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  1. The press release says that the prices paid for a 2021 cruise will be honoured for the same 2022 cruise yet they are not honouring this on the Canada and New England cruise which was on Regal Princess in September 2021 and was cancelled a few days ago. I rebooked yesterday and have paid over £1000 more for the same cabin on the same cruise on Sky Princess in September 2022. I questioned this and they told me that it because the cruise hadn't been paid for in full (we don't normally pay over 6 months in advance and not many do!) and so we had to pay the inflated price. Its also an accessible cabin so not like I had a choice to downgrade from balcony to inside to reduce the cost as non were available and I'm a wheelchair user. Does anyone know if this is the case with the other cruises that are now affected?
  2. It’s just a computer error caused by the change in final payment date, doesn’t need paying and will vanish off your account eventually, mine did.
  3. My cruise was in June, yesterday I got an email direct from Princess (I book direct) telling me my cruise was cancelled, OP have you not received this email? Presumably your TA has it and should forward it to you.
  4. More likely to be an error knowing Celebrity.
  5. These restrictions won’t last forever, at the moment, Covid 19 is new and there’s no vaccine but they will develop one and people will also start to build up immunity to it like they have with the flu. In time it will become another “type” of flu. At the moment a very large number of people have it all at once, medical services are over stretched and these measures are brought in to stop it spreading too quickly, it’s all very new territory. The article that was linked says "The President's objective is for us to make cruise lines safer, even as we work with the cruise lines to ensure that -- that no one in our particularly vulnerable population is -- is going out on a cruise in the near future” Cruiselines are trying to protect those will not protect themselves, some people will not take advice not to cruise, (I’m not talking about anyone in particular) perhaps because they don’t wish to miss that trip of a lifetime but if you have an underlying health issue, that may make Covid 19 cause you severe problems, whether you are young or old then you shouldn’t cruise at the moment (most cruises are cancelled anyway) but in the future when things become more “normal” you will be able to cruise again and use the future cruise credit. If however people aren’t happy with FCC because you don’t think you will cruise again then if you should be able to get a refund, if this isn’t possible then perhaps an insurance company would step in, as the FCC is worthless in this instance. If offered the choice of cash or FCC then it would be better in these circumstances to take the cash.
  6. When does the Norway only one go? If it’s June then you will have a couple of days when you have no sunset, which is really interesting. If you aren’t likely to be able to do this type of cruise again then I would say do the Iceland and Norway one because both are amazing to see. In Iceland do the golden circle tour, the waterfalls and geysers combined with the beautiful Norwegian fjords makes for a great cruise. Bergen has lovely markets old houses and a great view from the funicular. Olden is very pretty and it’s possible to do a gentle hike to see a glacier, you see both places on each cruise so that’s good. If it was me and I could only pick one I’d do the Iceland and Norway one, the one we did was probably one of the best cruises we’ve had. Its 3am here so I don’t have much time to post but if you want to ask anything about any of the ports I’d be happy to reply to more, I’ve been to them all, some several times 😀
  7. I’ve done both, could you tell me the itinerary for each one you are considering? Thanks
  8. Yes I agree but the person said we had “left Europe” which we have not, he/she was clearly confusing the European Union with the land mass.
  9. Princess cruises just cancelled all cruises until May 11th, Viking also cancelled until May as well, I wonder if others will follow.
  10. Oslo and Alesund as well 😢
  11. The UK is part of Europe😳it’s just not a member of the European Union, a very different thing, geographically it’s not changed.
  12. Oslo and Alesun have stopped them as well since this was written. Not much good for a 14 night Norway cruise we are booked on but understandable in the circumstances. https://www.forbes.com/sites/davidnikel/2020/03/11/cruise-ship-passengers-banned-from-bergen-as-coronavirus-cases-rise-in-norway/#77687ef348a5
  13. When I booked for my June cruise the deposit was only £50 per person. My final payment date was March 15th and this was them extended to April 14th under the new terms. Today I noticed my planner has in red a notice that I need to pay £200 more deposit TODAY or my booking will be cancelled! Has anyone else had this? I’m not sure if I will be able to go (underlying health issues) and so I don’t want to pay more money as I’m in the UK and my deposit is non refundable.
  14. Maybe you should name them so we can avoid giving them business in the future! How do you know this is the case, hasn’t the ship just docked? How would they even know if a guest is from the regal, unless the hotel was booked via Princess.
  15. I think the point is you are guaranteed a lounger, whereas on Celebrity loungers in the solarium can be like hens teeth. We’ve booked a cabana for our first HAL cruise on 1st Dec because we could only get an inside accessible cabin, so the money we saved paid for a cabana and it will be our “balcony”
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