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  1. I've so much enjoyed getting my Crystal "fix" with your entertaining travelog and I look forward to catching up with you on the Barcelona to Quebec cruise next year. I'll keep a lookout for your glasses! Sandie
  2. Yippee! I was there too so will be even more interested than usual! Sandie
  3. Oh wow! I'll certainly keep an eye on this site. Thank you, and to all for the encouraging responses. I'm on Deck 7 so easy to run outside if necessary!
  4. Forgive my ignorance but, seriously, is that a possibility? That would be wonderful - one of my lifetime ambitions. I leave on Friday to join the Rocky Mountaineer, prior to embarking in Vancouver. Another ambition satisfied! Looking forward to meeting everyone. Sandie
  5. You do realise you've just opened a whole new can of worms!!? Sandie
  6. So I jumped on this bandwagon with my TA with regard to my upcoming September cruise but, as this will only be my third cruise, I didn't take into account that I had passed the deadline for cancelling and rebooking at the new rate. However, I was offered $500 more OBC and they agreed to apply it to my January 2020 cruise (Hong Kong to Singapore) instead. I thought that was very fair indeed. You don't ask, you don't get! Sandie
  7. I recommend the tram Vistaman mentions. It hugs the coast in places and otherwise goes down main streets or skirts towns. A great way to see Belgium and it's cheap! You can treat it as a HoHo.
  8. Hooray! Thank you. You guys were responsible for me booking my first cruise - Montreal to NYC in September 2018 - and I'll be on your September 17 leg (but no touching) this year. Sandie
  9. Thanks very much to Jayayeff, Peapod2 and YoungDubFan. Your comments were extremely useful. Enquiries were made and I am now confirmed in 7055, with a saving of over £500 on the original price quoted. Win Win! Sandie
  10. Thanks for this. In the interim I had my TA check and 5025 was the only vacancy so it's Hobson's choice unless I want to spend another £700+. Fortunately I'm not an early-to-bed type! The main thing is to be on the ship, right?! Sandie
  11. Has anyone stayed in a D on deck 5? I have just changed a booking from a Mediterranean cruise next May to HK to Singapore in February. I have been allocated 5025, which I think is next to the toilets. I know it's very convenient for my pre-dinner cocktail but are there likely to be down sides to this location? Is it worth trying to get my TA to change to another D in that block? Sandie
  12. I'm rather disappointed about this change - I am booked on what is now the Southampton embarkation - and what would have been an easy journey by air from Luton to Dublin (a city I have never seen) is now a choice between a tiring taxi/train/change stations in London/taxi scenario or one long taxi ride. I know which I will be opting for. You can please some of the people...…..!
  13. "others". Look at the keyboard - I next to o, r next to t, g next to h.
  14. I totally agree about the experience of dining alone (and I prefer to dine in Waterside) so when I completed my after-cruise survey recently I asked about the possibility of starting another solos table at about 8.30 pm as I too like to eat later. I won't hold my breath!
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