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  1. We are scheduled to sail the Apex in January 2022 - sure hope cruising is back to 'normal' by then! Whatever the new normal will be?!
  2. Hmmm.......ours was sent to Philly and came from there too. Who knows?! Just glad we got new ones! We still haven't received our old copies back.
  3. We sent ours in a month later than that and received them about 2 weeks ago. I wonder if it was because we said we have a resort stay planned in late Sept. (that we still hope to go to!)?
  4. Sent our renewals in April 29 and got the email today they are being printed and should be here August 10. We will be glad to have them in our hands! Now if we could just travel somewhere!
  5. We were in 7163 on the Constellation on the last full cruise she sailed in March before the pandemic. We often choose a cabin heading out on the hump because the balconies are a bit larger because of the angle and we had a great view. It was a great location - half way up and half way down. Sorry I don't have a picture of the balcony.
  6. Has anyone seen their new passports recently? When I applied for renewal in late April I told them I need ours for a resort trip in late September - not sure if that makes any difference or not but I will need to cancel the trip if we don't see them by mid-September I think. Anyone have any trips planned that they think they can realistically take?
  7. We sent ours in 2 months later - hopefully that means we'll see ours in 2 months from now or less! 🤞
  8. I tracked the package (sent April 29) so I know they received it plus the check was cashed. Still nervous about getting the new passports.
  9. Do they have any idea when that will be? Our renewals went in the end of April - I wrote our next travel is the end of Sept. for a Mexico resort stay so we need our passports back by then since we are still planning on going on this trip. What are our chances of seeing the passports so we can travel then?!
  10. We mailed our renewal in April 29 and the checks were cashed May 5. Obviously no passports yet though.
  11. We were on the Constellations's last complete cruise ending in March this year. The colors could be updated but nothing was really run down and we enjoyed everything about the ship. I would sail her again in a minute even with no update.
  12. Do you really think this cruise will sail? We are booked on the Star in late October in the Mediterranean from Athens and I am not optimistic about that cruise. Why has Princess canceled all of the Med. cruises for 2020? I'm still leery about getting on a plane or cruise ship for an extended amount of time or having ports canceled. Still trying to decide if we make our final payment in June.
  13. Even though our passports don't expire for 4 years we need to get new ones because we are running out of blank pages. Has anyone ever gotten the Large Book with more pages instead of the Regular? How much bigger is the larger one?
  14. We are booked on the Star from Athens in late October. Still hoping to sail but have our eye on another similar cruise in Oct. 2021 as a backup which is probably more realistic.
  15. We should be cruising in Japan right now and our cruise was one of the first canceled in mid-February. We still haven't gotten our FCC but I assume that is because our cruise was later than some that have since been canceled. Someone on Cruise critic tried to say that the FCC cruise had to be BOOKED before Dec. 31, 2021 but I see from your email, Jim, that isn't true. Guess I better find another cruise to book next year although I'm nervous about when cruising will really resume.
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