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  1. Thats actually a very good point . . you know how militant (and overly reactive) they will be initially .. the first sneeze from someone and the whole ship gets quarantined to their cabins. I hadn't thought of that ...
  2. "Welcome new poster" ... LOL! LOL !!
  3. We were on Norwegian for the firs time this past fall (NYC-Bermuda) and absolutely loved it. I would so hate to see them disappear. Hoping for the best for each of the big 3 ... as well as the smaller lines (MSC, etc). The cruise industry was so rubust and vibrant up till just a couple of months ago .. its hard to fathom all of this happening right now.
  4. Always a sad thing, but something SO fascinating to me about this whole process of scrapping. These are amazing pics.
  5. Then you musts not trust anything they're doing to your food and drinks either. Who knows what they could be puttin in there too, right ? LOL
  6. ... the .. entire ... .post !!! Lol
  7. Tour was scheduled to end at 9:45p .. . they'd have missed dinner anyway. no? There's always some genius like the one above demanding OBC for something .... <smh>
  8. Interesting to see. Last night i went on the Port of Miami webcam and saw the Bliss and Encore moored off Miami Beach. So crazy to see all those ships sitting idle, both in port and moored offshore.
  9. Loved everything about her.. we were previously RC guys but this ship may have changed us to NCL!
  10. These posts and pics being posted are absolutely amazing. I am still kicking myself, as an ocean liner buff, that I never sailed on her when i had the chance. Before you knew it, she was gone. Keep the pics and memories coming ... I'm loving seeing and reading them!!
  11. We took our first NCL cruise on her this past September (the Hurricane Dorian cruise!) and were blown away by that beautiful ship and the great staff. We will be back for sure.
  12. Found her ... thank you! I didnt think to check overi in NAS. https://www.portnassauwebcam.com/
  13. Just curious where Escape was sent. I see all the idle ships in port and sitting offshore, but haven't come across Escape yet. Any ideas?
  14. i remember him too! I think fom Explorer. I remember hearing after he left RC, he was going back to Turkey to become a pilot.
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