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  1. Rachiem - our little thread took off. At least we are not the only ones.....misery loves company. Good luck to us all
  2. was that quote directly from X or from your TA?
  3. I just hope she doesn't become a ghost ship.....
  4. Hi it’s me again (OP). Still having issues & not getting many answers. My TA says they can see the voyages on their web access but I still cannot. I’m still presuming it’s an IT problem but going to keep an eye on it for a couple days. Will keep the faith, for now.....
  5. The rep does not know but says he thinks they are working on it. Then asked me if I wanted to book a cruise on the Constellation. I said, how can I book something I cannot see? He said "I understand". Lovely. I'm going with the presumption that someone hit the "delete" button instead of the "post" button for all Connie voyages. Will check back later with fingers crossed.
  6. Sorry, beat you by 1 minute. I'm reaching out to X to see what I can find. Hopefully someone in the IT department just pushed the wrong button.
  7. Booked on Connie for Sept 2020. Today X's website shows no (zero) sailings for her from April 2020 to April 2021? Checked my account on line and voyage still shows. One hopes it's just the normal website issues/problems, but strange all the Connie voyages for a year are gone.......
  8. Our last 2 cruises (1 RCL 1 X) we got them, but only from pool bar. Funny thing is, after I signed w/out extra tip, the bar guy just threw the rcpt away. Told me what I needed to know.
  9. I love the smell of a tip thread in the morning.
  10. I thought all Aqua cabins had bed by the bath? Learn something new everyday 😊
  11. Agree - being in the same cabin makes it very easy indeed. Comicbug -Besides the letter, it never hurts to mention to your cabin steward early on (and again towards the end of the first leg) that you are B2B and in the same cabin. enjoy
  12. BTW - a search on this board for “tips” or “gratuities” will bring up some fun reading 😂
  13. You are going to get replies from both sides of the fence on this one, lots of different opinions, this is just mine. Tips are included in the beverage package & no need to tip extra unless you want to. Some bartenders will give you a slip to sign even with the package, others don’t. If you want to add a tip you can. What we will do is find a bar we like on the 1st or 2nd day, tip them “good” (each to their own what good is) on the first day, then keep going back. If they continue to give good service, enjoyable conversation, etc, tip more. If not, find another bar.
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