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  1. I'm a Platinum NCL cruiser, but they don't have anything out of Miami that fits into my nieces limited time out of school, so I wanted to try RC as I've heard many good reviews. I do have a many questions and would appreciate any info. 1. If you don't pick a dining time, can you still use the MDR? 2. Are there many places open for lunch besides MDR? We do not usually use the buffet. 3. Diet Coke or Diet Pepsi? 4. It will be a short weekend cruise during Football season, do they show all the games? 5. Are there 24 hour restaurants? If not, how late are non buffet and non room services food options available? 6. How does the drink package work? On NCL we just use our room key and everything is covered? Is there an extra card and a limited amount of drinks? I'm sure I'll have more but thank you in advance for any info.
  2. Encore never had Howl. Only, Epic, Getaway, Breakaway and Escape had Howl at the Moon.
  3. Thank you so much for this review. I'm going to miss this next week!. One question. Can you take a taxi back to the ship?
  4. I've done the small boat excursion. It is one of my favorite excursions. You get amazing view you can never get on the ship. Highly recommend.
  5. After reading some reviews I've decided to cancel my upcoming fall cruise and wait until next year. Anyone have any luck getting ahold of them and canceling. I called and they tell you to email. I have emailed several times and have not gotten any response.
  6. I was just assigned Cabin 9300 on the Escape and was concerned when I saw it was an angled balcony. Does the larger balcony mean a smaller cabin?
  7. Got both of my refunds for my April and June cruises. I'm hoping to book Alaska next May or Western Caribbean as soon as the bigger ships start sailing out of Miami or Orlando. I remain a loyal NCL cruiser! :)
  8. Updated. Thank you for the spread sheet, it was very informative.
  9. June 18th Getaway. Hopefully soon. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  10. I keep seeing the May 7th requests being refunded an getting a bit jealous as I am also waiting. Did you all receive emails, or just refunds appearing?
  11. Howl at the Moon on the Breakaway, Epic and Escape. I only book the ships with Howl at the Moon!
  12. I got my cruise next back in my account. I did purchase the insurance, but even deducting that it is still off.
  13. I requested a refund on April 13th for an April Breakaway cruise and May 7th for a June Getaway cruise. I received a refund for the April cruise. I noticed my FCC was missing for my June cruise on Monday. I am hoping to see that refund soon. My FCC was not for the total I paid and I was sailing alone, so I am very curious to see what they refund.
  14. I requested May 7th also, so far no refund but hearing about these gives me hope.
  15. I applied on May 7th also and my FCC is still on my account. What ship were you on?
  16. I just got off the Epic March 1st from that cruise out of PR. It was an awesome cruise with perfect weather.
  17. Are people not updated the spread sheet or are there really that many people that requested in March that still have not received refunds?
  18. I got my points back for my June Getaway cruise and my refund for my April Breakaway cruise last week. Now just waiting for my June Getaway refund. Happy to see so much progress. I cannot wait to cruise again, but I really want to see how the cruise lines will handle the new normal.
  19. I usually tip at least $1 per beverage, even diet soda. Of course it is a personal choice, but if you do it on land why would you not do it on the ship. These bartenders are working way harder than land based bartenders. The ridiculous excuse of "it is included in my package" is laughable. Just be a decent human being.
  20. Breakaway sailing 4/23 requested refund 4/13, received today. Still waiting for my June 18th Getaway refund, but this is good news!
  21. Today is day 90 for a lot of people on the spread sheet. A lot of empty spaces.
  22. My FCC disappeared for my April 23 cruise last Monday, still nothing.
  23. Me too!! I'm hoping for Miami sailings as I can drive to that port. I'm just waiting for the revised plans and I'll book.
  24. I would not expect any currently booked cruises for August to October to sail as planned. Even if they resume sailing, with the closed ports and restricted capacity, itinerary and ports will need to change. I thought it was reported that they would bring back only 4 ships at first, with shorter sailings? This seems to make more sense?
  25. It is very good to see the refunds start to come through. I check this post everyday!
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