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  1. Bob, I hope you and Jeanie got home safely. I certainly enjoy your ironic comments. My husband and I often make similar ones while we are on Regent. We feel so fortunate to be able to take these wonderful trips that stale pretzels, chips or even the occasional slow service does not deter us from enjoying every minute of our trip. Enjoyed your report very much. It is a wonderful itinerary. Thank you.
  2. Gerainger, so beautiful. Enjoying your beautiful pictures on a hot Sunday morning in SC. Looking forward to your adventures in Flam.
  3. Thank you, Susan, for a wonderfully informative blog. Although some ports are different for next year’s similar cruise, I did make notes on your excursions when ports will be the same. Hope you arrived home safely.
  4. We took a Regent Choice excursion to the Alhambra from Malaga a few years ago. A long day, well worth it. Back to ship after scheduled departure time. Mariner was waiting for us.
  5. Anticipating your reports! What beautiful places you will be seeing. We have good friends on your cruise and for the past few months have been boring them with many “you can’t miss this” suggestions. Have a wonderful trip!
  6. On Voyager in 2017, Beijing to Bangkok, the ship docked at the commercial port. It was about a 20-30 minute bus ride into Saigon.
  7. Susan, enjoying your reports and pictures. One of the many reasons I love cruising is the sometimes unpredictability of it. Disappointing about the missed Russian ports but anticipating reading about the added Norwegian ports. Thank you for taking us along!
  8. The current list of Navigator staff is shown in Post #1 of Flossie’s live thread of the current Navigator cruise, Narratives from Navigator in Norway.
  9. Thank you, Susan. We have met, Mariner—April 2018 TA, M&M. I would be especially interested in your thoughts about tours offered for the northernmost ports, Hammerfest, Solovetsky Islands, etc. Your pictures of sailing into Flam brings back wonderful memories of a Voyager cruise several years ago.
  10. Flossie, glad you are posting about this cruise. We were supposed to take it but had to change to a similar itinerary in 2020. I am sitting in SC with a brand new knee instead. I am looking forward to reading about everything but especially the tours you chose. Have a wonderful cruise!
  11. We received notice from our TA that the $500 OBC had been credited to our account for the Explorer TA in November. This cruise was booked using a Future Cruise Certificate.
  12. Nadege is one of our favorite servers! We met her when she was new to Regent and have enjoyed watching her successful progress with Regent. Not sure she will remember us, but please tell her the Johnson’s said hello. Most recently, we saw her on the Circle Australia cruise. Enjoying everyone’s reports and pictures. Stay warm!
  13. Our Australia Circumnavigation cruise in December and January on Mariner was pretty close to perfect, in our opinion. Two senior staff we credited with providing us with this wonderful experience were Michael Coghlan and Vladimir Cavic. After many Regent cruises, all very good, this one stood out. The entire crew exceeded our expectations!
  14. That’s it! Thanks for replying. I hope you enjoyed your dinner.
  15. ronrick1943, would this be the same Spring Deer we ate in about 30 years ago? If so, I still remember how good it was, the atmosphere, etc. Enjoying your posts! We are taking similar cruise on Explorer in 2021, will be following along avidly. Thank you.
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