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  1. wwcruisers

    Scarlet Lady

    That's when she's supposed to launch.
  2. wwcruisers

    Cannot sign in on phone

    Don't know if it's the same problem -- but I couldn't log in all day yesterday -- from my desktop (using Firefox). The log-in page remembered my user name and pw, but when I tried to sign in, I got the message that one of them was "incorrect". I had that same problem over that weekend that everyone else was experiencing similar problems. Now, when something goes wrong, I certainly don't assume that it's 'just me'!
  3. wwcruisers

    Bugs & glitches all fixed?

    FIXED? Not from where I'm sitting! (Which is at my trusty desk-top, with FireFox as my browser). Yesterday was the second time that CC would NOT let me log in. The first time was that weekend-long problem. Yesterday, I was shut out for the whole day, as well. On these occasions, I was able to access the log-in page, and CC remembered my user name and PW. But, when I tried to sign in, I repeatedly got the "your user name or pw is incorrect" error code. And, I know from past experience not to try more than twice -- or you get locked out. Why on earth did the admins decide to close the Bugs-n-Glitches thread, when there are STILL so many problems with this 'new and improved' forum??
  4. wwcruisers

    A Pricing Clue??

    And, after the dining 'reveal', we know that they are not going to 'nickel & dime' us -- at least not where food is concerned!
  5. wwcruisers

    turn off "newest photos" feature?

    I also wish that the mods/admins would do away with the 'photos from strangers' column. Really-WHO wants to have that on their screen, all the time? One suggestion: at least give us a 'toggle switch' to turn it off -- like we have with signatures!
  6. wwcruisers

    Virgin Voyages Cruise Ship Will Have Tattoo Studio

    Agreed! Come to think of it, our long-time cruise-line of choice (Celebrity) offers some thing that I would NEVER consider, either -- like: 'Acupuncture at Sea'! 😱
  7. wwcruisers

    Any NEWS on VV? Please post it here...

    She's starting to look like a real ship -- LOVE it! Thanks so much for posting those photos, Lloyd!! 😎
  8. wwcruisers

    Speciality Dining - Virgin

    Someone recently posted photos of all of the new eating areas, over on the VV board. Interestingly enough, there will be NO MDR, or Buffet (per se). Although, one area does look very much like a 'food court'. I was encouraged by the fact that all of the food is included in the price. Now, the big question will be: How good is it?
  9. wwcruisers

    Virgin Voyages Cruise Ship Will Have Tattoo Studio

    Pederlin -- Sorry that you feel that way -- but, better to know now, than after you'd spent all that $$, for a cruise that you'd hate. Thanks for reporting on VV's speedy refund process. We're hanging in there, with our pre-deposit -- for now, at least. If the cabins end up being un-livable, or the prices are astronomical, we might very well need to avail ourselves of the refund process. Hope not, though...
  10. The only time we ever went beyond the barbed wire and gates at Labadee, was when they drove us to the top of the hill, for the Dragon's Breath Zip Line. Event then, we were taken out in an open-bed truck, and went straight to our destination. We saw a few goats, and wide-eyed children on that short drive --- but, that was it.
  11. wwcruisers

    Advice on choosing a multi-generational cruise?

    We're starting to plan our first 'family cruise' -- with our 3yr old DGD. Although my DH and I have cruised Celebrity for the past 8 years, we are planning to return to RC, for this one. They just offer something for everyone, IMHO! 😊
  12. wwcruisers

    Any NEWS on VV? Please post it here...

    Tall cruiser -- thank you so much for the pictures! At first glance, the Korean restaurant looks to be the most comfortable, seating-wise.
  13. wwcruisers

    Any NEWS on VV? Please post it here...

    Totally agree! And, the best part is: all the dining venues are included in the cruise price. No 'upsell' charges, or nickel-and-diming! If the food quality is consistently good, I'll be a happy camper!
  14. wwcruisers

    Roundtrip to Hawaii

    Yep -- that's itinerary that Century used to sail, on her Hawaii r/t's, out of San Diego. You couldn't really even call Ensenada a port stop, since we arrived shortly before midnight, and departed an hour later. It was fun to sit out on our balcony, look at the city lights, and listen to the sea lions 'barking' at our ship!
  15. wwcruisers

    New? Final invoice for on board account via email

    I will go stand in line at the GR desk every time, if that's what's necessary to have a hard copy in hand, before I disembark the ship. But, for folks who've been going to extraordinary measures (like taking pictures of the their account statement on the room TV) this is probably welcome news.