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  1. Presuming each has a separate booking number, should be separate 7 nite cruises.
  2. yep - just received the following from RCL. About Your Upcoming Travels Dear Guest, As of today, guests will now have up until 120 days prior to sailing to make their final payment for sailings that are 15 nights or greater. Additionally, there will be a higher deposit amount required, per person, for new bookings made for sailings that are 15 nights or greater after today. Kindly note, there will be no changes to your booking and payment schedule since you booked prior to these changes. Thank you for your understanding. We canโ€™t wait to welcome you onboard! Sincerely, Royal Caribbean International
  3. I don't know - Royal has a pretty good thing going from Galveston and not sure they want to have Celebrity compete with themselves. Unless they leave RCL doing just Cozumel, Costa Maya & Roatan and have X come in and do longer trips to say Jamaica, Aruba etc. That might work for them. The terminal RCL built in Galveston is great btw.
  4. Its funny, some things people say they can find in the app I can't. Such as specialty menus. I updated and even deleted & reloaded it, but my app still is wonky. I mean it has to be the app not the user, right?
  5. a couple days to a couple weeks. Suggest you call after about 15 days just to be safe.
  6. Reading your heading, "Craps on celebrity" I was expecting another thread complaining about something X did or didn't do!๐Ÿ˜
  7. agree however when we were on her last time several of the staff mentioned that they expected her to become a mainstay in the Caribbean (for what that's worth)
  8. Since you asked, honestly would not go with just one room. Tight, one bathroom, space limitations, etc. Better to get connecting rooms and enjoy the time at sea.
  9. The problem is the answer to your question is subjective. First, the new SS (& others) are being built better and run smoother, so motion is less & less of an issue. However (now the subjective part) some people feel the smallest movement and others feel none. I fall in the category that the motion of the ocean doesn't bother me one bit. I love the aft cabins on the right voyage - ie one that is not headed east due to afternoon west sun - and never had motion issues. Others want to be as close to the exact middle of the ship as possible - more middle, less motion, Aft cabins allow you to see more from your balcony vs one side of the vessel. But others will say you can see more from the top deck. Each to their own. I will say one issue I dont like about aft cabins is you tend to get no breeze in the back. On the sides, you can lean out & and enjoy the breeze, but in the back it tends to be dead air. My suggestion is try it once - you'll either find you like it or don't.
  10. unfo i think you are right - normality is gone,
  11. From RCL FAQ: (does not say homemade or store) Guests are not allowed to bring on board any food items other than dry, non-perishable snack items (cookies, crackers, chips, energy bars, etc).
  12. For one who never sailed Crystal, can you give me a short comparison of cabin/bathroom size? I seem to remember small cabins was an issue on Crystal but could be mistaken. TIA
  13. Have noticed a lot of brands missing - under the "supply chain issues" of course.
  14. This question has been answered before in several threads. NO - the a/c will not work if the window is open. The separators are not doors - they are folding dividers. And to another's questions, the lowering of the window is not quiet - they squeal as one would expect after being subject to salt air, similar to real balcony doors. Also, just FYI - The window can / will be locked by the bridge if raining or when rooms are being washed.
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