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  1. You live in Los Banos, it isn't like this will be your only chance to do the Mexican Riviera. I won't be doing independent excursions in Mexico until I am sure we are on the other side of the pandemic. I've done the Mex Riviera so many times, either on ships or just visiting, if (when) I do a Mex Riviera cruise it will be for the ship, not the ports.
  2. Really just a personal preference kind of thing, both are so different. I guess I just don't see the attraction to the Hotel California. If I was staying a week in Cabo SL, which I have done often, Todos Santos is a nice day trip for something different, but nothing amazing.
  3. Way off topic of what the OP asked, but can I tell you how much I appreciate in terminal hotels? I've used them in DFW, O'Hare, Philly and Orlando and usually when I am on multi-city business trip. Sometimes the airport hotel is my third city/airport of the day and to just walk off the plane to the hotel and be in a room 15 minutes after deplaning is heaven.
  4. Amazing how the huge yacht in the foreground looks tiny compared to the mega yacht
  5. Someone run up to the bridge and tell the captain to turn on the bridge cam 😁
  6. You are right, there is a pedestrian overcrossing for the light rail station that leaves the airport property, right next to the Crowne Plaza. I'd call the hotel and see how late the shuttle runs. I can't imagine that the hotel would stop the shuttle while flights were still coming in. But is walkable as noted by the PP.
  7. I would say no hotel is walkable from the airport, because I don't recall sidewalks leaving the terminal area heading towards offsite. Lots of hotels have shuttles that run as long as flights are coming or going.
  8. With as early as you are arriving, I'd choose Long Beach and a Hyatt, even though you are sailing from San Pedro. Downtown Long Beach is nicer than the port area of San Pedro with more to do.
  9. I prefer the Hyatt Centric, which as Steve says is newer and trendier, but you can't go wrong with either. They are about two blocks apart in a great area.
  10. I find Waimea Canyon much more impressive. If you aren't kayaking the Wailua River, I'd do Waimea Canyon.
  11. The official site gives the best overview. The port and airport are about 2 miles apart so a lot of parking is available. Port of San Diego Parking
  12. My onboard training regimen usually includes a lot of trips to the buffet stations. That getting up and down and walking back and forth from stations really burns the calories! 😁 Have a great trip!
  13. But that isn't the accusation you made. You said you wouldn't go to Downtown Seattle (a very large area) because of "the practice of not holding criminals accountable through prosecution" and now you want to change the topic to homelessness, which has spiked in many cities over the pandemic. And what does any of that have to do with "the practice of not holding criminals accountable through prosecution"? You can go to the King County DA's website and see that prosecutions are about the same average they have been since 2009. 2019 a bit more than average were f
  14. Good idea to change the topic when facts get in the way of absurd assertions. When was the last time you were in Downtown Seattle personally?
  15. There are many tiny rooms in the Historic Wing. About the only way I'd stay in the Historic Wing now is in an Historic Garden Suite. When was the last time you stayed in the Mailani Tower? The last refurb was a significant improvement I think. I remember when the tower was built and it was mainly to house airline crews. It was quite basic back then.
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