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  1. joandian

    MyVegas confusion

    Once you redeem, you receive an email with all the details of what to do next. I just email them back and give them my name, C&A number and booking number and ask them to apply the coupon. They usually get back to you within a couple of days. Yes, same points for MyVegas and Konami, so you can only redeem the points once.
  2. joandian

    MyVegas confusion

    We cruise quite a lot and I've applied the 10% discount, a 5% discount, and several different amounts of OBC, since you have to wait so long before you can buy another of the same. All our bookings are through our TA or booked on board and transferred to our TA. When I emailed to add the code the first time, they told me my TA would have to approve the change, so since then I have copied him with the email and he immediately replies that they have his permission. No issues at all. I hope I can start buying OBC or purhaps a cruise soon or I need to find something else to spend my points on as I have 10.9 million at the moment.
  3. joandian

    Drink package-how to get out

    You can buy them online but only on selected cruises. I should have worded this better. I was able to buy 1 deluxe and 1 refreshment package online this past weekend for our Spectrum cruises, so they must be updating the website as they add the new ships. I called for the other 3 and didn't have to offer any excuse.
  4. joandian

    Drink package-how to get out

    We have been buying 1 deluxe package and 1 refreshment package since the rule was reintroduced and we have never had any issues and I've never been asked a reason other then me telling them I don't drink. I just bought 1 of each (1 D and 1 R) for our 5 upcoming cruises in 2019, over the Black Friday weekend. I was even able to purchase 2 online with no issues, which I had never been able to do before. I called and bought the others over the phone.
  5. We also use those little zip bags/purses for keeping all our different currency in the safe. We may have 5 or 6 different currencies on some of the cruises we do. Each in a envelope or small plastic ziplock then into the zip purse. We have a set of them with about 6 different sizes.
  6. Doesn't Carnival have the new Brisbane port tied up most of the time for their ships? I sure hope there is room for a RCI ship to be home ported there.
  7. joandian

    Deployment 2019-20 booking season begins

    Great! There is at least one person I know on Mariner now who has also booked. We already have a ‘group’. Email me if you want the info.
  8. joandian

    Deployment 2019-20 booking season begins

    We booked Hawaii to Sydney today as well, the next cruise people can’t get the Vancouver to Hawaii to come up properly. I hope it sorts itself out so that I can try to get the same suite for both.
  9. joandian

    Deployment 2019-20 booking season begins

    On Mariner waiting to leave Singapore. My TA is onboard with us and has his on sales space and I have already told him I’ll be seeing him in the morning to book Vancouver to Sydney.
  10. joandian

    Deployment 2019-20 booking season begins

    Thanks for this. Has anyone seen the prices for Ovation Vancouver to Hawaii?
  11. joandian

    D+ Amenities list?

    Yes, but I was hoping to be able to read it. It's easier for me to decide from looking at a list rather than someone reading them off to me.
  12. Does anyone know of, or have a list of the selections for the D+ on board gifts? Since the website is messed up I believe I have to call and would like to know what is on the list before I do. Thanks
  13. joandian

    Deployment 2019-20 booking season begins

    Has anyone heard anything about a Trans Pacific later in 2019? Do you think there will be one from Seattle/Vancouver to Sydney?
  14. joandian

    Deployment 2019-20 booking season begins

    What does everyone think is going to happen with Explorer going into 2019?
  15. joandian

    Mariner OTS Concierge lounge?

    I doubt they will do anything before the Dry Dock. The Concierge lounge was on Deck 9 when we were last on Mariner and I would guess it will be there during our cruise across to Barcelona. I have to say though the Diamond Lounge is much better than the pokey and dark Concierge lounge. Having said that, it is always handy for a quick coffee run in the morning from our Suite.