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  1. In 2019 took the AK RR from Fairbanks to Anchorage Leaves 08:xx and arrives 20:xx Spent 2 days at Anchorage then on the day of sailing NCL JEWEL Anchorage (Seward) to Vancouver Left on the AK RR Coastal Classic train Leaves 06:45 and arrives Seward 11:10 *** WOW what a trip ! ! ! In 2022 want to do the reverse of this - - - All AK RR travel was in Gold Star bi-level cars - impressive views and service And the high point "The Mountain was Out" Denali in all its glory - Now proud member of the 30% club
  2. The simple round trip to the summit and back is made real easy - the WPYRR boards on the same pier the cruise ship docks. You stay on the train round trip. The other tours are at the Ticket Office a short walk from the piers. The train trips to the Canada interior Carcross Lake Bennett etc. are train one-way and bus return or v-v.
  3. Arriving at Seward on the JEWEL in the am - is there a NCL chartered Alaska Railroad train to Anchorage within a few hours or do you have to wait around until 6 pm for the scheduled Alaska Railroad Coastal Classic train ? Objective take the Alaska Railroad where ever possible avoiding tour motor coach buses Plan two a day stay in Anchorage and the Denali train to Fairbanks on the third day Want to reverse the trip of 2019 ending at Fairbanks Thanks for any details info !
  4. Just remember with NCL it is 5 'o' clock somewhere ! And closing note with any of the beverage packages shortly after midnight on the last night of the sailing the bar closes on your account - take a few drinks back to your cabin for the last hurrah in the morning - maybe different in the Haven with restaurant and bar.
  5. Just que your Butler in on it and it will be taken care of - - -
  6. Teppanyaki has been $39 for quite some time - Since there have been no recent cruises no telling what the bill will be at NCL check-out. Always have burned the Specialty dinners at Teppanyaki and Cagney's - no extra charge. Maybe Le Bistro has raised - but Moderno La Cucina and not in the same class of dining warranting a price increase - but then the whole Specialty dining theme maybe in for a adjustment. On the biggie - AWAY and AWAY + class ships there are other restaurants that may have or will have price adjustment when cruising resumes. Hard to gau
  7. Hopefully most people understand a poor mask is a waste. Well not a COMPLETE waste - there will be some degree of protection for the wearer and others in the vicinity. Washing Laundering of masks may also be of help to a degree. NOT wearing any mask or filtering device certainly will not help at all. Everyone can contribute to the success of defeating this virus - - - If you can't be part of the solution Please stay away - far away from the those who do !
  8. Seating together may not be guaranteed - "BUT" keep at it - Right up until the gate aircraft door is closed - Even then if there are empty seats around you - Move after talking with the Flight Attendant - Family members seated next to each other is NOT a covid 19 virus disqualification !
  9. Having trouble with the seating - Internet website not cooperating - Call the airline reservation number and talk to a representative - Nothing resolved or satisfactory - When checking in or at the departure gate discuss with the agent for a solution - Best this be done as early as possible - others may be requesting better seating - Some of the cheap-o-airlines don't have the staff to handle these issues - "BUT" the big guys do (American Delta United Southwest) - If you don't speak up about needing help - who would know -
  10. There is a big RED CROSS on the deck structure maybe the SUN needs a band aid repair - or the image is just super-imposed - LOL !
  11. If Canada is not open before February 2022 - Fall cruising in the New England Maritimes is not going to happen this 2021 season - There could be alternatives but will require a lot of wasted SEA days going and returning to satisfy that PVSA requirement - There are a lot of opportunities in the Caribbean - not so much in Canada New England unless one would like to take a volcanic side trip to Iceland - A 7 day cruise from Boston to Bermuda - 4 days are wasted at SEA - New York not much better - West coast sailing there is always Mexico - Mainland to
  12. Presume that with everyone vaccinated (herd immunity) then the masks can be removed only in that area say on a entire cruise ship after leaving a masked port facility. So shore excursions would require the mask unless everyone at the facility has had the shot(s). It won't be perfect and getting 100% a real tough objective - there will be cheaters fraudsters and shot spammers (they are already here and among us) pushing their ilk on the travel public. It took a long time to cure Polio Small Pox - Covid 19 maybe shorter but certainly not for this or the next
  13. Marine Data regarding the NCL SUN: NORWEGIAN SUN (Passenger Ship) Registered in Bahamas - Vessel details, Current position and Voyage information - IMO 9218131, MMSI 311109000, Call Sign C6RN3 | AIS Marine Traffic The only reasonable answer to the SUN being at the port of Portland is something to do with maintenance - There is a dry-dock facility to perform most any kind of maintenance that would be an issue.
  14. ((BOLD PRINT) That is the major kicking point - having enough large aircraft to support the cruising from any point in the Caribbean ! Flying puddle jumping barbi jets (CR-Js 50 seats) is not going to do it filling a cruise ship with 2500 guests - even a couple of 757 200 seats is not going to work (bringing 6 747s out of moth balls (2400) will work but where are the hotel rooms the day/night before the cruise -AND- compound that with more than one cruise ship. There is more to be recognized here than wishful dream thinking. Then there is the other h
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