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  1. There have been several changes to the FCC program that Princess offers. I will say that, prior to Covid, an FCC could never, ever be used for a Deposit. And, as you were told, an FCD was/is designed to be used as a reduced deposit with the associated OBC. To you and me, a deposit is money, and either an FCC or an FCD are money towards the cruise you are trying to book. I think the bean counters have had their way with all of this, hence the confusion and muddled messaging that is out there now.
  2. Regardless of the ADA or any other law or regulation, there will be restrictions by whomever to avoid legalities associated with the COVID contagion. Airlines already have mask requirements in place....no mask, no fly. Cruise lines will make restrictions that will enable them to stay in business and passengers will comply. Special interests will have their say, but in the end, business rules. Example: Many believe that OSHA in the US was made law to provide a safer workplace. That is an ancillary benefit. OSHA became law to benefit business.
  3. Your efforts have been extensive and commendable. Even so, in the US, if your account is given to a collection agency, your credit rating will take a huge hit. Obviously you do not deserve that...Princess should take a hit. Have you noticed a change in your FICO score....or whatever you may have in Canada? Regardless, if this situation resulted in a negative outcome for you, I would be raising a huge fuss.
  4. Another scenario often overlooked...if you are sailing from a Florida port, the next port of call often/usually is a non-US port on an island in the Caribbean. Folks with a PP card or BC may think that if they miss their ship, even for a good reason, they will be able to 'catch up' and finish the itinerary. So sad...not so. "Catching up" requires air travel, International air travel, and so, with no PP book, their vacation may be spent in South Florida or on a lengthy drive home.
  5. A PP Card has no value over an official Birth Certificate with a valid Drivers License**. Neither will allow you to fly home from a Foreign destination without major inconvenience and pain. Without trying to be snarky, it leaves you in the Clint Eastwood scene...."Are you feeling lucky?" **This applies to US Citizens.
  6. Pretty accurate....the everglades are some distance from FLL and gators are not salt water critters...they live in the mostly fresh water of the everglades. Crocodiles are salt water friendly, but Florida crocs are on the endangered list and are few and far between. Taking the ship excursion is probably the best idea as it would leave early enough to return for a flight out of MIA. There are lots of local tours but would leave too late to see the Everglades and still be at MIA or FLL for a decent flight home....esp to YVR.
  7. You may want to do your own investigation rather than relying on a friend or TA. Clear, legible documentation is available to the public from Carnival and should clear up this issue. If the 'use by' date is clear, and has been clear in the Carnival docs then that is what it is and will be. As for getting anything extra from a TA....I would be surprised.
  8. We did the cruisetour the first time we went...and substituted the TWT as described. Very happy to have Princess holding our hand. Next time we go, we will DIY the land portion
  9. I'm going to go with the Coral on this one. As far as I am concerned, for my type of travel, the Royal class is worthless. Way to big, no real promenade. For Alaska I would book "anything but" a Royal class vessel. We took the Royal from Quebec City to Ft Lauderdale and the best thing about it was that it didn't sink. Princess dropped the ball when they approved the Royal design.
  10. We have received several of these. The term Standby Fare is non-existent. Princess marketing uses other terms to refer to their sale fares, which typically appear within the last 6 weeks before sail date. FYI, ships rarely sail with empty cabins. Un-advertised is the cruise line policy of gifting cabins to first responders, selling cabins at wholesale to employees or their relatives. We have close friends who sail (pre Covid) on Royal Caribbean for the cost of taxes and port fees....they have a close relative who works for Royal.
  11. This is true. Further scrutiny reveals that, if you have signed up for an FCD to use on a non-world cruise, within the specified cruise length....then, if you are going on a world cruise, you will receive a 3% discount on your fare in lieu of any FCD.
  12. We did a combination of train and Uber from Montreal to our Airbnb in QC. Lovely time.
  13. Thanks for that...we see car haulers all the time from October thru March. I always wondered what the costs were. Here they stop on the street to unload/load next to the condo developments where the owners live. Side note: Amtrak runs the AutoTrain every year from somewhere Virginia to somewhere Florida.
  14. Likely you were using an FCD rather than an FCC. They really had no business converting your FCD to anything else. It should have been returned to your account for use on another booking (unless it was ready to expire). I would raise "heck" with your TA and get it all explained to your satisfaction.
  15. I cannot answer about breakfast or Total Wine. I can tell you that the Tri Rail does not go anywhere near POM, if that is your destination. Best bet, IMO, is uber or taxi. Indeed, the TriRail ends/begins at MIA. It was great for us when we returned from Lima after doing a HAL South America sailing and then Machu Pichu. But we were going north to the northern terminus of the TriRail in Palm Beach county. You fail to mention which port your sailing is using. If Port Everglades then the TriRail could be useful. If POM, then it's back to the uber or taxi thing.
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