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  1. Thanks so much for your sunrise/sunset photos, Roy. I am thoroughly enjoying them and hope it's not too long before I am seeing the real things from a ship! I am booked on Serenity from Miami on January 5 but have little hope it will sail. Keep up the good work! Sandie
  2. I got one on Wednesday but it went into spam. I have completed and returned with no problem. Sandie
  3. Confirmed by my TA today that Barcelona/Quebec on August 29 has been cancelled. Sandie
  4. I'm booked on the August 30 transatlantic and will cling on to hope that it will sail as Serenity HAS to get across the Atlantic at some point for the Autumn/Winter cruise season. Always the cockeyed optimist, that's me!
  5. A very interesting thread which is even more relevant to me, as a passenger who is due a 50% refund for the 15th February sailing from Singapore. I have asked my TA to apply that refund to my pre-existing booking on Serenity's Jan. 5th MIA to LA but haven't had any confirmation of this yet. I do appreciate there are more immediate concerns for Crystal staff processing this. I also have another booking - Barcelona to Quebec departing August 30. Of course a lot depends on the Corona situation in Spain by then. I am tending to hang on for now but I certainly won't be making any early payments for January. But I'm going to have to think long and hard about accepting any refund offers. Sandie
  6. I’m in transit from Symphony to home(waiting at the Ritz Carlton in Singapore). The hotel director told me there were 150 passengers. They altered dining arrangements so that waterside was open 6.30 to 9.30, closed either Prego or Chur on alternate nights and ran the shows so that there was. 15. minute break between them, making for a seamless evening and finishing with Mark in the Avenue. Perfect! Yes you could walk around and see no one but nothing Crystal could do about that. Certainly I couldn’t fault the onboard experience. Sandie
  7. Debark tomorrow. My flight to London is tomorrow night so a boring hanging around day in prospect.
  8. After a fascinating and extremely enjoyable cruise we have just docked in Singapore and the captain has announced we are free to go ashore. Phew! So apparently no problem for those of us wishing to leave the country in the next couple of days. I really feel for those people still being messed around for various reasons, particularly those who had cruises cancelled at the last minute. Talking of which, Silversea Silver Spirit is next to us and obviously has not moved at all in the last two weeks.
  9. Roy (sorry about the Ray) thank you for taking the time for such a detailed reply. I’d like to say I will try and emulate you but that would be a lie! I’ll be sticking to tried and trusted methods but I do think half the fun of travelling is the planning and anticipation. I think you’re very brave to take all this on not knowing what you may have to contend with (like SARS) whilst having health issues. My metaphorical hat is off to you! Sandie
  10. Just been to the cinema - I was the only one there on my private yacht!
  11. I’m in awe of your organisational skills, Ray! How long did it take you to put this adventure together? What was your starting point (mental not physical)?
  12. Some people had only booked an 8 day cruise of Vietnam so have left today. As you know the subsequent several cruises have been cancelled and I asked a few members of staff today what was happening to them. The answer is they do not know! Bearing in mind it’s Sunday and we disembark in a week they will be left in limbo until management decide where they go. In the meantime this continues to be a fascinating cruise. I have thoroughly enjoyed my excursions to Hoi An (an absolute jewel) and Ho Chi Minh city. Still to come are Koh Samuels, Sihanoukville and Singapore. Filled in an immigration card for S’pore today asking what our ongoing travel plans were so it looks like we are going to be allowed off! After all, we will all have done 2 weeks’ quarantine by then! We had two health checks for entering Da Nang and again yesterday for HCM. Sandie
  13. Had a wonderful evening yesterday: Captain’s Welcome party [no honorees] so BTO night. I think almost all the passengers must have been in W’side and they seated us all down one side - the centre left empty - and it looked and sounded like the usual dinner time. My table companion persuaded me to try an oyster for the first time and I liked it! Then off to the evening’s entertainment. Mark Merchant, a ventriloquist I’d neither heard of or seen before, smoothly onto the wonderful MacDonald Brothers, who got a standing ovation at the end of their performance which was well deserved. Never heard of them either despite them being fellow Brits. ( Never watch X Factor). Made a donation in the casino and then on to the Avenue to see if all the hype about Mark Farris is justified. OH YES! A bit “bumpy” last night - a technical term the captain uses - and today another sea day before we reach Chan May tomorrow morning. My main reason for not cancelling this cruise was that I thought I’d be unlikely to be in this part of the world again so everything is new to me, including nearly 90% humidity, which I could have done without. No tour for me tomorrow but I’ll probably dip my toe in Vietnam just for the hell of it. TTFN. Sandie
  14. Sadly, no upgrade but I didn’t really expect it as most people choose a specific room. The staff are working as normal but one told me today the days are long and boring with so few to look after. Sandie
  15. The programme continues as normal ...2 shows each evening, meal times as usual, but it was certainly weird having my pre-dinner cocktail in an empty Cove. The staff are standing around with nothing to do in Waterside and everyone is getting a window seat! There’s a good attendance at the shows and talks, allowing for the total number of guests. Only enough people for 3 trivia teams yesterday though. When I’d had enough of the humidity on the lido deck I went into Palm Court mid afternoon and was the only one there. The staff are as pleasant and friendly as ever.
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