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  1. Hi....was that because there were too many sea days together or was it the length of cruise? One of our choices is 19 nights but with more ports of call and mostly the sea days are only one at a time.
  2. Hi....one of the cruises is for October 2022....that has more sea days than our other choice.
  3. Hi....the longest cruise that I have done is for 14 nights. I have seen a couple of 19 night cruises for 2022 and one of them has considerably more sea days with 2/3 days at sea days together a few times. My query is ....with so many sea days are there usually more activities provided on board while at sea ?
  4. Hi....just had a look at cruise prices for 2021....similar itinerary to what we are considering....my goodness....they are a bit Gee Whizz ....hope the 2022 are a better price at launch otherwise I feel a rethink coming on. 😵
  5. Thank you everyone for all of your comments....as I initially thought would be the case ....very split as to which is everyone's favourite but what does come across is that we won't be disappointed with either. So it does look like it will come down to price ....when they are released.
  6. I think the point about the shower curtain may be the deciding factor 😃
  7. Hi....I am considering a cruise on either Aurora or Arcadia with a similar itinerary..... similar length of cruise. We haven't cruised on either of them so any would be a new experience for us... It would be a standard balcony cabin. Which ship would you choose....for general ambience....movement of ship....general upkeep etc. Maybe they are both very similar so it may not matter which one we choose and just to go off price per night 🙂
  8. True....by the look of it we won't be going anywhere 😕 but I still think you are being very optimistic about two cruises this year 😃
  9. Hi...think you may have to enjoy your two cruises booked for 2020 in your imagination 🙂
  10. Hi....maybe the reasoning is that it keeps everyone on the excursion within the ship's bubble....less chance of picking the virus up and bringing it onboard and the consequences of that....
  11. Hi....some decisions are easier to make than others....unfortunately this is not one of the easy decisions. I think you have decided that the January 22 is a definite no go so then you have to go with the option that you are most comfortable with which may be changing it to Summer 2022 and one that is shorter and closer to home. Hopefully by Summer 2022 the restrictions and protocols will have relaxed by then.....it would certainly give more time for that to happen. Yes you could go through the chargeback option but that will probably mean a lot of hassle and arguing your point....when we book holidays it is to have less hassle in our lives....not more. One of the cruises that we have enjoyed the most was surprisingly the Round Britain cruise....we really really enjoyed that cruise.....you couldn't be much closer to home and if whatever was happening on the cruise wasn't to your liking you could always get off and go home ! 🙂
  12. Thank you Eddy....I don't post that often on here but I tend to " mooch about " in the background so I had noticed that a few names were missing but thankfully they are still there
  13. Hi all....now we feel complete...." old regulars & " new regulars" back together again....as it should be. 🙂
  14. Yes....I thought so too but only a couple of weeks ago they came from the States.....one of the states where the virus is rampant....and came in via Amsterdam
  15. Hi....it is such a relief to know that all is well with you....as I said in the title and first post I really was wondering what had become of the " old regulars" whose thoughts I always appreciated . I have been saddened to think....as I am sure quite a few others are too...that hurtful personal comments have been made against you....so hurtful that it has made you " walk away" . It is such a great loss for this forum when posters who give a well thought out answer decide enough is enough. There is always room for differing views if given in a respectful way. Thank you for taking the time to post and maybe....just maybe....you will at some point be able to give your valued opinions again on this forum.
  16. Our first cruise in 2010 was on Oceana which went through the Panama Canal....you have reignited a wonderful memory
  17. I always find it rather " strange" how a subject title can meander around and end up somewhere completely different...bit like a cruise! It does seem that quite a few of us are going to commit to 2022 cruises but not just with P&O. In fact Saga has received some " free advertising" and has made me look at Saga too but at this point ..only look....prices are a bit...phew....but the thought is there planted in the back of my mind ....so maybe....just maybe. I am not a " dedicated" P&O cruiser....we have cruised with different cruise lines and for us have enjoyed them every bit as much....except for one cruise line ...so will see what P&O prices are like at launch then consider deposits/itineraries see how all that fits together and then make a decision.
  18. My goodness....Fanged Rose....I barely remember that name....you do wonder where they " disappear" to but of course life's circumstances change and I would think that some of the " longer time regulars" aren't used to ....and don't want to put up with....aggressive personal comments....Us owd folk are used to "gentler" times 😁
  19. Aw....thank you Eddy99....isn't that " spooky"....getting near Halloween....that you had noticed my name and then here I am. I have never really been a " heavy" poster ....just now and then when I feel my input may be helpful
  20. Hi Andy.....good to see that you are still around and yes Graham you are right..there are still a lot of great regulars still here....it was just that the other two seemed to have been around for ages. Sorry to hear that Selbourne had to put up with some personal comments.... I have noticed that some comments are rather " tetchy" and uncalled for but unfortunately that is what is happening more and more when you happen to hold a different view....sometimes there is room for both views.
  21. I am not sure if I should be asking this question but I only come onto this Forum every so often but I have noticed that a few of the regulars who always give sound....sometimes hilarious...comments seem to missing which is a pity as I always valued their comments. Maybe i am not looking on the right threads and I hope you " long standing regulars" are still posting....if you are I will have to scrutinise every thread and post to find you ! 🤥
  22. I know I have already posted our memorable moment but this comes a very very close second....it was when cruise ships were allowed to dock just along from St Mark's square....we docked there during the day....very handy... and in the evening it pootled round to the new docks right past the waterfront and St Mark's square which was all lit up....a wonderful site....I think it was one of the last cruise ships allowed to dock there....think that was in 2011
  23. Hi....wow ....there has been so many but the one that sticks in my mind most.....surprisingly....is being docked at Liverpool and being on top deck of a cruise ship and being level with the top of the Liver building and the building 's statues.....seeing the building from a totally different perspective just took us back a bit
  24. Not silly at all Avril....loss comes in many different forms and always causes pain. Our first cruise was on Oceana and she will always be a special memory ....was very very sad to see her go.
  25. Hi....we probably won't be actually comfortable sailing until there is more certainty but I will still book on release date ....if price is right and low deposit....on the off chance that in 18 months plus time things will have settled down
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