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  1. The reference I was making in that I believe one of the NCL ships (EPIC) has its life boats hanging outboard from the ship and has a conflict with the dimensions of the canal even the new wider canal. But not of immediate concern - cruising has yet to resume in North America. With 6 ships planned in the PRIMA class - certainly one will be deployed to the Pacific be it a coastal North America - Alaska or something Australia New Zealand Japan. Side note got my weekly ration of NCL literature in the mail - Free this Free that - All in One - Book this cruise an
  2. Wonder if the PRIMA will see action in the Pacific and therefore be able to transit the Panama Canal ? The width of the deck structure looks to be suspect even for the new wider canal. More images of the decks and staterooms at NCL.com
  3. Would only be interested in dining with a flag officer not some Assistant to the Assistant to the Manager of the 3rd shift mop bucket and brooms department ! That FREE Behind the Scenes Tour (BST) available to Platinum Latitude members is great the first time but unless touring a new different ship not worth a repeat. It used to be something when the Bridge was included - security concerns stopped that - the engine room is noisy - thus one is left with the Laundry Room facility - the Main Dining Room (MDR) galley - and a tour of the theatr
  4. Only within a few miles (nautical of course) of what few major cities there are will you be able to use a faster speedier internet service than the slow boat from Yokohama provided by the cruise line - even with their best wi-fi packages. Ships sail close enough to see land on most cruises - but that does not mean that communications are going to work well. As post #2 CruiserBruce noted being docked is no assurance - a lot of guests leave the ship with their cell phones tablets laptops to get a cup of coffee and use that coffee shops wi-fi. Get five miles ou
  5. Don't take "NO" for an answer - next level stop ahead is a meeting with the Hotel Director. If you are in a suite haven use the services of the Concierge to enlighten that NextCruise Mgr. You are entitled to the benefits earned to apply on that second cruise leg ! Going from Gold to Platinum the entitlements are the Free Laundry and Specialty dinner increased gift shop discounts and a few more minutes of wi-fi - Don't be Cheated !
  6. You are almost there taking up permanent residency ! LOL !
  7. Since Alaska is out of the question till February 2022 (Canada restrictions) may as well as move it to a more viable potential cruise market opening perhaps in July. Expect to see the JEWEL back on the west coast next year about May to resume the schedule that has been advertised. Looking at doing a reverse of the southbound trip I did in 2019. Maybe it will be one of those ships doing the TEST CRUISE ?
  8. ddlb - - - inside balcony ? in the past and went from inside balcony successfully several times to balcony. I know you meant something else - what was this inside balcony looking at ? Perhaps the engine room - air filtration system - glass crew elevators ? Oh you meant moving from an inside ATRIUM balcony to an OCEAN view balcony ! LOL !
  9. I don't know about Princess or HAL but I have taken similar sized bags with photo gear on board the Alaska RR bi-level Gold Star cars. You have to sacrifice some foot space. There is some accessible space under the seat in front of you like being on a airline. Where the seats (seating for 4) face each other space is limited (LOL pull the floor up and rest your feet on the luggage ottoman) this would not be possible with table placement. About those tables Alaska RR does not have the tables on the upper level - only in the dining portion on the lower level.
  10. LINK: Norwegian Star Deck Plans, Diagrams, Pictures, Video (cruisedeckplans.com) Click on Deck 8 - Look for the little camera icons - Click and get a view - You might be able to see a full video if a past guest has made one --- Using a search website - Search for NCL STAR Cabin xxxxx (xxxxx represents cabin number) These cabins are obstructed by the Life Boats The cabin windows may look directly at the boat - -or- may have a partial view between boats Unlike the Inside Cabin where you would need lights o
  11. Alaska will be a tough nut to crack because the closest foreign port(s) are in Canada - Vancouver Victoria and lessor Prince Rupert and Nanaimo. Yes the Mexican port of Ensenada would work but then the awful terrible number of sea days to work this into play. The cruise industry will be hurt because of this and so too the US ports of origin (Seattle) and various east coast ports - but then shooting one self in the foot closing Canadian ports hurts Canadian workers as well. Get the vaccinations - wear masks until herd immunity is achieved and bus
  12. This happened circa 2017 when the points system expanded adding the Platinum + and Ambassador levels. If you fell within a few points (probably less than 5) your level was rounded up to the next level - no one was demoted. As noted before - after achieving Platinum there is not a great deal of hurry or emphasis to get to next level especially that Ambassador level - really 100 hundred 7 night cruises (700 points) must be madly in love with NCL terribly wealthy with a lot of retired time on one hands. 700 points that would be taking up residency for almost 2 years
  13. One B-I-G distraction with the OBV cabins is when deploying the life boats IS THE NOISE This happens at ports where the life boats are used as tenders The boats are hoisted out and away from their concealed davits and lower to the ocean surface - a whole lot of groaning creaking a symphony of kaledioscope of musical machinery needing oiling. AND then too when hoisting them back into place. The crew when deploying the boats can look into the OBV cabins and guests on the Promenade deck 7 can look up into the cabins with the life boats no
  14. The day the ship arrives there are two AK RR trains - A special chartered train by the cruise line leaving shortly after arrival - And the Scheduled AK RR Coastal Classic train at 6 pm arriving Anchorage Depot 10 pm If you take the AK RR round trip same day arriving at 11 am and leaving 6 pm you have some 6 hours to venture forth on an excursion Exit Glacier is one doable trip Google Map of Seward - can pan and zoom in and out - LINK: Google Maps The three piers in the top center of the image - the one with the white rectangl
  15. Something to note prior to circa 2017 NCL was more liberal with point application making quad points possible the factor here was making a booking more than 9 months from sailing. 1 - point for each day/night 1 - point for a Suite 1 - point for an Insider/Past Guest Offer 1 - point for a booking 9 months or more in advance A 14 day Panama Canal trip with the above would reward with 56 points. Fast track to Platinum the top category at that time. Added Platinum + and the Ambassador since then I believe that there are less than a
  16. Email sent regarding this thread: Meet and Greet Email
  17. Sorry - copied and pasted the same error thinking I had remedied it. Will direct the attention of a Host Moderator to look into this for a correction.
