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  1. wwcruisers

    Any NEWS on VV? Please post it here...

    As always Lloyd -- LOVE the pictures! Thank you SO much for posting them! 😎
  2. wwcruisers

    How Many CCers have made the 100,000+ Club ?

    Totally agree -- and I LOVE your cat!
  3. wwcruisers

    How Many CCers have made the 100,000+ Club ?

    I too get annoyed by the dismissive "Well, at least you got your post count up !" type of reply. It makes me wonder if that particular poster can even do simple math. I've been active on these boards for nearly nine years now. That's not nearly as long as some folks -- but definitely long enough to be pushing 10K, with just a few posts each day! (But Shhh.... don't give away our secret: that you win a free cruise, when you get to a GAZILLION posts! 😜)
  4. wwcruisers

    Scarlet Lady bookings

    I see your point, timf2001 -- and, I have done bookings on much less notice than this. The big difference is, those bookings were with cruise lines that I was familiar with -- often on ships that I'd sailed on, before. In this scenario, not only are the prices a big question mark -- but so are the deck plans, cabin descriptions, and even itineraries. I really think that the powers that be at VV put the cart before the horse, on this one. I have never, in over 15 years of cruising, booked a ship based on public spaces or attractions. Granted, those things do play a part in the decision-making process. However, my booking decisions are primarily based on three things: cabin, itinerary, and price. I could care LESS if there is a boxing ring, tattoo parlor, or suite-only sundeck onboard! And why would I care about the pier? That's just a place you breeze through, on the way to board the ship! IMHO, the only useful bit of info that VV has released, so far, is the dining details. At this point, I'm just concerned that we will be rushed into making a pricey decision, on very little information. NOT a great way to reward folks for their patience and pre-investment in this venture, IMHO!
  5. wwcruisers

    Scarlet Lady bookings

    OK -- so this is part of what's sticking in my craw, right now: How on earth are we supposed to plan on booking a cruise, in less than two months -- when we don't even have a clue about how much it's going to cost?
  6. wwcruisers

    Pet Peeves

    People who take a serious thread like this, and turn it into something funny -- that I can't quit reading! 😜
  7. wwcruisers

    SCARLET LADY - New Renderings and a Concern

    Going back to E-Roller's original concern in this thread: Has anyone seen any more pools, in any of the recent releases from VV?
  8. wwcruisers

    Scarlet Lady bookings

    Thanks, Gerardo! Now, all we need to book is specifics about decks, cabins, locations, prices, and itineraries.
  9. wwcruisers

    Christmas cruise question

    We did a 14-night Holiday Cruise on Eclipse, four years ago (when it was still called 'formal night). I don't recall exactly when the formal nights were -- but, we did have three of them -- and folks dressed to the 'nines' for all of them. I do remember Christmas Eve NOT falling on a formal night. I was worried that I'd be overdressed for dinner. No worries -- most of the passengers dressed up for that night, too! I don't know how the change to 'chic night' changed things, but IMHO, you can't go wrong dressing up for holidays, onboard. 🙂
  10. wwcruisers

    Cruise Runners for sale on Amazon

    If you contact your charter company, they may offer a discount on drink packages, booked in advance. We were able to do this for our upcoming Smooth Jazz Cruise. Definitely not 'free', but we were able to save a few bucks. 😎
  11. Sorry that you had a bad time. Glad that you were able to get it 'off your chest'. But you lost me at "something has to be done about this". Not sure what you would expect to be done, or by whom? 😕 Maybe you answered your own question when you said that you don't want to cruise again. Cruising simply is not for everyone -- and solo cruising can be even more of a challenge. If you do decide to try the waters again, you might have better luck cruising with a friend, family member, or even as part of a group. Good luck!
  12. That would be my suggestion, as well. Even if you explored the possibility of flying into Seatac (there are direct flights to/from Newark) and taking the Amtrak up to VNC -- you'd still need to factor in that extra travel day. Trust me when I say that It's all do-able, but I truly understand that you really don't need that extra aggravation, right now, Real Deal. 😱
  13. My experience with charters is that they often offer first crack at booking to their 'past cruisers', and those newbies who've paid a pre-deposit. Only after those folks have had a chance, do they open up the remaining inventory to the public. At least that's the way the Smooth Jazz Cruise charters work. However, the charter itself is a "done deal'" before that first cabin is ever booked. So, absolutely -- be pro-active and get in touch with your TA now! Oh, and yeah -- I HATE red-eye flights -- especially going to a cruise port. About the best you can do is try to check into your pre-cruise hotel early, and get caught-up on your sleep (can you say JET LAG?😱)!
  14. Oh, Raider -- Sorry to hear that! I was hoping that you'd join our Vancouver to LA sailing, if yours ended up being chartered. It would be fun to sail with you again -- and you were a great roll-call participant, on our Infinity cruise! But, it's a small, small cruising world, so we'll probably run into each other on another Pacific Coastal, in the future! 😎
  15. wwcruisers

    Cruise Runners for sale on Amazon

    LOL -- back to the original topic -- I will admit to engaging in a little smuggling (they were called 'Rum-Runners') back in the day. Sadly, the advent and popularity of drink packages, across the main-stream cruise lines, has taken all the fun out of being a pirate! ☠️