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  1. Hi from extremely hot west midlands. Have one foot in bucket of cold water. Got bitten monday evening on my ankle. Yesterday morning looked I had an egg on my ankle. Last night whole foot was swollen and today the same. So I am soaking my foot in very cold water to try and reduce the swelling. This is the 3rd year running I have had a reaction to a bite. 2 yrs ago had to have antibiotics as finger was turning black and 3 bites on back all oozing. Had same problem last year but thankfully no antibiotics. Don't know why I am getting this reaction. They don't attack dh (don't blame them)!!! just me. If swelling not down by tomorrow will have to e-mail doctor. Just don't like bothering them for just a bite.😁
  2. Same here. In my other grandsons playground (off sick today too much sun yesterday) there is always large groups sitting together. One group not one of them have ever worn a mask (don't look like they are exempt, don't wear a lanyard) I suppose I will find out tomorrow when he is back at school. I shall still wear my mask and try and keep my distance as much as possible. School are often sending e-mails about not talking in large groups especially on the pavement outside of school after dropping kids off. I often wonder if they can read!!!
  3. When I took grandson to school this morning was amazed how many people were not wearing masks. I know it is outside but you still have to go into the playground. In the bit I went into this morning there was me and two others wearing masks few more this afternoon. You would think that all the kids that are getting covid they would be sensible, but no. 2 weeks ago there were 4 classes self isolating and then a bit later some more. I am sure some people think they are invincible.
  4. I booked our table time a few weeks back. It then allocated us concerto. When I looked today to see if it was all still okay our times wouldn't come up and it was saying dine my way not available. So just hoping all is ok😒
  5. are they drinking it or putting it straight into orange juice
  6. Everytime hubby redecorates I learn some new swear words. You'd think I would know them all now after 44 years of married life.
  7. Went to local hospital yesterday for follow up for my broken arm. Said for that injury they don't plaster anymore so the relief of having plaster off. Just have to wear a sling occasionally (when I go out) and I have to try to keep straightening my arm as much as possible. Not pleasant but I will have to grin and bear it!! Worse bit was last night trying to sleep with no protection on my arm🥴
  8. thanks everyone for your best wishes. go on a seacation in just over 3 weeks so i will still be well and truly plastered. maybe i need to wear a long sleeve top when i embark!!!🤣
  9. Went to weymouth for a long weekend. Fell off the kerb and broke my arm on saturday had to go to dorchester ae am now plastered. Before you ask I don't drink so was sober. Still it could have been worse I could have done a jean and broke my hip. 🤣🤣🤣
  10. OMG just tried to download form to print and it wouldn't open (had no problems few weeks back, but couldn't print as had no ink!!!) tried 3 times but in password kept saying can't open file. I clicked on it and a picture came up some sort of advertisement for places to eat. Got really frustrated kept clicking on picture and then lo and behold form popped up. Printed it quickly. Glad I didn't wait until just before my seacation. Did you manage to sort yours out.
  11. When I filled in password on the travel proof form I had to write it down because I knew I would forget as had to have a capital letter a number and a character!!!
  12. Don't know what to say. When I went into e-mail i just clicked on download clicked to open put in password and it opened. Unfortunately not computer literate, but I am sure there are loads on here who are. Best of luck. Maybe phone barclays travel.
  13. It won't open until you put your password in. Have you done this🥴
  14. Doesn't work with aviva. Go to the url at top of page type in www.Aviva.co.uk/barclaystravelproof. The form should come straight up. I had trouble at first as I kept putting the address on the google bit. When I phoned they said to put it in the url at top and it will work.
  15. I am with barclays bank travel cover. Originally they weren't doing the staycations then changed there mind. Original cover letter didn't mention seacations. Phoned them up and they said they would see what they could do, phoned me back and they said underwriters had updated there travel insurance to state seacations with extra cover and repatriation. Also has our names on.
  16. My seacation cruise is about 7 weeks time. Still won't work!!!
  17. I get that also but if you wait quite a while it will upload!!!
  18. delgirl

    NHS App

    My dh has tried to download this app keeps asking for video but then won't accept it. It is either too long or too short. Tried numerous times still won't work any ideas. It accepted me straight away with no passport photo or video, is this because I am registered on our drs online services and he isn't.
  19. Never had a problem with my electric curling tongs. Can understand irons as they do not want you ironing in your room. Watched Jane McDonald on sky princess and she had her electric curlers on the dressing table. Who are you sailing with, I know RCL can be strict but I took my curling tongs on a few years ago and they never said anything. If they didn't want you to use them why put electric sockets on the dressing table😁😁😁
  20. Just checked princess website and it doesn't say anywhere that hair straighteners are not allowed. Have you checked with your cruiseline. When we were on Cunard in 2017 and 2018 my niece had straighteners and she had no problem.
  21. Didn't know hair straighteners were not allowed. Have always taken my curling tongs and never had a problem. Is it just certain cruise lines.
  22. The cruise schedule is up and running but depends which one you look at. We are on 31st July Regal Princess showing ocean terminal but mayflower for 3rd August, when we return. I know they can change at the last minute. We had a text one year the night before we were due to sail saying we were now sailing from ocean terminal instead of mayflower (this was on aurora). So you never know for definite.
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