  18. Adding map LINK: Google Maps Hoonah is about a mile from the docks at Icy - bottom of image Top of the image shows Ice Strait Point and the 2016 dock - the newly*** added dock (2020) is to the right of the existing one - ***Older map image dock not yet built Prior to those two docks tendering was required at the pier that was formerly used by a salmon canning*** industry. This was the cruise line access to Hoonah. *** There is a very interesting salmon canning museum at this location. Note the road to the righ
  19. Those one-way trains to Denali and motor coach (aka THE BUS) the return are using the regular scheduled service of the Alaska RR Denali train to from Fairbanks-Anchorage. I have rode an almost empty train from Fairbanks to Denali and then it was full to Anchorage. The Denali train one each direction daily during the summer season. The timing of the scheduled trains and the land tours into the park would best be split between the train and bus. Simply put can't wait for the next day train for another tour. The distance between Fairbanks and Anchorage
  20. You have awoken a 2 and half year old thread - - - To answer your question go to this thread on page -1- of the site: How to Set Up a Cruise Critic "Meet & Mingle" (or, Meet & Greet) on your NCL Cruise GroupEvent@ncl.com. Simply replace with your ship (Dawn, Gem, Jewel, etc). For Pride of America, use this email address: groupeventamerica@ncl.com. So I believe it is or would be: groupeventsjade@ncl.com
  21. Yes once you reach Platinum there is no hurry to get to Ambassador*** - *** Ambassador 700 latitude points -or- 100 7 night cruises Or take up residency on a ship for about 2 years. With this covid virus thing - "Cruises Interuptus" has put a dent into trying to achieve that level in one's lifetime - of course you could accelerate that by booking the Insider Past Guest offers and being in a Suite Haven stateroom - living on a ship for a year. Then there is Platinum + adding a trinket here and there and a bottle of lame duck champagne. Free Laundry to c
  22. The season begins early May and ends late October That is the cruise season so to speak. At the start and end of the season not all the shore excursion land tours are available. Prime time is June through early September. Departure Port cities: Seattle cruises centering on the Southeast portion with a required Canadian port call Vancouver - Anchorage (Whittier/Seward) are north south coastal cruises Land tours are basically started at Anchorage or Fairbanks and generally involve a portion of travel on the Alaska Railroad Hollan
  23. Are you taking a PRINCESS Cruise ??? two more sites to browse You might check the Princess forum site for more details info: Princess Cruises: Ask a Question - Cruise Critic Message Board Forums Also check the Princess Roll Call: Princess Cruise Roll Calls - Cruise Critic Message Board Forums
  24. Thank You for the highlighted offer - Explains a lot. After the cruise make sure the points are applied correctly - been there ??? and not ! Very disappointing when things are not as expected. YES - PAST GUEST and LATITUDES - meaning the same thing - Although you can have a latitudes account without having a past guest sailing simply by registering.
  25. The Spring of the year sees the dramatic climate change lingering over into Summer. Rain Snow* Sleet Doom of Night (you know the Postmans crede) * not so much Snow as the Japanese current warms the Alaska coast line Always layer up with the last layer being a moisture waterproof windproof slicker. You can always strip off layer by layer till you are in full Norwegian blood ready for that Icy plunge in whatever is close to that SPA Hot Tub for resurrection. As the mid-night sun tilts lower in the Autumn sky - cooler temperatures will prevail. L
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