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  1. Maybe, judging from the reviews, they decided to focus on the itinerary instead of the kelly hoppen rockers lol......
  2. So, that answer MAY depend on what category of suite you have. In a sky suite for instance, if its not stocked on the ship, its not stocked on the ship. If you are in the royal suite you may get a call from a shore side concierge before your cruise, asking if you have any special requests. That is now your special request and they may be able to procure it before the cruise.
  3. So, its not as easy as that. In theory they will confiscate the alcohol and hold it until the end of the cruise. In reality, the answer is “sometimes yes, sometimes no” Many times no one is at the table to collect it, or no one tells you to. Be prepaired to have it collected and held, but it MIGHT not be.
  4. Watch for sales. We got a BOGO on our last two cruises, currently it’s running at 25% off last time I checked
  5. I don’t know WHY you’d change it. But basically you eat whenever you want. You CAN make reservations ifyou are inclined but you don’t have to. Just show up when you’re ready to eat. Being locked into 6:00 or 8:30 is no longer necessary.
  6. No. They are two separate cruises in every way. nothing carries over, even obc!
  7. I think it applies ONLY to the edge. And it is not mandatory but speeds the process of boarding
  8. You can, in effect get a discount NOW by booking a package. 4 nights for $149 is 37.25. Different number of dinners have slightly more or less discount. Its not currently showing but at one time the 8 and 10 dinner package were the same price so 10 dinners worked out to $26.50 a dinner. Watch for sales in your cruise planner! in our experience Murano is the hardest to get a discount and quisine and Tuscan were the easiest. Now with LPC that may or may not be true anymore. And 30% was the most common discount offered.
  9. The answer is NOT in the mdr from all reports from returning cruisers and published info from celebrity.
  10. Yes it covers whatever your order. However, there are a few items in Tuscan that are increased even more. i strongly recommend Murano, and their signature dish “Murano lobster” you will not be dissapointed
  11. It’s possible, but very unlikely. They work very hard to book everything before sailing using discounts and move up bidding. You can ask at check in and then again at guest relations once aboard. Good luck!
  12. Lets assume there are no sky suites vacant at the moment, they will do one of two things. 1. (most likely) someone will bid to “move up” and they will assign you that sky suite. 2. If that doesn’t happen, you will get whatever suite is available. Guarantee cabins are a nice way to fill the ship without hurting the perceived value of the brand.
  13. When you are REALLY close to sailing, a couple of days or so, you can’t log in anymore.
  14. Its interesting about human nature. NO one has ever wanted an adjustment if the price increases, they want to be locked in, but if the price goes down, they want the current offer.
  15. I have been Elite for awhile now, but due to a mixup (my name has jr in it) and someone trying to “fix” and issue, i was reset to zero for our last cruise. Fortunately my dw stayed as elite and i got the elite benefits the same as she did. It is now resolved now but I did once get benefits from sharing a cabin. Someone on here mentioned that it was because we are married, but i suspect its just policy to give both cruisers the same benefits. I have no strong opinions on whether they should or should not do that, just stating my experience. So, while i am sure you cannot take unlimited beers or sodas back to your cabin, back when there were coupons, we would use two for cocktails before dinner, and our 3rd one i would ask the bartender for a stella artois “unopened” and they usually complied (and I usually gave a tip). You could then take that back to the cabin for later. Gaming the system i suppose, but we really only wanted two before dinner. As for the martini bar, YES, you can get a martini there, but not the special martinis they are famous for like the sunset martini. You get the regular, little, standard brand alcohol martini you could get at any bar.
  16. As a possible improvement, watch for family verandah cabins. Especially closer to sailing they become available for small groups like your 3 pax and at a reasonable price. You will have SO much more room and a second bedroom although still small for your son will give you space, something hard to get in a cruise cabin.
  17. And your S1 guarantee COULD wind up being assigned as a CS or higher, you never know.......
  18. For an April 20th cruise, i would expect the price drop to be RIGHT NOW. I see that cruise on exciting deals (or Tuesday special) with a verandah guarantee for $749. Fares don’t go too much lower. I’d book now if i wanted to go on that cruise. Oh, and if you want Aqua? $1099
  19. Coughing is not usually going to get you kicked off the boat. As someone said, maybe its an allergy etc. but that’s usually sneezing. A stomach issue can. Vomiting or Diahrhea that looks like noro is the thing nobody wants to spread on a closed environment like a cruise ship. And I don’t know for sure, but i think the answer to getting your money back is NO. better have trip insurance.
  20. Theres what people SHOULD do, vs. what they actually do. Most people, faced with not going on a cruise, are not going to be truthful. Theres too much at stake. A 24 hour bug is one thing. Stay in your cabin for 24 hours. More than that stay home, and yet the urge to go on the cruise is overwhelming. Yes, people sail who are sick.
  21. We haven’t done it yet, but my understanding is there are two seatings each night at a set time. I think it’s every night. You can go to YouTube and see a video of the show. Most comments say its a once per cruise experience but very unique. we plan to try it next month.
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