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  1. don't-use-real-name

    Meet and Mingle door prizes?

    Another option is the Gift Exchange where folks attending the M&G bring a small gift less than $10 to exchange with another guest. Not a big hit - better luck with a slot pull in the Casino. Cabin Crawl is another activity if you can get a good cross section of cabins Insides to Suites. Hard enough getting an attendance of 50% of the Roll Call. If you are the one doing the Coordinating of the M&G suggest keeping it simple - other past hosts of the M&G may have opinions to offer - - - For those on the Roll Call - Please attend - please strive for more guests than crew members - at least double ! NCL provides Coffee Tea fruit juices and pastries complimentary.
  2. don't-use-real-name

    Breakfast/Lunch Suite Perk on Dawn

    This is correct. Breakfast and Lunch are in Modernos - BUT if it is a SEA day more in likely there will be more guests than room the overflow goes into Cagney's (the section just behind the Host desk) There is a buffet island in the middle of Moderno for individual selection of items. There is a menu provided to order from (the same everyday) but feel free customize your entree. Alcoholic day starters are available but there is a short wait (Sugar Cane Mohito bar not full service). On a windy distressing day avoid being seated near the entrance corridor (the air door opening to deck 13)
  3. don't-use-real-name

    2019 - List of NCL Officers, Hotel Director, Concierge, Crew, etc

    INFO ABOUT SHIPS STAFF As an aid if you attend a Meet & Greet party on the ship there is usually a printed card with all the staff members that you may need to contact for assistance. It will have the persons title and ship telephone number to contact. If there is no M&G then sometimes in the Atrium area of the ship will be a panel with the faces (pictures) of the ships staff from the: Captain Staff Captain Chief Engineer Hotel Director Head of Housekeeping Head Chef Beverage Manager etc. Cruise Director may include Concierge Some of the Ships Daily (newspaper) may have this information also. ON board a ship contact Guest Services -or- "0" on the phone for info. And finally you have CC here - post a note needing the info you need hopefully some current cruise guest will be able to provide you with the info. The NCL website is a futile fruitless search - there is no specific website for an individual ship. That Concierge you are making reference to may have been Roel Gonzales (the Roel is pronounced as Royal - Roy). He was fine with me but I get the feeling that his service was not as expected in comparison with other Cs. R. tends to delegate his duties passing onto his Butlers - but this is not all bad since he may not have time to individually tend to all the tasks of a C - better some attention than none at all ! Yes you can talk to the Hotel Director and even have him service your requests - but in fairness you should at least work your way up thru the house staff - you say you are in a suite work your request thru your Butler and see how that works. That suite if it is a OS DOS or Haven Garden Villa warrants a direct response from the C - but que the Butler in too. The C can't be everywhere servicing all the suites and Platinum (+) accept that for what it is and be patient - but if you feel that is not right contact the Hotel Director.
  4. don't-use-real-name

    CruiseNext Ultimate/Sale Question

    When you register (check-in) for the cruise your payment method is established by Credit Card. Thus when you purchase the Next Cruise certificates these are billed to your on board account (credit card). You don't purchase these by cash - however you can go to Guest Services and make a cash deposit to your on board account and then pay for Next Cruise C. If you have any promo OBC either by NCL or your travel agent it will already be credited to your on board account and that can be use to purchase the Next Cruise C. Know the difference between NON-Refundable OBC and Refundable - make sure to use all the N/R OBC up before the end of the cruise. N/R OBC can not be used to pay the DSC (Daily Service Charge).
  5. don't-use-real-name

    Epic Interrupted

    Strange it appears that the EPIC did not port call at Freeport -or- just exchanged pleasantries and proceeded on to PC. Maybe a service supply ship made contact with the EPIC and loaded pieces and parts to repair what is wrong. Anyway the EPIC is on its way to PC ETA 2000 hours Sunday the 16th LINK: https://www.marinetraffic.com/en/ais/home/shipid:372755/zoom:13
  6. don't-use-real-name

    Epic Interrupted

    You maybe on to something here - maybe the stop at Freeport is not so much a mechanical problem but an electrical one. There must be a reason method to this madness.
  7. don't-use-real-name

