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  1. Thanks for the information - I did look at those posts quite a bit before our Galapagos cruise was canceled in May 2020. Now we aren't booked until later in 2022 and we are on the Northern loop now because that date worked the best for the couple we are traveling with. I'm sure we would enjoy either one! Reading this post makes me even more anxious for our cruise!
  2. What is the difference between Northern and Southern loops?
  3. We continue to hope that travel will resume again soon - so tired of trips not being able to go! With you not going to Israel until March you have a lot better chance of going than we do. We may have to move our Gate 1 trip to then too! We really love Gate1. jkbult1 at hotmail Keep in touch about it, please.
  4. We were on the same canceled cruise so booked that Gate 1 trip for November 2021 - let's hope it goes! 🤞
  5. Thanks for the information - we appreciate it! We are going on the Xpedition next year since our Galapagos cruise was canceled this year.
  6. Because of covid there was no ice in the machines in the lounges but our cabin steward filled our ice bucket daily after we asked if she would.
  7. Didn't wear them while walking outside on the ship or on our balcony obviously but there's not that much room outside to walk. We did sit outside quite a lot since the weather was nice. No, we didn't see anyone remind people outside.
  8. Not sure there is any - some people put them in their pockets and others just laid them on the table.
  9. Oops - if we were sitting outside by ourselves we didn't wear them. Walking around the ship and inside we did.
  10. Yes, we were thrilled to be doing any kind of cruising!
  11. Yes, we did BR and Vicksburg park. We did the Cajun Swamp excursion (beautiful weather day and fun tour) in the morning so did Houmas House in the afternoon since we would have been rushed to do Oak Valley. We weren't able to dock at Houmas House because of high water so actually missed that stop but could still do the excursions by driving from BR. We had to be more selective about which tours to take since we couldn't do all that were offered.
  12. Yes and they would ask you to put it on if you forgot. As soon as we sat down for a meal or cocktails we would take it off. People did wear them during talks, on the bus, and watching entertainment in the evening.
  13. Most of the excursions were available - all bus rides somewhere. We didn't get out to see some places because they were closed because of covid. Yes, you could go out on your own. There was usually a HOHO bus that would take you in to the city to look around on your own. We kept busy doing more than 1 excursion each day if we could.
  14. Snacks are always available in the 2 lounges but nothing fresh now. Mostly chips, pretzels, granola, and nuts in bags and hot/cold drinks. Breakfast is menu only (omelets are on the menu but no buffet now). Room service breakfast is also available with a decent menu. Early risers breakfast in the lounge on deck 4 with prepackaged pastries.
  15. No money exchanged on the ship for anything. If they don't have something just ask. Open bar at cocktail hour with great hors d'oeuvres.
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