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  1. If they are sold out, sometimes they won't appear. There are times when they become unavailable (either denomination or both of them). Whatever your reason(s) for buying 5 $100 cards, it's your choice and not really anyone else's business 🤦‍♀️😉
  2. As of right now, it would be the new ships (Vista, Horizon, Mardi Gras). I'm not sure about the Sunrise (which is technically not a new ship). Maybe someone else will know.
  3. Reminding everyone that we are talking about Carnival here ... yes, you are correct. All drinks must be in cartons, cans, or pouches except your allowed 1 750ml bottle of wine per adult.
  4. Maybe $500 cards weren't available. Maybe she's giving them to multiple people. Maybe it's just easier for her. Does it really matter?
  5. On cruises of 7 days and longer, it will be delivered to your cabin. Shorter cruises have the pick up location indicated in the Fun Times. Typically, this opens very early in the morning. Chances are, she waited until later (like everyone else) and was upset that she had to wait.
  6. You can place anything in the light slot to keep the lights on, including a folded piece of paper.
  7. Wheelchair and scooter rentals must be arranged in advance from an outside provider. The ship does have a limited number of wheelchairs available on board that they keep for emergency purposes. Some people have reported being able to borrow one for a day or two, but it is not guaranteed.
  8. Since the policy specifically states "non-alcoholic drinks," you can carry on ANY non-alcoholic drinks in cans, cartons, or pouches. The ability to take food off at ports is port-dependent. There are some that do not allow any food to be taken ashore.
  9. Which is also significantly annoying to people around them. What's that old saying??? Something about two wrongs...
  10. https://help.carnival.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/3936
  11. Absolutely. I use them for EVERYTHING Carnival 🙂
  12. Mine was applied immediately, but then I used a PVP who was able to do this for me. Perhaps someone who has gone your path would have better information for you. Hope it's soon!
  13. Let's talk drinks. Juice boxes are included in the rule about carrying on non-alcoholic drinks (note that this is not limited to sodas). You can carry on up to 12 cans/cartons/pouches of non-alcoholic drinks of 12 oz or less each per person. Typically, taking drinks into port with you is not a problem and most ports don't if it is pre-packaged or in a refillable bottle. You can carry on board any pre-packaged snacks without limitation. Taking food off at ports is entirely port dependent. For example, you cannot carry off any food at Cozumel, including pre-packaged foods. At most ports, though, there is not a problem taking pre-packaged food off the ship. The Fun Times will have some sort of notation the night before if you are not allowed to take specific items ashore.
  14. On Carnival doors to all rooms (except handicapped) are 22" and do not open flush, leaving approximately 20.5" of clearance in the opening.
  15. In general, there is not enough bandwidth to support any streaming services (Spotify, Youtube, etc.). I have been told that the enhanced wifi service on the brand new ships (premium wifi plan) may be able to support this. So, I guess the answer is, it depends.
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