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  1. Another example of Regent "service" outside the normal prescribed timelines: Disembarkation from Explorer at Venice back in mid-2017. Around 12 passengers had scheduled very-early flights from da Vinci Airport. Ours was at 0730H. Regent had a nice, complete buffet breakfast available at Coffee Connection for from 0415-0445H. Nice way to end our trip. No stress. Then, van ride to Airport. GOARMY!
  2. Bellaggio: A trip down Memory Lane. Bork was third down-the-line in DOJ as to carrying out Nixon's plan to somehow derail the Watergate investigation. Elliott Richardson, AG; and Assistant AG Ruckelshaus, refused to fire the Special Prosecutor appointed to head that investigation. They were fired in the "Saturday Night Massacre". Bork "carried out orders" and did so. So--that action led directly to accelerating the investigation; which ultimately led to Nixon's resignation. Bork was, thereafter, persona non grata as far as getting confirmed by the U.S. Senate for a Supreme Court position. Well remember that Saturday night. Now, the above editorial is WAY OFF TOPIC. But, could not resist. GOARMY!
  3. Room Service is, technically, available 24/7. We have never ordered anything for after 10:00pm, or before 7:00am delivery to Suite. So--leave this to others with specific experience. GOARMY!
  4. As for the "last few years . . .": My only comment on this is that there was no perceptible change we noticed while aboard different Regent ships once-or twice yearly from 2013 until--unfortunately, March, 2020. Our 50th Wedding Anniversary Splendor San Diego-Miami segment was canceled on March 13th while we were at Regent's hotel. But, hope springs eternal. Tux optional for gents on cruise segments of 16 days or more. Example: Upcoming 14-day Explorer October-November 2021: Final documents show no "Formal Optional" nights. So, no tux being packed as we, hopefully, leave for the airport in about nine days. April-May, 2022: Mariner Tokyo-San Francisco segment. 21-days (including bonus day crossing the IDL). Anticipate there will be two Formal Optional nights. These are usually second night--Captain's Reception; and penultimate night--Captain's Farewell Dinner. Again, stress "Optional". Tux will be packed. Based on not wanting to be dragged down another fruitless rabbit hole on this particular topic-- The above will be my first, and last, posting. GOARMY!
  5. Reference my #7 Post, and several subsequent ones. Fall into the Category of a Commenter; not a Blogger. Have chimed-in in the past (Panama Canal transits and Norway-Baltics come to mind) while on a Regent or Silversea cruise when responding to specific questions/concerns from folks anticipating similar future itineraries. Will follow this pattern following boarding Explorer in less than two weeks. GOARMY!
  6. Regent-responsible air segment(s) for our Explorer October 31st segment from Barcelona to Miami were initially assigned about six months ago--via our Travel Agent (TA). Portions have been changed three times, most-recently about two weeks ago. Reason provided: Airlines--either Lufthansa, British Airlines; or American--change schedules. Sign of the times. All updates promptly provided via our TA. GOARMY!
  7. BNguy: Sure. And, hopefully, other "fellow travelers" will chime in. Explorer and Splendor are, about 98% "footprint", similar. GOARMY!
  8. Our final document packet for upcoming October 31st Explorer TA Barcelona-Miami segment contained a Notice ("Card") probably similar to Jaylaw2's. Details: "Enjoy a $200 Shipboard Credit on your upcoming cruise when you book your next voyage up to 30 days prior to you (sic) upcoming voyage or on board. Contact your Travel Agent or CALL 844-4-REGENT up to 30 days prior to your cruise or present this card to the Onboard Cruise Consultant while sailing . . ." And so-on. Flip-side of Card: "Enjoy exclusive onboard savings of up to $2,000 per suite not available anywhere else *Combinable With Bonus Savings *Combinable with Seven Seas Society Savings Reduced Deposits from $500 per person Fully refundable within 30 days of debarkation One-time change of sailing date without fees All onboard bookings come with our Best Price Guarantee from the day you book up until the day of sailing Travel Agent on record will be notified and credited immediately $200 shipboard credit to enjoy during upcoming cruise for each new booking. ---------- GOARMY!
