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  1. Yes, you have to call. AND Yes, you can have your credit (and associated OBC) applied to a previously booked cruise.
  2. No, you cannot see FCC on the Carnival website. The OBC for rebooking is not granted until you rebook and will show on the new booking. You would need to call Carnival to validate the amount available for FCC and/or to apply it to a new cruise.
  3. If Carnival offers the option to cancel or cancels your 9/21 cruise themselves, you will be able to rebook and get the OBC. Otherwise, you are out of luck. If you cancel a cruise that has the rebooking OBC, you will lose it. There is no way that anyone in the world could see what is going to happen in 11 months. Could you have predicted 11 months ago that we would still be dealing with cancellations and face masks?
  4. There is really not sufficient space in the cabins for a scooter; however, from experience, it can be done. The doorways for regular cabins are 22" wide with 20" of actual clearance (allowing for the space of the door itself). Most of the regular rental scooters can fit through the doorway, but it does require some extra work. You have to remove the arm rests (not a huge effort), but the scooter must go straight through the doorway. Most of the hallways where regular cabins are locations do not have enough space to get just the right angle to get the scooter in the room without some extra
  5. Some OBC types do not show on the View Balance Details page on the website. Try clicking on "print documents" and check the box to print General Information. It should be visible on page 2, as @shof515 said.
  6. It all depends on the conditions of the fare that you booked under. Most people book under an ES fare, and those cannot be downgraded, only upgraded. If your fare does not have a cancellation penalty, then you could cancel and rebook without incurring any additional cost. If it does, you would be out the amount of the cancellation penalty.
  7. FCC is immediate. As soon as you notify Carnival that you have chosen the FCC option, it is available for you to use. You do not receive an email, nor can you see it online. You must call to have it applied where you wish it to go.
  8. I would also have like $2400 in OBC. No, they don't stack 🙂
  9. I used shareholders@carnival.com and had my OBC posted within 8 days.
  10. I don't really see why this bothers you. If you had read all of the documentation related the first cancellation, then you would have known that cruises up to and including 5 days only gets $300 OBC, and then you chose to book a shorter cruise when you rebooked.
  11. You can book your new cruise online, if you are willing to pay another deposit. You will then have to call Carnival to have your FCC applied to the new cruise. Since it requires a phone call anyway, your best option is just to call to rebook and have your FCC applied right away.
  12. If you have a special occasion and message John Heald on FB a few days prior to your cruise, he will also send something to your room. Otherwise, I don't really get a big kick out of asking for "extras" unless I really need something.
  13. From a PR perspective, they are going to wait a while. They just announced the retirement and storage of 4 ships with an accompanying round of cancellations and booking transfers. A delay will also allow the CSRs a chance to get caught up prior to a new round of "where's my FCC" or "where's my refund" calls. My personal crystal ball 😉 tells me that the earliest they will be cruising is December, so I do expect to see two additional rounds of cancellations.
  14. I honestly think that it depends on how much your FCC is. It sounds like you booked under a reduced deposit sale, so I would really expect Carnival to require a full deposit to rebook. I, personally, had more in FCC than the total cost of my new cruise, so no additional deposit required.
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