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  1. I was thinking the very same thing. A BIG round of applause for all of the admins, mods, and techs who are working hard, to keep the Cruise Critic ship afloat, in these trying times -- you guys ROCK!🤗
  2. I would think that it would be more of a problem to use THAT particular card again, for future cruises. That's one reason why we have always considered going to the CC companies to settle a dispute with the cruise line to be the 'nuclear option'.
  3. A friend of mine just recommended a book on this very topic: The Great Influenza, by John Barry. Still waiting for it -- back-ordered on Amazon.
  4. OP -- Thank you for starting such a positive thread!🤗 Obviously, I'm grateful for all of the cruises that my DH and I have (along with assorted friends and family) been able to take -- over the past two decades. But I'm also grateful to have all of the photo album/scrapbooks, and photos stored in digital format, from those cruises -- to help get us through these tough times! 📷 And, no matter what happens, going forward, I will have the great privilege of saying that I was there for the 'Golden Age' of cruising! 😎
  5. Great news, and Hooray for Seth! He was, until recently, a weatherman on one of our local (Seattle) news channels. Great guy -- HAL is lucky to have him on their team!
  6. In the 18 years that we've been cruising, a balcony has always been a potential 'deal-breaker' for me. I've always said that I'd sail in a broom-closet (come to think of it, I think I have 😜) -- just as long as it had a balcony! That was part of my disappointment in the Edge/Apex design. They just lost me at 'infinite veranda'. Now, I know that lots of folks love the IV's, and that's great. However, to me, it's just a floor-to-ceiling 'greenhouse window' that partially opens (unless the Captain decides otherwise). Not to say that I wouldn't book one of those ships -- but I would have to have a suite, or a Sunset (REAL) Veranda cabin.
  7. Hattack -- our collection of pictures, music, and memories of past cruises will surely help us to get through the trying times ahead! Since my DH and I started cruising, I've done a combo scrap-book & photo album for pretty much every cruise. Let me tell you that those -- plus all of our 'digital' photos -- have been a great source of solace and encouragement, lately! It's also fun to go to the SJC web-page photo gallery of recent cruises -- and try to spot ourselves in the crowd! 😁
  8. Hattack, I think that, once this is finally over, there will be a Second Line in New Orleans -- the likes of which has never been seen! And yes -- I also was sad to hear of Bill Withers' passing. I remember hearing his music, when I was younger. But I developed a new appreciation for the depth of his talents recently, when he was inducted into the Rock-n-Roll Hall of Fame. Oh -- and AMEN on the SJC tributes to fallen comrades, on next year's cruises!
  9. Which, unfortunately, would not bode well for the post-Alaska Pacific Coastal (repo) cruises....(SIGH)☹️
  10. Just officially booked on the 'Smooth Jazz All-Stars' Cruise' for next January. It's a long way off, but I have FAITH! On a sadder note: RIP Ellis Marsalis Jr......😢
  11. Thanks, Hattack! As things stand right now, just being able to leave the house -- to go see our local jazz quintet at our favorite Italian restaurant -- is the biggest 'treat' that I can dream of! 😏 But we WILL all get through this -- and there will be concerts and cruises aplenty, to look forward to!😎
  12. How are you guys doing? Is the planned SD disembarkation going to happen, tomorrow?
  13. OK -- so, what we're hearing from ECP is that, in the time slot vacated by (canceling) the Blue Note at Sea (Jan 23-30, 2021) -- there will be a 'make-up' Smooth Jazz cruise (re-named the SJC 'all-stars') cruise. Should be the same line-up as was planned for the canceled SJC 20.2, per Michael Lazaroff. Looks like ECP's first order of business will be taking care of the folks who have canceled cruises (both the SJC 20.2 and the BNAC '21). After that, I'm assuming that the cruise will be offered for booking by the general public (at some point in the future). We're definitely onboard for it -- and very impressed by the Herculean effort, on the part of Mr. Lazaroff and his ECP crew, to make this a reality! Hattack -- will try to keep you posted on this, as things develop -- would LOVE to see you onboard! In the meantime, how are you guys doing down there, in NOLA? Stay safe, my friend!
  14. Hi Guys -- I'm just going to sit-tight, for right now anyway. Fortunately, I'd been too busy planning for our jazz cruise (which got cancelled, at the 11th hour) to do any real prep for the K-dam cruise. Our TA's final payment date isn't until early June -- and, lots of things can change in two months' time!
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