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  1. wwcruisers


    Ugghh! Enough with the selfies, People! Admins/mods/tech-ies -- PLEASE give us an 'off-switch' -- think you'll be surprised at how many people opt-out of this feature, if given the option to do so!
  2. wwcruisers

    Odd Cruise Critic Survey

    Yikes! Someone needs to let LauraS know.
  3. Not sure, Rich -- but that poster may have meant "operators", or concession owners. It's my understanding that Steiner Spas took over from Canyon Ranch, earlier this year.
  4. wwcruisers

    things stolen - what would you do?

    OK , so my question has more to do with boarding procedures on NCL -- a cruise line that I've never sailed on. How was it that the OP's mom could not access her own cabin (locked) upon boarding, but could get into an adjacent unlocked (unoccupied?) cabin? On Royal and Celebrity, access to all of the cabin areas is closed and locked, until they announce that the cabins are ready. In most instances, you can't even get into the hallways, until that announcement comes over the PA system. And, during that time, the cabin doors themselves are not locked -- since the rooms are still being cleaned and prepped. So, if you did happen to stumble into a cabin area, before the announcement, all of the doors would be unlocked. Bottom line: if you couldn't access 'your' cabin, you most likely wouldn't be able to go into the one that was adjacent to it. Can someone please explain to me how they do things on NCL? Still trying to get my mind around why anyone would go into someone else's cabin -- much less leave something of value there -- just because their cabin door was locked. Their key-card should have unlocked the door -- if it really was their cabin. But here again -- I know nothing of how things work on NCL.
  5. wwcruisers

    Summit to Bermuda 2020

    VERY sad to hear this news. LOVED the Summit to Bermuda itinerary!
  6. wwcruisers

    Bit -coin bomb threat

    Yes, I'm aware of the limitations of airport and port security. That being said, morons -- like the ones who came up with this massive 'hoax' -- are usually drawn to the low-hanging fruit. In this case, that would be public buildings and areas with NO security, at all.
  7. wwcruisers

    Infinity with a 2 year old

    I would absolutely concur that RC is better tailored to kids, than X. Their increasing focus on the family demographic was what prompted us to leave RC for X, eight years ago. However, now that we are thinking about taking our first 'family cruise' -- with our 3 year-old DGD, we will definitely be returning to Royal (for that cruise, at least)!
  8. wwcruisers

    Bit -coin bomb threat

    But, if you are talking about a real, physical threat -- like an explosive device -- isn't that the reason that we already have to go through all of that security, before boarding a plane or cruise ship? I would think that public spaces, and buildings with NO security screening would me much more at risk.
  9. wwcruisers

    Any NEWS on VV? Please post it here...

    As always Lloyd -- LOVE the pictures! Thank you SO much for posting them! 😎
  10. wwcruisers

    How Many CCers have made the 100,000+ Club ?

    Totally agree -- and I LOVE your cat!
  11. wwcruisers

    How Many CCers have made the 100,000+ Club ?

    I too get annoyed by the dismissive "Well, at least you got your post count up !" type of reply. It makes me wonder if that particular poster can even do simple math. I've been active on these boards for nearly nine years now. That's not nearly as long as some folks -- but definitely long enough to be pushing 10K, with just a few posts each day! (But Shhh.... don't give away our secret: that you win a free cruise, when you get to a GAZILLION posts! 😜)
  12. wwcruisers

    Scarlet Lady bookings

    I see your point, timf2001 -- and, I have done bookings on much less notice than this. The big difference is, those bookings were with cruise lines that I was familiar with -- often on ships that I'd sailed on, before. In this scenario, not only are the prices a big question mark -- but so are the deck plans, cabin descriptions, and even itineraries. I really think that the powers that be at VV put the cart before the horse, on this one. I have never, in over 15 years of cruising, booked a ship based on public spaces or attractions. Granted, those things do play a part in the decision-making process. However, my booking decisions are primarily based on three things: cabin, itinerary, and price. I could care LESS if there is a boxing ring, tattoo parlor, or suite-only sundeck onboard! And why would I care about the pier? That's just a place you breeze through, on the way to board the ship! IMHO, the only useful bit of info that VV has released, so far, is the dining details. At this point, I'm just concerned that we will be rushed into making a pricey decision, on very little information. NOT a great way to reward folks for their patience and pre-investment in this venture, IMHO!
  13. wwcruisers

    Scarlet Lady bookings

    OK -- so this is part of what's sticking in my craw, right now: How on earth are we supposed to plan on booking a cruise, in less than two months -- when we don't even have a clue about how much it's going to cost?
  14. wwcruisers

    SCARLET LADY - New Renderings and a Concern

    Going back to E-Roller's original concern in this thread: Has anyone seen any more pools, in any of the recent releases from VV?
  15. wwcruisers

    Scarlet Lady bookings

    Thanks, Gerardo! Now, all we need to book is specifics about decks, cabins, locations, prices, and itineraries.