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  1. briar14

    "Almost" Live from Explorer

    Sending good wishes for a safe trip all the way to Explorer and a wonderful trip once onboard. This thread has provided really good information on so many different air travel issues.
  2. briar14

    "Almost" Live from Explorer

    🤞🤞🤞wishing you the very best from the flying and weather gods. Looking forward to your reports. Safe travels.
  3. On Mariner last month one of the waiters (John) in Compass Rose heard me asking my husband if I could borrow his glasses. Well, in less than a minute he appeared with a selection of “readers” arranged by magnification in a very nice wooden box. It would be nice if the boutiques stocked some, but in a pinch the ship might have a pair to borrow. Love that intuitive Regent service!
  4. Rachel, so happy for you that Explorer made it to the Falklands! Thank you for your account and patience uploading pictures. Continuing to enjoy your posts.
  5. Rachel, thank you for your posts and pictures. I am really enjoying them! I am keeping my fingers crossed for a successful Falklands visit for you and George.
  6. By being on a lower deck we often looked into the port buildings or at their roofs. Another comment I would add is about storage space. This was a 36-day cruise. We are “middle of the road” packers and found space for everything. Really utilized the hanging space in the closet and had drawer space left over.
  7. Mariner 746; G; briar14; 12/15/18; port; mid; walk-in shower; definitely recommend—quiet, cental location, decent internet. One caution—Because this cabin is on a lower deck, we saw a lot of terminal roofs.
  8. Bill, have a wonderful trip and birthday celebration for your wife! Jan
  9. We are traveling right now on Mariner (wonderful wonderful cruise!) so do not have records at hand. I know I received typhoid and some of the hepatitis shots and believe they told me that yellow fever was available at one Walgreens location in the Greenville SC area. Medicare covered the typhoid and hepatitis. They were prescribed by our dr. because she knows we travel frequently.
  10. We have received some of these shots/medications at Walgreens in SC. The pharmacist worked with Medicare and our supplemental insurance—all were covered.
  11. briar14

    Internet Speeds

    We agree, internet has been surprisingly good!
  12. Currently on Mariner for 36 days in a standard suite. Here are 2 pictures of the desk area showing the corner cabinet for glassware and the drawer configuration. Two drawers with a deep cabinet underneath. Found places for everything. Had requested a small dresser, which was in the suite when we boarded. We did not need it.
  13. briar14


    In our suite when we boarded Mariner in Sydney on December 15 😊!
  14. papaflamingo—so glad you enjoyed Regent! Right now we are sitting in the Polaris Lounge in Houston waiting for our flight to Sydney. We board when you leave. Enjoyed all the posts in this thread. Safe travels home.