  9. Jimmcdaniel's experience(s) and ours are similar. We attended; but went very-light on the wine tasting, and heavy on the crackers. Pleasant venue, usually in Compass Rose. Another nice, quiet venue to meet fellow travelers early-on. Then, a later lunch. Have not done the "full Monte" for the Champagne Luncheon. Frankly, the champagnes we have experienced on Radisson/Regent cruises over the past 25+years have satiated our palates just-fine. Ask for something different; you will get it with no hassle--and no extra charge. My favorite combination: a glass of champagne while having a 'brat w/chips and potato salad at the Pool Grill on a sunny afternoon. Spouse indulges this splurge no-more than twice on a cruise. Then, back to fish (Miso-glazed sea bass served with on a banana leaf with sticky rice; and/or salmon). To each his/her own. GOARMY!
  10. I will be content--and comfortable--being in the minority of gentlemen while wearing a tux on the two Formal Optional nights we hope (third try) to experience aboard Mariner during next April-May's 21-day final World Cruise--Tokyo to San Francisco--segment. GOARMY!
  11. Jennefer: Reference your Post #93-- Appreciated the timely and definitive response to my situation. Thanks, again. GOARMY!
  12. ysolde et al: And Jennefer, whom we assume continues to monitor this Thread. Have been closely following this Thread because we have a vested interest. That interest is to hopefully be at Barcelona on the afternoon of October 30th, having left SEATAC on October 29th; and an overnight stay at Regent's designated hotel prior to boarding Explorer on October 31 for TA to Miami. This itinerary is important as to timing. Specifically: prior Posts #37; and Jennefer's Posts Nos. #53 and #60. As to where we are Now, and not 20-days from now: Jennefer: Every word in your Posts is relevant. Your Post #60, Line 7. The key word is ". . . result within three days of traveling from home. . ." AGAIN--use of word result. At this point, our plan is to obtain a PCR test from Evergreen Hospital's (where my wife worked as a R.N. for 20+ years) Redmond, WA Clinic on Monday, October 25th. The Clinic has advised that it takes from 48 to 72 hours to obtain "results" from taking that PCR test. Again, that key word: Result. The last-thing we want to experience is waiting with baited breath on Friday morning--October 29th--to get test results. Because, we will be heading to SEATAC Airport for our early afternoon departure via Lufthansa for a Red-Eye to Frankfort. (Hence- short hop Frankfort flight on October 30th to Barcelona. BTW: these are Regent-arranged flights. That is the reason our plan is to get tested at that Hospital Clinic on MONDAY, October 25th. Would appreciate your response as to whether our Time Line meets Regent's standards. As a back-up, we have obtained Insurance to cover a Worst-Case situation at that Barcelona Pier. Awaiting your response. GOARMY! (Redmond, WA)
  13. While not wishing to open up the preverbal Pandora's Box whenever references are made to either Dress Codes--or Tipping: Have had no problem conforming to whatever is the Standard during numerous Regent and Silversea sailings. See previous Post #5. Regent has (or at-least did prior to COVID) two "Formal Optional" (FO) nights on segments of 16 or more days. Hopefully, we will be on such a segment this coming April-May for Mariner's Tokyo-San Francisco final portion of the revised 2022 World Cruise. So-revised that we await being provided with the definitive voyage description. Based on past sailings, FO's are on Night 2 (Captain's Reception); and the penultimate night. That final on-board dining night is left to one's sense of good taste, as folks are packing their bags for next day's departure. Regent has also offered a recent option of a Casual dress evening Pool Deck dinner. So many choices. Frankly, guests' dress attire, particularly at the ship's Main, or a specialty Restaurant, should reflect appreciation for the 5+ star service experienced over the past 25 years whether we have been aboard Regent, Silversea, Crystal, or Seabourn ships. All great. It is relatively simple to me to pack, and then don a Sports Jacket at dinner, whatever night; and, frankly, a tie on some. Attribute this pattern to 28 years Army service. Spouse (a former model) dresses appropriately. Thus, unless otherwise notified, I plan to pack my tux for Tokyo. To each his, or her, own. GOARMY!
  14. FWIIW: We will be at Majestic for Explorer's October 31st TA segment to Miami. Our TA advises the switch in hotels is a positive. That is the TA's preferred hotel when placing clients for stays at Barcelona over the years. Our preferred spot has been Hotel Arts at the waterfront. This time, content to just get to Majestic. GOARMY!
