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  1. Just a comment (hopefully without starting a different discussion) - another difference is the dress "code". SS is much more formal than Celebrity and regularly enforced. (Just search dress code and you'll get more than enough info, discussions, opinions, etc)
  2. Hi Randyk47 - is "test bed" a polite term for "petri dish"? 😬
  3. Jelayne - I'm sure the heads of every cruise line are directing the same thoughts towards the various/many country leaders. They are waiting for the "leaders" to tell them what/when they can start doing, but unfortunately leaders (especially in the US) are too busy contradicting each other and sending out mixed messages. Get the feeling that the travel industry as a whole will be in a state of flux for a time until a proven vaccine is not only available, but widely distributed.
  4. As a "foodie" and a lover of wine I have enjoyed this thread, so I'm sorry to sort of get back on topic but....OP mentioned their trip was in March '21. Wondering what the "local" thinking is regarding if things will be back open to foreign tourist by then. We are also booked in March and wish I had a crystal ball looking forward.....
  5. We (in Texas) were doing ok until the bars opened - the last thing young people want to do in a bar is "social distance" (just the opposite). Hopefully things will calm down by March 2021 as we have a visit that way planned. Meantime, we are camped out at home.......
  6. Is it just the RCL portion of the group? It seems Celebrity & Silversea still showing Venice as calls in 2021.....
  7. But where does it stop? You/we can isolate yourselves/ourselves only so long, no? What about the next “outbreak”? Be it a major flu issue, SARs, bird flu, etc. Do you/we become isolationist and keep boarders closed forever or at what point do you (ie we all) have to let it (whatever “it” is) run its course. I’m not looking for an answer as none of us know, but just wondering aloud how long any of us can survive in “lockdown” mode. All I know is it’s above my pay grade......
  8. A glass from your cabin to dinner? Mine never lasts that long....🤪
  9. Only out of curiosity, is there any discussion on when cruise ships will be allowed back in Australia and N.Z.? End of 2020? Feb/March 2021? Never? (JK on the last one - I hope).
  10. yeah well, right now the earth seems to be fighting back & telling us to get our (poop) together. (The problem in the US is everything gets turned into politics and a blame game). Bottom line is, I get the feeling my March 2021 cruise "down under" will be sunk.😭
  11. Cancelled mine March 9th; $800+ in refunds finally hit my c.card today. Glad that is done.
  12. Just to finalize mine; Cancelled March 30th cruise on March 9th. Received my FCC on March 28th. Finally received my credit for taxes/fees & prepaid items today, April 6th. For those still waiting, have patience as you will ultimately receive. Stay well.
  13. Be prepared to have some patience - refunds are taking up to (& beyond) 30 days./........
  14. Cancelled our cruise (sail 3/30) on March 9th. Received our FCC on March 28th. Still waiting for refund of $800+ for taxes/fees and PPD items (excursions, bev pkg upgrade etc). Was originally told 21 days, then told 30 days. Figure it'll show up at some point....
  15. Just as info, when I called X I was told 14-21 biz days for refunds. Also received an email from them but it stated 21-30 days. I cancelled March 9th and still waiting for $800+ in refunds.
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