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  1. We've seen the monkeys, too! I think we have pix...but do not feed. Anyway, leaving keys for the parking lot is common in many cities. It allows the operator of the lot to move vehicles around to accomodate the different schedules of their customers. Believe me, if there were problems with this issue at Park n Go it would be all over the evening news and CC!
  2. Not sure I understand. If you use an FCD for a booking and then have to cancel, the FCD will be returned to your Captains Circle account unless the FCD is past the expiration date, in which case you will receive a refund. It may be important to ask your TA or PVP or Princess to be sure to restore an FCD that has been applied to a booking that has been cancelled. We had Princess cancel some sailings last year that had FCD's included in the mix. For whatever reason, we didn't have to even ask for them to be applied to our CC accounts. They are sitting, waiting, for our next effort to bo
  3. Park n Go Ft Lauderdale is great. The 15 minute trip from ship to car is about right. Also, they seem to have your car in a spot that is easy to load and leave. The Shuttle takes the ticket you were given when you entered the lot....they have a copy for their use...anyway, the driver has your ticket and his own log that shows where your car is on the lot...so he then drives the shuttle to your car where you unload your bags, load your car, and leave. Oh..and we always prepay via the website...so when we leave we stop at the exit gate and receive a cold, cold bottle of water for every
  4. Last week our email contained a notice that it was time to renew our Global Entry membership. I dutifully sat down and did so on Friday. Today (Sunday) in our email was a 'status change' notice so I went to our GE accounts to check. Both were renewed, no problem for the next 5 years. New cards are available but not required because a member rarely, if ever, is asked to show his card. Only the membership number is relevant. It was mildly pleasing to be notified in less than 48 hours that our membership has been reviewed and renewed.
  5. Global Entry has no value in a foreign airport. Sadly an american woman did not understand this when she tried to jump the line at the Lima airport a few years ago. It did seem to sink in once she was escorted to the rear of the queue. We didn't laugh out loud. No comment on laughing internally.
  6. We ,too, now live in Florida and the only place we use at Port Everglades is https://bookparkngo.com/ftlauderdale2.php . Note that pricing changes the closer you are to sail date. Also, you must leave your keys in your car as they move vehicles while you are gone. Theft has never been an issue. And they definitely help with loading and unloading your bags onto and off of the shuttles.
  7. Take a photo of your paper card with your smart phone. Sounds smart to me.
  8. This showed up in my email today...https://www.lonelyplanet.com/articles/us-passport-delays?utm_medium=email&utm_source=lpemail&utm_campaign=news-us-20210708
  9. To the OP, if you want this to work and be in compliance with the PVSA you must end your HAL voyage in Canada, then board a different HAL ship or even a different cruise line for your return to Boston.
  10. We had an Allegiant flight cancelled due to equipment problems. Allegiant promised a flight at 10 am the next day...they paid for our hotel overnight. The plane was flown in from Vegas overnight and we left on time the next day.
  11. I've never seen a shuttle for the parking garages. Normally we pull up to the ship/embarkation entrance, unload bags and passengers and then one person, the driver, parks the car and walks to the embarkation location to be reunited with his or her party. While a little chaotic, it is not rocket science and is easily accomplished.....avoiding unpleasant employees is rather effortless.
  12. To the OP, worried about a refund....Cruise line boilerplate....if you cancel a cruise before final payment you receive any/all of the $$ back that you may have paid for your sailing. Deposit, monthly payment, etc. If you wait until after final payment date you lose your deposit.
  13. Seems to me that Princess has, or is, evaluating the cost of using smartphones and apps. Thinking that it will not be too long before the non-tecchie folks are no longer a factor in their financial reports. If this is so, I also think that HAL and other lines will eventually get in line with apps and smartphones. Friends that I have who are firmly resistant to technology and learning anything about it are all in their late 70's...:(
  14. You will not be allowed to board without valid ID. An expired passport is not valid. It is expired. One lady attempted to board an international flight with her library card. Totally upset when it was refused. You may be able to use a RealID drivers license and a birth certificate....see the link in the post above. 2020, with nothing much to do, was a great time to renew ID.
  15. Just use the Uber or Lyft app, have them pick you up at your cousins house/address. Simple, easy trip to the ship. No need to add confusion in the middle.
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