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  1. All in Manhattan Beach: The Manhattan Beach Post, Shade Hotel and The Kettle. In El Segundo, Jackson’s Food + Drink.
  2. With the porters, after a breakfast. Get off in the last group. Make them chase you off.
  3. "Where to stick it" Hmmmm, I have a suggestion......
  4. I believe it is to do with California's regulations on Marine Mammal Protection.
  5. Just say "No" to TCF in one of the great food cities in America.
  6. I think it is partly true and it scares me. It seems to me the "new cruiser" would rather be car racing on the Bliss than looking at the beauty of the glaciers, fjords, whales, etc as they glide by. They have to be constantly entertained and by ever new things because they bore quickly. For me, cruising used to be about the destination and they looked for ways to keep you happy on sea days, now the destination is less important as the ship becomes the destination. I would be amped to book this cruise
  7. Some people don't like the Island Princess because she was "butchered" in a redesign. Okay, maybe it didn't turn out as well as planned, but it is still far better than the entire Royal Class that was designed butchered. People should sue Princess to make them rename Deck 7 the No Promenade Deck under truth in advertising laws. That said.... least favorite cruise ship is like picking your least favorite cookie. It's still a cookie which beats vegetables any day of the week.
  8. Musée Mécanique, Exploritorium, a walk through Chinatown's main streets and North Beach (Little Italy).
  9. Yes. Start by watching The Cove documentary. Dolphin encounters in the U.S. are well regulated and there are no "blood" dolphins involved in them. I am less confident, especially in the 3rd world.
  10. So your plan is to go to LAX from San Pedro the morning your cruise arrives back, have the luggage storage people come get your bags, THEN go to Anaheim and Disneyland? And then go back to LAX and have the luggage delivered?
  11. I know luggage companies who will pick up bags at LAX, store the bags and return them to you that same day (they go by the confusing name of LAX Luggage Storage), but ever since Luggage Express went under I don't know of anyone picking up at San Pedro or Long Beach, storing and delivering later to LAX. Please share the name if you've found someone who will, this is an oft asked question.
  12. If you want to ship it all the way home, you can look at Luggage Forward, who bought Luggage Express. Luggage Express used to pick up at the cruise terminal and deliver it later to you at LAX. Luggage Forward doesn't do that, that I know of, but they will ship it all the way to your home.
  13. And what would you do with your luggage? I don't think even the biggest lockers at Disneyland would handle "cruise sized" luggage and there is no guarantee that one would be available when you arrive. If you rented a car, that solves the luggage problem, but adds layers of complication. If you have four or more people, you might get the Anaheim Tour Co to do a custom tour for you.
  14. No such thing as free. LAX is a long ways from Long Beach. SuperShuttle is cheap, I think it's $17 a person, but after two people, Uber and Lyft are more cost effective and for my money, I'd spend a bit more for Uber anyway. Once you are in Long Beach, you can walk from the Hotel Queen Mary, DoubleTree Maya and Residence Inn. Other than that Downtown Long Beach has many places.
  15. Do you have a link or documentation for this being a policy?
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