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  1. Because, that's where the ocean is, Silly! 😉
  2. Haha -- a cruiser after my own heart! On X, where they are constantly offering your hand sanitizer, I just pull out my little bottle from Bath&BodyWorks and say: Thanks, but I brought my own! And, I agree -- the best thing that you can do to help your cabin steward is to pick up your personal items, so that they can clean and straighten up. Walking down the hallways in the morning, it's amazing to see what a mess the cabin stewards have to deal with, sometime!
  3. The Jazz Cruise, the Smooth Jazz Cruise (x2), and the Blue Note at Sea Cruise -- that's four sold-out bookings of Infinity this year, just by one company. I also have been on both sides of this equation, and I can tell you that I'd MUCH rather be kicked off a cruise for a full-charter, than have my cruise ruined by a large partial charter -- with folks who take over public areas, and demand priority everywhere, for their particular group.
  4. We have that same problem, in March. We LOVE the Embassy Suites in Ft. L -- but have not had much success with hotels in the Miami port area. A friend suggested the Hampton Inn (Brickell) -- well located and not far from the Port of Miami. So, we'll probably give that one a try.
  5. We were die-hard 'aft-ers' long before we ever considered cruising on HAL. So, it just made sense to book an aft-corner Neptune Suite for our first HAL cruise (K-dam, next September). So far, the only down-side I've heard is that those particular cabins tend to have tiny showers and tubs -- but, I think we'll survive. Especially with that huge wrap-around balcony! 😎
  6. Yes Virginia, there WILL be a Blue Note at Sea cruise in 2021! My DH and I have done Smooth Jazz Cruises for the past two years, and are currently booked on the 20.2 SJC. But, looking at the 2021 SJC line up -- we decided that might be the year to switch to the Blue Note at Sea cruise. When we didn't see anything on their website, except for the 2020 sailing information, my DH e-mailed the folks at ECP, and asked when the 2021 Blue Note Line-up would be released. They said that it should be coming out, sometime this November. Now, if you're not familiar with how this particular company handles its jazz cruise bookings (SJC, Blue Note at Sea, and its classic or "straight ahead' Jazz Cruise) -- they work like this: Once the line-up & itinerary are set, the folks who are CURRENTLY booked on a jazz cruise get the first crack at the cabins (including the one that they have booked for this year's cruise); Next, the 'past cruisers' -- who are not currently booked on a jazz cruise -- have a shot at booking. After that, they go to their 'pre-booking' line-up (folks who have paid a small deposit to secure their place in the 'booking queue'). Only after all of those people have a chance to book, do they open up the remaining cabins to the general public (via their website). What we did for our first Smooth Jazz Cruise was to contact the company and get on the 'pre-booking' list. I think the pre-deposit was only $100, and it was completely refundable -- up until time of booking. Do keep in mind that, like most charters, these jazz cruises have non-refundable payments (starting with the deposit), so good trip insurance is a must. I think that the 2020 Blue Note at Sea cruise still has some available cabins (just Google the website). But, if what you're looking for is 2021, you might want to contact them about getting on the 'pre-book' list. They are very helpful, and can answer all of your questions. Good luck -- and let us know if you decide to book the 2021 Blue Note cruise! 😎
  7. It's been several years since we've been there, and I simply cannot remember: Is Grand Cayman a docked or tender port? Thanks, everyone!
  8. Thanks for the update & positive review! I'm looking for a good limo/car service for our spring cruise out of POM (flying into FLL, the day before). I'm definitely hoping for something that I can set up well in advance -- and will know who is picking us up at the airport. Not searching for the cheapest option, just the best! 😉
  9. Thanks Bruce -- any tips are welcome! Mostly what I was seeing were recommendations for shuttle or 'bus' services, like SAS.
  10. Figured that I'd better start this search several months in advance of my March cruise, out of POM. We've done this cross-town commute several times in the past -- but it has been several years (and I don't even remember who we went with last time). My DH and I are NOT Uber/Lyft users, so that's out. And, we aren't interested in waiting around for a shuttle service -- not to mention getting shoe-horned into already crowded van. So, does anyone have the name/contact info/pricing for a reputable limo/car service that would pick us up at the airport in Ft. Lauderdale and take us to our POM hotel (to be determined)? Thanks in advance
  11. Question is: why hasn't someone caught the problem and fixed it, yet? 😕
  12. Yes! They apparently moved both of those threads way down to the 'Friends of CC' boards -- where new people with a general cruise question will NO Doubt be able to find them! 😏
  13. Once you are onboard, can you purchase a one-day spa pass, just to try it out? Our first HAL cruise (K-dam, next September) is going to be a very port-intensive (only one sea day) 7-nighter. So, I'm thinking that a week-long pass would be a waste of $$. However, being a big fan of the T-pools on X's 'Millie-Class' ships, I would love a chance just to try out the famed HAL hydro pool, as well as the other thermal-suite features. 😎
  14. LOL -- guess that will just have to motivate DH & me to get 'super skinny' ourselves, before that cruise!😉
  15. Yes, a video of the various suites would be nice, too. Funny, how shower size becomes such a crucial factor on a cruise ship. We recently decided to book a HAL cruise, for the first time. Decided to go with one of their newer ships (Koningsdam) and we're 'splurging' on a Neptune Suite. Folks on the HAL boards warned us that, although that particular Neptune Suite does have a separate tub and shower -- that it's the tiniest shower you've ever seen! LOL -- one of our first Cruise Directors (a rather large gentleman) on Royal did a series of jokes about the tiny, round showers onboard: "How do you shower in these things? Well, I just soap up the walls and spin around!"😜
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