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  1. I thought that HBO did a good job of telling the story. I just remember last winter, watching the news every day in horror -- as one ship or another sailed around, looking for a port that would let them in! We actually had our bags packed, and were getting ready to fly to Miami for a charter cruise -- that was cancelled at the 'eleventh hour'! Watching what some of these poor passengers and crew endured, I couldn't help but feel that we had dodged a bullet!
  2. Excellent advice! I know that, several years ago, I stumbled on ECP's Smooth Jazz Cruise page, quite by accident. I was searching for information on how to sign up for one of Dave Koz's cruises (which book-up ridiculously fast) when I learned about the Smooth Jazz & Blue Note at Sea cruises. LOL -- STILL haven't made it to a Dave Koz sailing, but DH and I have taken 2 Smooth Jazz Cruises, and are booked for a third (fingers crossed for next year)!
  3. Happy Mardi Gras, Everybody! Hopefully, by this time next year, the good times will be back to rolling! 🤞
  4. RIP Chick Corea. I was blown away to learn that he was the featured highlight performer on the first Blue Note at Sea cruise, years ago! Just one of many artists that I regret not ever getting to see. 😢
  5. Hi George! We're booked on ECP's Smooth Jazz cruise (Jan '22). We were originally told that our cruise would be on one of X's 'Revolutionized' Millennium Class Ships. The only two ships that fit the bill are Millie and Summit (which looks like it will be our ship). Sadly, Infinity and Constellation never made it to the 're-furb' stage -- and it's reported that they may be sold. 😞
  6. 🎇A HAPPY NEW YEAR to all of my die-hard jazz cruisers, out there (you know who you are!😉)
  7. Still looking forward to giving HAL a try. Over the years, I'm become increasingly disappointed in the dwindling presence of RCCL, here on the West Coast. Pre-pandemic, my DH and I had booked a Pacific Coastal on Koningsdam (for this past September). We met so many nice and helpful folks, on both the HAL boards, and our K-dam r/c thread -- and were very sad when it was canceled. We are hoping for another opportunity -- in the not-to-distant future!😎
  8. I do see your point -- not every cabin is for every cruiser. We've only stayed in the 'corner' SS cabins (6030 & 6035). On both of those, I have found places (closer-in to the door) where I could position my chair for privacy. And, well, it's not like they give you loungers to utilize that double-sized balcony. (At least I've always been told 'no', when I asked😕). In my experience, the aft balconies on the Solstice class ships have much less privacy than the Millie Class's Sweet Sixteens. On those, people can easily view your balcony from above AND below! Oh -- and, no matter w
  9. That is correct. "Sweet Sixteen" cabins can only be found of deck 6 of Millennium-Class Ships. They include cabin # 6016-6030 (starboard) and #6021-6035 (port). The 'corner' Sweet Sixteens -- 6030 & 6035 -- are both amazing. There used to be good exterior shots of the balconies, floating around somewhere here on CC. Maybe try the 'search feature'?
  10. A VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS to all of our cruisin' jazz-lovers out there! And, may 2021 be a much better year, for all of us! 🎄✨
  11. LOL Hattack -- sadly, I think that most of Celebrity's Chefs think that Key Lime Pie is made with lime Jello and Cool Whip!😏 But, oh yeah -- an 'authentic' pork-pig BB-Q sail-away party on the SJC would be delightful!😊
  12. Hattack -- I can SMELL the BBQ from here in Western Washington, lol! Oh, and funny thing about that Key Lime pie recipe. Many years ago, my DH and I had the best pie EVER -- in a small restaurant, on Sanibel Island. We asked the chef if he could possibly bring himself to part with the recipe. He laughed uproariously and said: "It's right there on the back of the Nellie-and-Joe's bottle!" He DID caution us against 'over-processing the pie filling, if we used an electric mixer -- AND to add the Key Lime juice slowly (otherwise, you get chemically-curdled egg yolks). That recipe has never failed
  13. Christmas came early this year! ECP just notified us that the legendary George Benson will be joining the line-up of our 'Back to Sea' cruise -- Jan 24-31st, 2022 (the first of THREE Smooth Jazz Cruise sailings scheduled for that year)! And -- yes -- according to the website, there are still good cabins available for that sailing! 😎
  14. Oh Arno -- I just heard about this! Like other posters here, I thought someone was kidding me. That's terrible news! However, it's not like any of us is doing much cruising right now, anyway. Hopefully, by the time cruises resume in earnest, the folks at X/RCCL will see the error of their ways -- and rescind that ridiculous order. In the meantime, if you want to drop in at our 'Who's Onboard' (Friends of CC) thread -- to chat (or vent) -- you are most certainly NOT banned from there! 😉 In fact, we would love to hear from you!
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