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  1. You consistently respond with thought provoking & insightful information &/or questions. In reviewing the two itineraries with my better half, she prefers the "picturesque towns" as you so aptly put it, and I agree. Plus, this will provide both a sail in to and out of New York Harbor - a bonus! We wish Viking offered such an itinerary but we will absolutely sail with them again - this will be a new experience with Seabourn. Thanks again for your time and sharing here on Cruise Critic - and when we've previously emailed awhile back!!
  2. Good day all, So here we are, trying to make a decision on a New England/Canada cruise with NYC in the itinerary someplace. We loved our prior Viking Ocean experience but someone has also suggested a Seabourn itinerary - I am requesting any input/insight from others who may have sailed on both, along with the different itineraries (shown below). On Viking we'd probably book a PV3 cabin. On Seabourn we'd probably be in a V1 Veranda. Viking 13-day Eastern Seaboard Explorer: Viking Star *(we'd probably do this in reverse to sail out of NYC) Montreal,
  3. Just came across this thread - so how does a Seabourn newbie obtain a OBC voucher for a cruise in Sept. or Oct. 2022? Thanks!!
  4. Thanks you for taking the time to reply, we appreciate it. We also found the service on the Mariner to be efficient and yet in some cases a definite sense of indifference from some of the bartenders and wait staff in Compass rose. We also noted as did others that there were just 'things' missing that Regent highlights in their marketing and I've seen in other reviews. At this point we are not considering Regent for any upcoming trips but in reality, ya just never know what the future might hold. Stay safe and enjoy your future travels!
  5. I just came across your comments & am interested in your two Regent experiences. Our two most recent cruises have been on Viking Ocean (Italian Sojourn, 2018) and Regent (Alaska - Mariner 2019). We absolutely loved our Viking Ocean experience and were looking forward to the "Regent Seven Seas" experience, but were disappointed. While we enjoyed the Alaska tip, the overall Regent experience seemed to be missing/lacking, based on what we've read - to the point that past RSSC guests were also commenting. I am interested as to what went wrong on your Mariner trip? I am currently looki
  6. Hello again, Thanks so much for your insight - could not agree more about checking and then rechecking! I found another possibility but this is on the Seabourn Quest, Montreal to Miami with an overnight in New York City. We've never sailed on Seabourn and would like to hear from anyone with experience on their ships & a comparison - asking respectfully as this is a Viking Ocean thread.
  7. Hiya Jim, thank you so much for your insight and info, much appreciated! Earlier I found some of your previous posts, such as your comparison of Viking Ocean vs. Seabourn. The timing was good as I've been considering both for this trip. One TA mentioned some concern about inconsistencies on Seabourn and was more positive about the VO itinerary & overall offering. Being a past Viking Ocean client, we became fans quite quickly! I am hoping that by September 2022 travel is open and everyone is healthy and happy!! Thanks again!
  8. Peregrina651, you are always a wonderful resource and so open to sharing your experiences and more! Thank you, I will look into that and use it as we make our decision.
  9. We are considering the Eastern Seaboard Explorer and welcome/appreciate any insight others may have to offer. We've previously sailed Viking Ocean on the Italian Sojourn and totally enjoyed it! I've always had a desire to sail into or out of NYC Harbor and this cruise would offer that. One question for anyone who has taken this itinerary, is it better to sail out of NYC to fully get the 'gee-wiz' factor? Also interested to learn your thoughts on the itinerary/ports etc. If we book, it will undoubtedly be for September 2022. Thank you!
  10. Hello all, what an awesome thread with lots of great information. We're planning for our visit in 2020, staying a few days after our Viking Ocean cruise. I am in the process of finalizing our hotel choice, looking for a fairly centralized location and a property with air-conditioning. My first question for either Danish Viking or anyone who has been in this situation - our departing flight is at 6am on a Friday which means a "very" early wake-up and ride to the airport. - Will there be any problem arranging for a taxi to pick us up somewhere between 3 - 3:30am? - How early
  11. Hi CCWineLover, Thanks for mentioning the Thon properties, I just booked us into the Thon Rosenkrantz in Bergen for the night prior to boarding our Viking Sky. We are also booked at the Thon Opera in Oslo for a night there prior to heading down to Bergen. Still a chance we'll decide to spend a night in Flam but undecided at the moment. Any suggestions for a hotel in Copenhagen? 🙂
  12. Hi OceanPatter, thanks for your added comment about Norwegian Air - good to know you had a positive experience with them! I also like that they use newer 787 Dreamliner aircraft.
  13. Thanks for your insight and input, I too have some concerns about relying on a "low-cost/budget" airline. At least with a carrier like Lufthansa & others, there is some level of confidence that if a problem should arise, they'd be better equipped to handle it (e.g. replacement equipment, additional flight options etc.).
  14. Appreciate your comments and insight, all good and valid points! The pre-Oslo portion initially started as we were only seeing 3-leg flights to Bergen and we really want to avoid this. At this point I am fairly certain we will at a minimum extend in Copenhagen by 1 night to allow us a full two days to experience the city. We may also fly into Oslo (one connection) and take the train to Bergen, either the same day or after only one night in Oslo - this to avoid the double connection and also to enjoy what we've read to be a beautiful ride between the two cities. I think I saw a p
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