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  1. thinfool

    Best fort to visit?

    I have only been to OSJ a couple of times...and somehow found the walk to El Morro quite nice, although one time it was drizzling and wet. Still, it is a nice walk....or hike, if you like.
  2. thinfool

    Query re: Grandfathered from Carnival

    They will both be happy to take your $$....but there is no relationship between those two lines. Carnival, HAL, Princess, Aida, Costa (and more) are all owned by Carnival Corp., but NCL is not among the CCL family of cruise lines.
  3. thinfool

    Hemingway Home with a wheelchair - Key West

    Suggest you go directly to the source.... https://www.hemingwayhome.com/contact/ .
  4. thinfool

    Cell phones and cash at ports

    Those who insist on having their pp with them wherever and whenever have likely never been away from the Caribbean. It is common on cruises in the Med, South America, Asia, etc for the ship to take your passport when you embark, keep it for the duration, and return it just before your cruise ends. There are a few places that insist that you go ashore with your pp...Cuba is one, St Petersburg, Russia is another....but most ports view cruise passengers as 'in transit' and do not view a cruise visitor as a tourist entering the country for an extended stay.
  5. I have been to Panama several times since the 1980s....both by ship and extended land visits....no shots, no pills, and no problems. Panama has done a wonderful job of disease control in the years since the Canal was built (1914). I am old enough now that a yellow fever vaccination would be hazardous to my health.
  6. thinfool

    Upgrade Question

    Royal has no self service laundry. The upgrade amounts to $20 pp per night extra. Only you can decide if this is a good value. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. thinfool

    Princess Coral, new or old locks

    Unless they are down for maintenance, the Coral always uses the old locks.
  8. thinfool

    No More Disney Ports

    Welcome to CC. To answer...well, not really, until the time that you are ready to sail itineraries that are not in the Caribbean. Our personal solution is to grab a taxi and leave the 'Disney' or shopping mall areas and find less developed areas.
  9. thinfool

    Affordable flights from Wash D.C to Venice

    You likely know that Charlotte, NC is a major hub for AA. Checking fares from there may be fruitful.
  10. thinfool

    Quebec City or Montreal Airport?

    Other comments have been great but I will put in a plug for AirBNB. We were 2 couples that rode the train to QC from Montreal, then Uber XL to our AirBNB house, then uber all over QC for sightseeing, meals, etc. Finally packed and left the house for the ship (Uber XL again). We had 1.5 days to tour before the cruise. This was our first AirBNB and it was terrific, warm and very cost effective.
  11. Jet Blue posted schedule thru 10/26/19 today.
  12. thinfool

    Passport expiration recommendations

    True, but this thread is not about 'some cruise lines', it is about a Celebrity cruise in the Western Caribbean per the OP.
  13. thinfool

    "Real" Alaskan food

    Good call....a search indicates that all 3 Sam's in Alaska were closed in 2018.
  14. thinfool

    Past Passenger rates are higher not lower

    No, Australian fares include the gratuities that US customers are used to seeing as an addon.
  15. thinfool

    "Real" Alaskan food

    It is not uncommon for a business to claim they are losing money when they cannot or do not offer it for the same markup as their competition. Losing money does not equal selling below cost.