  15. Clutj: Regent handles Business Class very well. We have never had a problem getting a good "connection" from SEATAC to wherever--Europe; Australia-New Zealand; or Far East. Same as to reverse, when returning from foreign travel--emphasize FOREIGN. On occasion--we have opted to use FF miles, either coming or going, thus getting the Air Credit. When a domestic "leg" has been required, Regent has usually be able to get us on an "alliance partner" air carrier to ensure First Class on all segments. With Regent: should you decide to pay the Deviation Fee, a little homework will be of benefit. Give (through your TA, if possible) Regent Air at-least two options as to your preferred air segments. No guarantees, but Regent will try. So-much depends on contracts Regent has with air carriers; and the COVID-related issues with canceled, or rescheduled flights. Example: we have had air segment for upcoming late October Explorer Barcelona-Miami TA changed three times within the last six months. With Silversea (or Crystal, for that matter) have either used FF Miles to get these flights on our own; or simply paid to ensure Business Class on long duration segments. GOARMY!
  16. WesW's comprehensive evaluation/comparison is spot-on. For us: 200+days on Regent; about 100 days on Silversea (no Expedition segments). 5+ Star service has been the standard we have experienced on both Lines over the past 23+ (pre-COVID) years. Regent's ships, with exception of Navigator, are significantly larger--without being TOO large. As for Navigator, just a bit-larger. For us, passenger complement at the 750 level hits the sweet spot. More fine dining options, with sufficient Staff assuring no diminution in service standards. The bottom Line, as affirmed by earlier Posters, is that there are subtle differences between the two; but without much of a distinction affecting the overall experience. It has come down to itineraries, and our willingness, at our age(s) to travel long distances to get on ship. Fortunately, Regent assures Business Class Air on international segments as part of its basic "All Inclusive Package". Happy trails, and sails. GOARMY!
  17. As usual, Pcardad beat me to the punch on this Thread. As is my wont--will steal a line or two from that movie classic, (no Pcardad--not Sci Fi) "Casablanca". Evil German Major Heinrich Strasser, portrayed by Conrad Veidt, confronts Rick. "Well, Rick, we have been keeping a complete dossier on you since your arrival. . ." And, so on. Wonderful back-and-forth continues, with Rick always counter punching. Relevance: Notes are certainly taken and kept concerning alumni guests. Case in point, and this goes back several, several years, as do most of my musings. And, also related on an earlier Thread now probably lost in the mist of time. Noted the Singapore Sling sampled on a Voyager cruise did not taste the same as that I sampled while at the original Raffles' Hotel Bar way, back in the early '80s in a totally-different context from cruising. (Federal criminal investigation of an international mail fraud scheme which took me to Singapore, Hong Kong, and Indonesia.) Successful, BTW. Asked the Voyager bartender for the recipe'. What was missing--and for some reason I distinctly remembered this--was Sloe Gin. Reason: Obtained the ingredients for the original from the Raffles barkeep. At that time, a Singapore Sling went for about $3.50, American; on our last cruise visit to Singapore in 2016, the price was around $33.00. Upon return home from that '80s trip, obtained all the ingredients enabling replication from time to time. So, mentioned this tale to that Voyager bartender. And, just-in passing as to whether any Sloe Gin was onboard. No big deal when the answer was no. This occurred rather late on that particular itinerary. Next cruise was on Mariner about a year later. There, waiting for us in our stateroom--without prompting--was a bottle of Dekuyper Sloe Gin. And, a Note from Management to take that bottle to a Lounge for safekeeping. It would be utilized at whatever venue should I order a Singapore Sling. Which, of course, I was then obligated to do. Now, that is attention to detail. Because--on our next two cruises, there was, again, another Dekuyper bottle waiting for us. At that point, I advised: No need for a trifecta. The bottom line is: make a reasonable request for something reasonable--and Regent's representative will respond: "Of course." GOARMY!
  18. Reference Post #9: I talked myself right out of even attempting another Miami Airport experience. So--with Regent's approval, and at no-additional cost, we will now depart Florida a few hours later via Ft. Lauderdale Airport for a N/S return to SEATAC. Our TA has arranged a private car transfer from the Pier. Should have done this earlier, as we have arrived at-and departed from-that alternative Airport on previous occasions. GOARMY!
  19. Flossie: Believe spouse and self were with you on that particular Equator-crossing experience. We were in a Lounge above the pool while enjoying a "dry" libation and staying out of harms way. Cast members who had agreed to participate were with us as they suited-up in some crazy outfits pending pool-side appearance. Heard a comment or two from the Cast as to their wish NOT to go into the pool. Wishes respected. Back they came after the event, still dry, to change back into more recognizable garb. GOARMY!
