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  1. Those following the STAR - Left Rotterdam - destination Southampton UK LINK: https://www.marinetraffic.com/en/ais/details/ships/shipid:374130/mmsi:311082000/imo:9195157/vessel:NORWEGIAN_STAR
  2. Maybe this is where the twain shall meet - Norwegian downgrading theirs to match the competition - AND The competition upgrading theirs to match NCL - Insides Ocean View and Balcony not much difference overall in the industry - BUT Get into the Suites and high roller accommodations and there is a difference - Mostly in the Butler department - A Concierge is pretty much a given with all cruise lines - some better than others ! Pay more get more services perks bonuses priorities ! Like that recent TV insurance commercial - "Only Pay for What You Need***" *** change to WANT ! With the curtailment of cruising at present - there should be intense competition in the booking of future cruises with the money being saved at this time - although the fares may (will) go up when cruising resumes.
  3. Presently the only thing missing is Haven access - business as usual. "BUT" ! There is the possibility that the perks benefits service maybe cheapened - you know NCL's famous *"FEE"*-Style sailing program ! YES you do read "somewhere" about this demise of the benefits - nothing yet official in print from NCL ! You will know about it when your invoice requires you to bring your own oars to propel the ship ! LOL !
  4. ETA June 10th 0800 hours - LINK: JOY still out of range of reporting position https://www.marinetraffic.com/en/ais/details/ships/shipid:4856320/mmsi:311000599/imo:9703796/vessel:NORWEGIAN_JOY
  5. Main cabin room - convertible couch: Photos from cabin 15530 DAWN - similar cabin arrangements DAWN and JEWEL class ships Photos Port side cabin - Starboard side reverse mirror image
  6. Here is the break-down --- As you suspected the master bed(room) sleeps -2- The 2nd BR sleeps -2- one on the couch and one in a pull-down Pullman Now things get tricky here - in the Main cabin room the couch pulls out revealing sleeping for -2- well not quite full size adults. 2BR
  7. See Thread "Pros and Cons of the Joy" for details and present sailing destination
  8. Out somewhere in the north Pacific Ocean ? Left San Pedro 5/22 - destination Honolulu Change course 5/25 - destination Osaka Marine tracking - NCL JOY is out of range - - - I don't know the number of days to cruise from the US mainland to Japan But the JOY is now 10 days at sea Latest CC report destination is now Busan - ETA ?
  9. An awkward work around this would be to substitute Ensenada* Mexico for Victoria BC Canada *BUT* then a 7 day cruise would not see much if any of Alaska ! Until Canada comes to some kind of an agreement with the cruise lines - Alaska cruises are done until such time - including the Vancouver Seward (Anchorage) cruises. * That PVSA - Ensenada is the only foreign port with a ghost of a chance of satisfying the requirement within the frame of a 7 day cruise. So until the PVSA is amended - this is the status quo After this virus crisis - time for the USA and Canada to lighten-up on cruise regulation - both countries share in the economics of this !
  10. Get that Magic "8" Crystal Ball out of moth balls and we will see the answer therein ! Or perhaps the Ouija board would be a better more promising source of information ! We shall see what we shall see all in good time - So disregard that man behind the curtain making all the booking announcements. With the capacity spaced-out restraints yet to be determined and food service issues to be finalized - Que Sera Sera - heck - land based restaurants haven't opened fully. And as always READ the "'fine print'" - until then dream on about that cruise !
  11. Reminiscent of something out of the set with Shirley Temple on the "Good Ship Lollipop" !
  12. Hawaiian quarantine extended - LINK: https://www.aol.com/hawaii-extend-2-week-traveler-222700351.html Does not apply to guests connecting at Honolulu to other countries - no stop-overs however. Really a tourist killing season - POA at mooring - port of Honolulu.
  13. Possible way around this using the JEWEL as an example. JEWEL sails in two week cycles - 7 days northbound and then 7 days southbound between Vancouver and Seward. Instead of taking the B2B cruise that connects on the same day with the Vancouver Hawaii leg - take the segment two weeks earlier creating a BREAK in chain of travel - but this entails additional expenses for that two week period. Alternate to this take another cruise line - or - as what appears to be any other than the connection on the same day as the cruise from Vancouver to Hawaii - create a distinct break in travel. The JEWEL does an annual Repositioning cruise in the autumn from Alaska Canada Hawaii and down under to Australia and New Zealand - in the spring the reverse of this - although this may change with the virus thing mixing things up and cruises starting later on this year.
  14. So the OP has started (something or other) this thread and there are now 3 participants - add one more for myself. And then as SeaShark has posted: Click on this link: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/notifications/options/ Then check the box marked "Automatically follow new content I post" You will get updates as others post to the thread. Clicking on this results in you getting emails that someone has responded or reacted to your post. So now you don't have to come back to CC to see if there has been activity on your post - you will get an email. Also note if a "STAR" preceeds the thread there is a new post as others have joined your discussion OR any discussion you have joined - a new entry results in the STAR being in highlight bold print - it fades after viewing the post but is still there to serve notice this is a thread you are participating in.
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