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  1. You are very welcome. I hope you enjoy your stay! (BTW, there are flamingos at the beach at DePalm now too).
  2. Ok, the first day is up now. Sorry it took so long. It was my oldest sons birthday yesterday and we had a huge party at my house. So, I wasn't able to work on it. TAKE NOTICE...The first page that was published has more added to it at the bottom. I got so excited to start the review I completely left out a bunch of things. LOL So go back and check out the first page that was posted.
  3. My thoughts are BOTH! We did the SeaTrek and it was a lot of fun. We do these everywhere we go and I have to say that Aruba is the best one! They have things for you to interact with down there and they take your pictures. It was so much fun. You can check out my review CLICK HERE and there's pictures of us down there (middle of the page) As for the snuba...again...AMAZING!!! We always do Discover Scuba everywhere we go and decided to try this out. We had a blast and the reef doesn't get much better than this! It was really really good and we do this a lot so that's saying a lot. We just did this last month so I don't have my review up for it yet. Give them both a try.
  4. I was hoping it worked. It said it sent out 96 emails. I wasn't going to say anything on here just to see if anyone got the email. So, it looks like it worked. 🙂 THE REVIEW HAS STARTED....
  5. Thank you! Yes 15 very nice days. :)
  6. It was an awesome vacation and I can't wait to share it with everyone. Thanks for the congrats Bonnie! Thanks so much Rick! I think, for some reason, it only sends out mailers if I manually send them. I'm going to have to check into it a little more. But I will post here when it starts as well. I'm getting close. Thanks so much! It was awesome news! I have one week under my belt so far and so far so good! I'm liking it. Thanks so much! I appreciate it.
  7. Hi ya'll, I'm back from our 15 glorious days in Aruba. I will be starting my review as soon as I can. I decided this time that I would do all of my pictures first before starting the review...that way there's not too much of a delay...or will there be? lol We returned in the middle of the night on Wednesday-Thursday and I was up bright and early at 7am on Thursday and at the computer processing my pictures and picking the best ones out to share for our "story". I honestly have not moved from my computer from the time I get up in the morning each day until the time I go to bed other than to eat, caffeine refuel, and empty the refuel. I'm honestly working very hard to get these ready and start the review. I know a lot of you have been looking forward to it since I announced that's where we will be going for our summer vacation. If everyone left off with my April vacation in Cozumel, you'll know that I quit my job the week prior to leaving for this vacation. However, things do change and change they did...they really didn't want to let me go so offered me the position of the Manger of the entire office at the location I was working at. GO ME! So, I start this new position on Monday and hopefully it will be your typical 9-5pm job and I'll have plenty of time for my review once I get home every night....but, we will see. I will post on here once the review has officially started and everyone on my mailing list "should" get a notice. fingers crossed
  8. We flew into Aruba on Tuesday and I was so excited to see the Joy sitting in port with carnival Horizon.
  9. Thank you so much for checking! I really appreciate that.
  10. Do you ever have any problems with putting a battery in it and if you don't use it for a couple of days the battery will be dead when you go to use it? That's what's happening to mine all the time and it's annoying. Sometimes I forget to charge it right before I go to use it (charged it days before) and then it's useless to me when I go out. I bought a waterproof case and the filters and hoping to be able to use it with any new GoPro that I buy because I haven't even got to use them yet. Do you know if they are all interchangeable and the same size?
  11. Oh nice! Have a wonderful time on your cruise. My whole family is really missing cruising. Maybe some day. I'll post over there when the time comes. No post yet. 🙂
  12. One last post here for me and then you will find me over on the Aruba board. I have put a page on my web with the house we will be staying in...just a teaser. HERE The count down has begun...1 week until take off 😄
  13. I have a GoPro 7 White and I have to say it has been a nightmare since day one. I bought it on a whim during a "Black Friday" even though I was not even considering one at the time. I've had multiple problems with it not coming on, not connecting to my computer, battery dying in a short period of time and battery dying if you charge it and don't use it right away. I would really like to get another one...one that I can make video's while on my vacations. We do scuba dive (Discover Scuba down to 40') so I imagine there wouldn't be a problem with any of them because they are waterproof down that deep right? I remember years ago people saying that some GoPro's are better than others because they had removable batteries or something like that? I think the discussion was because you would be able to have back up batteries when out. Give me your thoughts and suggestions please. I would appreciate it. I'm just so over the one that I have.
