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    They went back to that dull font ... why not switch over to the groovy fun font they used on Mardi Gras? This is so boring.
  2. Why that huge ugly opaque shield covering the stern of the ship? Why block the view of the sea?
  3. Heartbreaking to see that. We loved Monarch and had many nice evenings having pre and post-dinner cocktails up in that lounge. It was a magical place .. especially at night. So sad to see her go.
  4. Around 11 years ago, we sailed on Monarch with Captain Karin. I just scrolled thru the list of Captains in the "Current Captain" thread, but didnt see her? Did she leave RC and go to another line?
  5. Am i missing seeing Captain Karin from the list? She was our Captain years ago on Monarch. Is she still with RC?
  6. Easier to just ask for an answer here .. i don't feel like scrolling through hundreds of posts to find it.
  7. Curious what that big ugly opaque shield is on the back of the Wonder of the Seas. Looks like it covers nearly the entire back of the ship and would totally ruin the view off the stern. Is this big covering retractable or is it permanent? Seems bizarre to intentionally block everyone's view off the stern.
  8. Thats it .. I'm furious .. that was the last straw .. I'm switching to Carnival! 🤣🤣 What is more serious is switching from Coke to Pepsi like NCL did. We were on Norwegian Escape 2 yrs ago and it was all Pepsi .. everywhere. Which i find disgusting. It tastes like medicine. And who ever heard of a Captain Morgan and Pepsi?! 😝
  9. Beautiful! Love how u can drive around Port Canaveral as u did and get up so close to the ships.
  10. RCCL is the same .. only address a problem passenger situation when someone else complains loudly enough about it. No good.
  11. You have that vodka .. well deserved! I'd be terrified! LOL
  12. F27TW

    Glory at Bahamas.jpg

    Very pretty ... i really like the new paint design.
  13. Never gonna make it . . esp since she's riding high outta the water with few people on board. I can see the news bulletin already.
  14. Finally someone agrees with me! We should go together! LOL! 😉
  15. i cant wait to see it try and make it under the Verazzano Bridge .. especially lightly loaded ... that big thing gonna crash right into that bridge.
  16. Yep! And Sriracha . . . .thats in everything now too!
  17. Agree! This is the newest food fad thing .. bacon in everything .. in desserts, in cocktails, on donuts, in shakes, etc .. its about as annoying as the salted-caramel phase was ! And the cauliflower one too! lol
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