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  1. In The Navyyyyy .... In The Navyyy! 🙂 (You know y'all love sum Village People! LOLOL)
  2. I'd watch Marc "Bing Bong" Walker in anything he's performing up there ! He FINE! 😉
  3. And there are probably many, many more of these deaths that we -don't- hear about. Especially in India and Pakistan (Alang and Gadani). Life is of such little value in some places. Such a sad existence for these breaking yard workers who really have no choice otherwise.
  4. Pepsi is nasty and medicinal tasting. Coke all the way!
  5. .. You tell me whats about to happen. https://www.wsj.com/articles/florida-leads-u-s-in-covid-19-cases-as-hospitalizations-surge-11627131600
  6. Jamaica is seedy anyway (IMO).. I'd be happy with Bimini.
  7. .. Notice he didn't mention where the ship actually was on that 85 degree day. Maybe already in Nassau or St. Maarten? It was NOT off the coast of Jersey, thats for sure. And no .. i'd never sail outta the northeast in winter ... only in spring/summer/early fall.
  8. If you're flying in from somewhere else to begin with, fly straight to Florida and get on a ship there. You'll already be in warmer weather and have the best weather that way. I live here in the Northeast (Connecticut) and I know how bad our Decembers can be. Contrary to the post earlier that the winters "really don't start getting bad up here till end of January" .. thats total rubbish. We've had major storms in December and it is nasty and cold. If you're the outdoor types, being trapped inside on a ship in rolling seas for the first 2 and the last 2 days of your cruise will suck. And you don't even wanna know what a mess any of the NYC airports can become once a storm hits. I say start at a warmer port.
  9. Just a quick snip of their on time performance on their "premier" route NAS-MIA recently. This is typical of this airline. The slogan down there for years has been: "Time to spare .. fly Bahamasair". Nasty surly staff too .. on the ground and in the air ... I've experienced it first hand. I would avoid if at all possible. This is a sloppy, bad airline.
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