  14. Of course...I mean what else is there in life? 😆
  15. OK GUYS....my next vacation is booked and we are leaving in 17 days 😁 Unfortunately...I resigned from my job. It was just too much, both mentally and physically and the hours I was putting in just wasn't worth it. Our company was bought out and we had 2 locations and EVERY SINGLE PERSON at both locations quit except 2 people. That meant I was the ONLY nurse transitioning over 200 patients into our new system. That's a lot of visits and covering 5 counties...which some are 1 1/2 hours away from me one way! It was just too much. They did offer me a nurse managers position, but I have declined it and think it's just best to move on at this point. My last day will be on the 23rd and then we leave 4 days later for a 15 day vacation in.....ARUBA. We weighed our options and really wanted to get back there to visit our dear friend since it's been a few years. Since we were trying to figure out some place "quickly" (because I plan on starting a new job...have a few offers to pick from...and want to get vacation out of the way before starting) I felt that trying to do all the planning to some place new would just put added stress on me while trying to ties up ends at my current job. Honestly, there's just NO time for all the planning that goes into these vacations while I'm working this current job....seriously! So, going back to a familiar place would be so much easier on me. Also, being there 15 days will give me plenty of time to plan while I'm there as well. Not to mention...we've been there multiple times (both land and by sea) that we pretty much know almost everything already and how to get around, which makes it easier. So...be looking for something new in the very short future! 😁
  16. And also the next day at Buccanos. I think that might have been the day it was ripped. Only 2 days into the vacation. 😞 So yes Bruce, you must have missed it.
  17. Yea, I can't figure out how to make the website actually send out the notification ON IT'S OWN. 😕 I have to manually do it. So, when I start my next review, I'll send them out to everyone...hopefully I can figure it out again. LOL I have always wanted to go to Hawaii but man the air flight hours. YIKES! I have trouble sitting for very long, especially now with my leg. It stiffens up so bad and then starts to ache if I'm not moving around. But hopefully some day I will make it there. You are welcome and glad you enjoyed it. She only took her favorite mermaid tail this time around and on the first day at the beach, she got a very large rip in it and couldn't use it anymore. I'm not sure if I did get any pictures this time around. Most of them she has outgrown now and has a dresser full of them with many memories. I'm not sure if she will be getting another or not. She hasn't ask for one so those days might be over. 😞 I miss my little girl. Oh wait, yes, she had it in the pool at Playa Uvas
  18. Seeing so many sea fans of different colors was just amazing to me. It was so beautiful. I definitely like that place better than the Money Bar. The restaurant is pretty big too.
  19. Just came back from a week and a half vacation in Cozumel and went to Sky Reef. You can find tons of pictures and a review of our visit there HERE We had a fabulous day there snorkeling and eating!
  20. We've been there twice and had a great time each time (we love to snorkel). I have reviews with pictures if you are interested. First time there click HERE next time click HERE I believe they have updated their water park though since I was there and they also have flamingo's at their beach now.
  21. Thanks for all of this information! We are planning our next Aruba cruise and my how the world has changed since we were there last a few years ago!
  22. I've been trying to think of where to go next. We have been throwing around heading back to Aruba (but everything has really seemed to increase in prices there), Turks and Caicos, Costa Rica, and maybe even Cancun/Playa. I guess it's time for some research. 🙂 Thank you for joining in on this journey. I appreciate it and glad you liked it. 🙂
  24. Yea, I wasn't expecting much at all. I figured it would just be a chance for us to "dive" and me not have any issues and feel good about it. But wow, we just had an amazing time and so much to see!
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