  20. The trials and tribulations of disembarking at Miami have been told, and retold (some by me) on several Threads going back at-least five years. Will not dredge up BAD memories, of which there are a few-- Except one nail-biter a few years back as a cautionary tale. Navigator's Miami-Amazon River-and back to Miami segment. Ship was docked by 0700H. We had arranged a private car transport to Miami Airport for a 1230H flight. Had used FF miles for that return flight. So, we were, basically, on our own. Wait and wait. Color-coded baggage tags keyed to "assigned" departure time (ours was keyed to 0900H) meant NOTHING. Everyone had to wait until the ship was "cleared by Port Authorities". Not a good way to end a wonderful cruise. Regent's hands were tied on this one. Finally, departures (rushes) began about 1045H. Naturally, there was a mess-up with our private car. No show. Unable to communicate with the driver. Fortunately, there were cabs available. Explained our situation to the driver. He had gone through this drill before. Absolutely exceeded the speed limit while getting us to the airport; he had called ahead for "a buddy" to meet us and assist with the baggage and into the check-in Line; and get our luggage properly tagged. That was a BIG help. More-or-less organized chaos at the counters; as Navigator was the smallest passenger complement-wise ship disgorging passengers that morning. There were at-least two other mega-liners doing the same, at about the same time. Most-everyone, it seemed, ended up at the Airport--at about the same time. Bottom Line: No time at the Lounge. Straight through Security to boarding gate. Boarding began about 10 minutes later. That was cutting it way, way too close. Somehow, our bags managed to get on the same plane. Small miracle. Because--it was an on-time departure. We return to Miami (hopefully) this mid-November after completing an Explorer TA. Regent will be responsible this time around for our transportation to the Airport for a Regent-scheduled 1400H departure. GOARMY!
  21. Ditto, Ditto, and Ditto as to above comments. For first-timers--weather permitting--fun experience in Pool Deck area. Complete with Cpt. Neptune (most-often the Cruise Director or a Senior Officer) and his entourage of nymphs (Cast members who "volunteer" to participate). Often, the most-traveled Guest (like 450 to 900+nights on Regent) is specifically honored by being on Neptune's arm. All in good taste. In the "olden days" while aboard either a Radisson (Regent's predecessor) or a Seabourn ship, these commemorations tended to go way, way overboard. Like, the Captain being thrown into the swimming pool, together with vegetables. Trust me: you will NOT witness such. You will get your Diploma. GOARMY!
  22. Spouse and I have observed (never actually exchanged conversations with) Regent's Models while on two ships. Due to passage of time extending back about 10 years, specifics are a bit-blurry. One was aboard Voyager. Point: these "Guests" were attended by a retinue including a separate camera crew; a guy setting the many very-carefully focused lights; and an attendant checking facial make-up and clothing attire. The Cruise Director or a senior Officer was always in attendance. Quite a production. Fun to observe from an appropriate distance. The "couple" were onboard for two or three days at a time, providing opportunity to cover all the needed venues. Then, like magic--Gone. Only to "resurface" in follow-on brochures and more-elaborate catalogues over the next few years. Just part of the the promotional fluff. Hope to see other folks at Barcelona in about 34 days prior to boarding Explorer. PS: Of course, there will be a larger swimming pool on the newest ship. GOARMY!
  23. Given the direction this Thread is going-- Of relevance are postings on separate Thread, "Excursions". GOARMY!
  24. Playoff Games? Not FINAL Super Bowl game? Availability may be dependent on what part of the World you are at at Game Time. Our experience: Explorer's Voyager. February 2, 2014. Somewhere close to Australia's East Coast, near Brisbane. Super Bowl. Seattle Seahawks vs. some Team from Denver (cannot recall that name). About a week earlier, guest agitation from both Seattle and Denver fans began. Would the game be shown--Live from a New Jersey venue? Maybe, later for viewing; or, not-at-all due to atmospheric and contractual situations? No initial response. Guests' agitation (friendly) continued as Game Time approached. Bottom Line: The day before--Announcement. Yes. LIVE telecast in Theater very-early in the morning in Australia (given the time at New Jersey). Complete with popcorn and other treats. Game would be recorded for later showing that afternoon--and evening--for guests doing excursions. My brother and his wife (not Seahawks fans) were on one of those. So--if viewing Live, do not give away the final results to spoil the "experience" for those doing a land excursion to a kangaroo refuge, or some-such. (No disrespect to local species intended.) They could see that game upon return to ship. Now, that is what I call positive response to a legitimate request. The rest is "recorded" in history. Most Denver fans left the Theater in disbelief about 45 seconds into the Third Quarter. Spouse and I remained, together with Seahawks fans, for remainder. So--I would suggest bringing up this matter directly with Regent. Do not wait for the week before when on whatever ship you will be on. Good Luck. GOARMY!
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