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  1. Please note that NO 737’s have been grounded in the USA, only Europe and there is perhaps some protectionism going on in favor of airbus, Two crashes five months apart so do not make a crisis, especially since the latest incident is still being investigated.
  2. It is my understanding that southwest will allow you to change to another flight at no cost if you desire to do so because of the max 8.
  3. Well, we booked a very nice c1 aft balcony. Prices for a suite have dropped to $500 more than what we paid. Called celebrity with credit card in hand to upgrade but were told (twice) no thank you. This is for new bookings only. what i have always thought to be true is not.
  4. You know what’s funny? We rarely eat burgers, but we LOVE the celebrity burger. It must be something about eating on a cruise ship! Its a bucket list item for us each cruise.
  5. No sir, we have not encountered poorly behaved children on celebrity. I guess the wife hopes to keep that up. like i said she LOVES kids, just likes some adult time too. Actually the MOST annoying thing ever on a cruise was a pomeranian in a stroller, not a child at all.
  6. I can tell you from reading TONS of posts about tipping bartenders, people feel adamant that a big tip in the beginning gets them great service, as do those who tip at the end, as do those who tip the standard 18%. They all three are convinced. So, to me, the lesson is that you get good service, PERIOD. My philosophy is, standard tip covers the standard service. Ask for, or get something above and beyond, tip accordingly. I try to do it at the time the service is rendered.
  7. I have mixed feelings here. At first I thought the OP was a big old grouch. Then my DW, the sweetest grandmother in the world AGREED with him! She said i want adult time, no getting splashed in the pool, no running, loud noises etc. Love the kids most of the time, just let them cruise on Carnival
  8. Some of the changes since 2015 apply to Equinox as well. Now I haven’t sailed on it, but my understanding is that bistro on five is gone from all ships, replaced by Sushi on five. Silhouette has a sunset bar that may be similar to the oceanview bar on Equinox. Equinox is the only ship ive heard of with a gastropub however.
  9. In our experience SV cabins are awesome with a few drawbacks. One serious problem is the late afternoon sun baking you even with the curtains closed. On a westbound cruise that won’t happen, the sun will set in front of the ship! On the minus side you will see zero sunsets on your sunset veranda. id still take it, that wake view is worth a million dollars!
  10. The lawn club is open grill, you can even cook it yourself (no kidding) mast grill is burgers and hot dogs. i don’t know what goes on behind the scenes in tuscan but the filet is good, ribeye is thin. Eat at lawn club is your ship is so equipped.
  11. A 1A cabin (not A1) is an excellent choice! You should get a much larger balcony than other cabins. The difference is in length not width but it can be susbstantial. Yes, you will only see one side of the ship, but there are times when going to the top deck or front is a good option for photos. By the way A1 is aqua class and under an overhang. Great restaurant, not a good view of the sky.
  12. Well, its not about the cost. We carry on an expensive dslr camera and lens ($5,000) two ipads, any jewelry or other expensive items, prescriptions, and a change of clothes. We will not check those valuables, but instead keep them in our possession. Sometimes i use a backpack, but usually a carryon works best, especially if we have our two bottles of carry on wine.
  13. The amazing part to me is that you have a question about the drink package that hasn’t been answered yet! I would have guessed every thing that could be asked has been answered by now lol... I agree calling the captains club is good advice, however, many on here will tell you the answer from “shoreside” may differ from the reality onboard the ship!
  14. 1: yes 2&3: you will have two different dining rooms, the non Aqua guests cannot eat in Blu, you can eat in the MDR if you arrange it, but that defeats the whole point of Aqua class which is Blu. 4: yes, unless Elite. Then you get ONE free. There is free ice cream in the buffet however.
  15. The Italians are different... We have simply walked off the ship without ANYONE talking to us, no customs, no immigration, etc. just like walking out of a restaurant. I suppose your only challenge will be staying on until 9:00 and that sounds feasible IF you are out of the stateroom.
  16. But they stated they are sailing on Equinox an S class ship so those classes SHOULD have footstools. Thats the best advice ive got.....
  17. Actually in the dining room is where you will pay “corkage” to drink it.
  18. I think it varies based on the category. Get Aqua, Concierge, or a Suite.
  19. I just CANNOT understand why someone books Aqua and does not want to dine in Blu! Blu is the reason for booking Aqua class! Someone once said “they took the worst cabins and gave them the best restaurant”
  20. So, several questions here. First, the menu at Murano does not change. I don’t know if Luminae does anything “not to miss” first night. Murano is the best restaurant in my opinion, and the hardest to get discounts during the cruise, so my advice is try it the first night. Tuscan is “just ok” never been really impressed with anything but the view. The view is Gorgeous but thats not enough in my opinion, so I’d dine in Luminae before Tuscan
  21. I dont like your chances. After final payment things are, well, final. You can possibly move up though!
  22. I dont like your chances. After final payment things are, well, final. You can possibly move up though!
  23. Yes. First of all there are TWO distinct parts. The first is the connection to the ship, the WAN or wide area network. MUCH improved. Secondly the wifi or LAN local area network. There are difficulties there due to the amount of steel in a ship, causing reflections and block of radio waves. Those factors cannot be changed, but they can be lessened by placing routers ALL over the ship, which celebrity has done. Still there are spots that work better than others. I have found the experience good, with some areas marginal. Speed tests on the ship usually run 3-5 megs depending on all of the above, sometimes higher. Normal internet usage is fine, we have used facetime and wifi calling and both worked well.
  24. Sure, why not? Just pack it with your other belongings. Flying with it is the only challenge, don’t carry it on, and watch out for breakage.
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