the crew is possibly infected there is no plan in place to ensure they won’t infect others. Crew quarters are close, and there is not a system set up to quarantine possibly infected crew. From my perspective, it looks like
  8. Not over for the Rotterdam either. According to exhibit B, as of April 1st there were 10 passengers on the Zaandam and 3 on the Rotterdam that needed on shore medical treatment. In addition, there were 13 passengers on each of the ships showing symptoms for a total of 26. There was one crew member needing shoreside medical attention and another 50 showing symptoms. It did not say which ship the affected crew were on.
  9. Considering the four south Florida Counties have more Coronavirus cases than all of Georgia your brother is much less likely to catch the Coronavirus in Atlanta than in FLL.
  10. They must have triaged. Broward health is close. Hialeah is 25 miles away. Are they by chance helicoptering them?
  11. If this does become a movie I very much hope this will be the end and not the beginning.
  12. Given the number of Covid19 cases in South Florida, I’d suspect the healthy looking cruise passengers are no more likely to have the virus than the rest of the people at the Fort Lauderdale or Miami airports.
  13. For the not visibly sick people, Port Everglades would work, in they could get the 49 Floridians into cars, the 250 other American’s onto commercial flights, and the thousand foreign passengers on charters home. It’s the sick I worry about the most coming into south Florida. Maybe they could air ambulance the very sick to other areas of the state with available capacity? With all but essential services shut down in that part of the state I’m not sure there is a commercial option for those that just need a place to lay low and get over this. Unlike the Grand Princess, it sounds li
  14. What I would have liked to seen in his statement would be them taking some responsibility. The Diamond Princess fiasco was in Feb. As was the HAL Maasdam having trouble finding a place to disembark. The first passenger on the Grand Princess died March 4th, meaning they knew there was a ship in Mexico with the virus spreading in Feb. There were more than a handful of ships that were denied docking around the world before March 7th. In retrospect it’s pretty obvious they should have been cancelling all cruises out of an abundance of caution. But hindsight is 20/20. And yes, the crew are t
  15. I hope if the mayor does allow the ship to dock he makes sure he has the facilities to take on the sick passengers. Bringing them into port without having enough hospitals beds would be cruel.
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