    Latitudes Benefits Questions

    What BirdTravels posts is correct. Do not check with Shore Excursions - CHECK with the Cruise Next people. The Cruise Next people host and guide the BST. Space being available they will permit your cabin mate to take the tour. The tour in some cases is not exactly like the Paid tour - shorter and less detailed. NO BRIDGE tours ! The Platinum and P+ tours check immediately when embarking for getting your cabin mate on the list. There maybe a short wait for confirmation awaiting to see how many other P & P+ guests sign up and the number of tours required.. Tours are usually limited to 15-16 or more 20-25 guests depending on the ship. These tours take about an hour to an hour and a half and cover the Laundry room Back Stage of the theatre and the combined galley between two MDRs and the Main Deck corridor below decks called the I95 (after Interstate Hwy 95 east coast) because of the all the traffic generated. Photography and Videos are permitted with restrictions which you will be advised. Closed toed shoes (no flip-flops) are the rule - deck surfaces and stairs have open grating which may cause injury. The tours are on SEA days around 10 am (time to move about the Galley areas without a lot of interruption) Regarding the Officers Dinner - no restrictions - your cabin mate - your guest ! Check with the Host of the restaurant for how many more can be accommodated at your table and the date and time of the reservation. P.S. don't get your hopes up about dining with the Captain - one cruise had the Photo Shop manager as reported by a CC member. FYI the tours are run through the Cruise Next department and not the Shore Excursions and are different from the Paid tours. The Dinner with an Officer is a perk of the Platinum "+" Latitudes Rewards status.
  8. don't-use-real-name

    Cruise insurance

    LINK to that Cruise Insurance forum: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/499-cruisetravel-insurance/
  9. That email you were looking for maybe it got spammed misrouted - but in any event have you checked your MYNCL account logging in you may find it there the page with - "LET'S GET YOU UPGRADED" Find that page follow the prompts - - - Regarding your Roll Call guests not getting the upgrade (bid) notice perhaps none are eligible for the upgrading - NCL does not offer it everyone on the ship only a select few by invitation. Yes 80 days out is the initial period of time that bidding is opened & closing at 2 days before sailing. If a ship is totally sold out bidding upgrading may not be offered except to a very small select group. Check out your MYNCL and see what is there. Nothing prevents you from calling NCL and inquiring about an upgrade without bidding you simply pay more for the cabin than you would by bidding.
  10. don't-use-real-name

    Cruise insurance

    I can't advertise for a specific company but in general - NCL offers insurance - check for it somewhere in your documents Member of a travel club - check that out Check out a Travel Agency for suggestions Your automobile insurance agent maybe able to help Might check to see if your homeowners insurance covers some or all You may have insurance that you are not aware of Generally you don't have to buy the insurance until the Final Payment period If you are in a Inside Cabin or Ocean View you probably don't need the whole enchilada package HOWEVER if in a Suite or Haven you will have a considerable investment in the cruise package use you best judgment as to what you can't afford to lose or be replaced. Health and Medical insurance is BIG deal - if out on an shore excursion or away miles at sea the bill to take care of your needs can be financially bankrupting - use a great deal of caution Better to have something and not need it than nothing and really need it ! That is all I have to comment offer.
  11. don't-use-real-name

    Hair dryers on Star?

    The hair dryers on the STAR are found in strange places - inside cabinet drawers. Open the drawer under a vanity mirror and voila there it is. It is already wired - just turn on the switch - press a button and dry off. You will not find hair dryers in the bathrooms as the hair dryer draws too much current. The bathroom electrics are set to a low current with a ground fault outlet to keep you safe. This based on cabin # 12012
  12. don't-use-real-name

    July 2018 Latitudes Insider

    I would guess that we are also unable to resurrect the insider offers that you seek. Unless we just coincidently happened to be looking at the same thing and saved it sorry we are not going to be of much help here. Next time save it - screen shot it - or whatever it takes maybe even a video as you pan the offerings. If you booked it NCL would have a record of the Latitudes Rewards Points that go with that sailing/booking. Still have the Edocs for the sailing check the gibberish coded entries for an indication of the perks bennies promos package deals OBC - look for something like LATREW I believe that is code for the insider offer. Caution NCL may not give you the extra points with an insider offer if you upgraded on that sailing - NCL needs to be called out on that - the only change is with the upgraded cabin - you are still on the same sailing date ship and have not forfeited the points - if this is the case write email call NCL for the adjustment correction.
  13. don't-use-real-name

    Epic Interrupted

    2 possible reasons for the Freeport stop: 1 to satisfy the PVSA foreign port stop requirement ? 2 Quick inspection and estimate of future repairs to the hull of the EPIC ?
  14. don't-use-real-name

    Dawn Trip Review 1/27-2/7

    The original 3 posts were in the best I could tell the Comic Sands MS type font - while not cursive (scroll handwriting) it was smaller finer print than the CC default This last post uses the normal (default) CC font so the report/review now reads just like all the rest of the CC post
  15. don't-use-real-name

    Cruise next cert question

    Often in certain cruise markets it is allowed i.e. Mediterranean cruises. Not in any hurray - wait around to the end of the month - sales perks promos OBC are always changing.