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  1. This is why we are not booking any cruise for the future until we see what happens to the industry in the future. I have a feeling that any future cruise credits and refunds will be null and void when the cruise lines eventually file for bankruptcy. Not willing to take the chance.
  2. I worry if my parents will make it thru this will I ever see them again? Will I see my son or grandson again? Will my husband, other son and I survive. I work in a nursing home as a nurse exposed everyday. Have not seen my family for 4-7 weeks because I am afraid of exposing them to the virus. I get it. People are upset that their cruises are being canceled but we are talking about lives here. Cruises are not a priority or even feasible for a very very longtime.
  3. Let,s ask yourself a question. If you book a cruise for the end of May and ncl says it is a go, would you feel safe. Would the cruise experience be a good one. Not for me either way.
  4. There is no way cruise ships will be allowed to cruise in June and if they did I would never get on one.
  5. The corvina 19 virus is infecting the US at an Astronomical rate and you all are still whining about your cruise cancellations and refunds. Let us concentrate on the thousands of Americans who will die from this pandemic. Dear god where are your priorities?
  6. 20 hours at least of driving would not be doable for me. I would chance the flight. Only you can decide. Good luck.
  7. I am almost sure that the cruiselines will filing for bankruptcy eventually. Then they will price cruises extremely high price. Anyone with FCC will probably loose this along with people with deposits etc. I would not book any cruise for the future now.
  8. Anyone that is booking a cruise now for future travel could take the risk of the cruiseline filing for bankruptcy and no money to customers being refunded. I am not willing to take that risk personally.
  9. I personally would not book a cruise for the future with any cruiseline. They could easily file for bankruptcy and all your money would be lost.
  10. OMG!!! I would hope that all on TA’s would cancel. This is a worldwide crisis. If anyone travels internationally at this point they should realize they are putting themselves and family, friends and the country at risk.
  11. NCl sends me at least 2-3 fliers a week. Such a waste of money and paper. NO NCL, I am not booking a cruise anytime in the future until I know how this virus is going to develope. I am platinum anyway and watch the website almost daily. NCL is giving no more info than I already know. I can not imagine how much these fliers cost. Keep wasting your money NCL.
  12. we have only cruised with NCL but now due to the pricing game they have been playing since thanksgiving, the itinerary game they have been playing(announcing the changes right after final payment), the coronavirus lack of response and now this we will look at other cruise line when we eventually decide to cruise again. I just don't feel the love like I used to. we will start building loyalty status with another line.
  13. Since this ship is in Brazil now and increased cases of corona virus is in Brazil do you think these passengers might have restrictions in us when disembarking? Know someone on this cruise and thought might want to stay away from them for a period of time.
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