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  1. Yes, you can use OBC to pay for gratuities once ON BOARD. You can use OBC to pay for excursions once ON BOARD. What you can't do is use ON BOARD credit prior to being on board (such as pre-paying gratuities or purchasing excursions) 🙂 As I understand it, some other lines allow this, but Carnival never has.
  2. It really depends on how long it has been since you purchased it. I believe that you have something like 48 hours to cancel it once you have purchased it. Good luck 🙂
  3. This is directly from the Carnival website and should look familiar to anyone who has been following this issue at all. This is the latest, issued May 21.
  4. By law, gift cards have no expiration date. They are not assigned to an individual, so if you decide to gift them to someone else, yes, they can use them.
  5. The ONLY way that they will transfer is if you booking number remains the same. On both of my Carnival-cancelled and rebooked cruises, I received a new booking number.
  6. DH and I always eat breakfast in the MDR. It is a nice, low-key way to start the day.
  7. Most likely, they are correct. You would pay the difference between what you paid for your interior and the current price of the balcony cabin. You said it shows a difference between interior and balcony of $115 pp, but that is a difference between the current interior price and the balcony price, if I'm guessing correctly.
  8. Congrats! You will be diamond when you board 🙂 Enjoy your new perks!
  9. We are all relying on hearsay (someone said that their PVP or TA said). If there are capacity restraints (which would make sense to me), then your sailing has probably been deemed to be "sold out."
  10. That's odd. Here is what it should look like
  11. Past practice has been to give people the option of a 100% refund OR FCC with additional OBC. In the future, I would expect that if Carnival cancels your cruise there would continue to be a 100% refund and some sort of FCC offer, we just cannot know at this point if it will be the same OBC offer that they have previously had.
  12. What would be the benefit in that? If your rebooked cruise gets cancelled and you elect for a refund, they do not refund you the OBC. If you rebook the rebooked cruise, the OBC doesn't carry over to the new cruise.
  13. It is OBC. Log into your new cruise and go to print documents. If the $600 doesn't appear on your documents, call them back. I would, personally, insist that they apply it in a way that I can see it. I never accept the "it will be there when you get on board" answer. When I rebooked, it appeared on my confirmation email, I can see it in my cruise manager, and it appears on my documents.
  14. A check this morning shows that there are 15 available itineraries in August. They are on limited ships sailing from Miami, Galveston, and Port Canaveral only. The Breeze, Vista, Sensation, Dream, Freedom, Elation, Horizon, and Magic are all sailing.
  15. I stopped reading everyone's answers when it seemed that they got seriously far from your original question, so sorry if someone else answered this. The answer is yes. They will provide a price drop for a promotion appearing under anyone's VIFP number that is booked into that room. On our cruise last year I was able to obtain a price drop using a promotion appearing under DH's VIFP number that did not appear under mine, even though the cruise was booked with me as the primary cruiser.
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