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  1. Thank you. Yes, I believe I wrongly ASSUMED that since you could use it for excursions, you could also use it for spa treatments.
  2. I had thought I read somewhere that you could pay for spa treatments scheduled ahead of your cruise with OBC. Apparently not. OBC was not a choice when I went to pay. Did I dream that up? I am trying to book a pedicure online for January 6th onboard the Sky Princess. I have plenty of OBC to cover it.
  3. If I understand correctly, you can change your EZAir flight up to 45 days before flight. But that is after final payment. Can someone explain how this works?
  4. I sent mine in last week via fax and haven't received my credit yet. I am not cruising until early January. Is there a phone # to call?
  5. Deluxe Balcony This impressive larger balcony stateroom gives you more space than a standard stateroom. From $55 USD pp This is what my email says. Is the $55 per person per day, or a one time $55 for the entire 15 day cruise??
  6. My experience is several years old, but we did the cruise tour with the meal plan and I am so glad we did. You could order whatever you wanted. Appetizer, entree and dessert. No alcohol, I do remember that. I do not remember if tea and/or coffee was included, as we both drink water with our meals. If you looked at the prices on the menu, they were terribly expensive and we probably would not have eaten as well as we did if we had had to pay the menu prices.
  7. We too let Princes handle the entire trip. We have never been late to catch the ship or the plane home and I bet the longest I have ever sat on a bus has been 20-25 minutes. They handle the luggage and all is good......
  8. I have taken Princess transfers to FLL airport probably 12 times or more. I don't think we are dropped off at arrivals. They take your suitcase out from underneath the bus and you claim your suitcase then you walk maybe one block at most to the terminal. I don't think it is even a block, maybe half a block. Seems to me that when you get to the terminal you are right there where you check in for your flight.... It has been over a year since we did this (last cruise was to Mediterranean, flying thru Chicago) but I didn't think it was that big of a deal. Maybe someone else has more current knowledge than I do tho.
  9. I was wondering what, if any, vaccinations you had to have for the world cruise. It is on my bucket list, but I am still working so it is going to be awhile before I get to do the world cruise. I am sooo enjoying your posts. Thank you!
  10. Looks to me like it was $308. And that was one night. Included transfer from airport to hotel and from hotel to ship and then from ship to airport. I don't know if that is considered expensive in Europe or not. It was a really nice place and we were happy with what we paid.
  11. We stayed at a Princess hotel pre-cruise in Rome in November 2022. Nice place, directly across from the train/subway/bus station. Yes it included transfers. Best Western Premier Hotel Royal Santina
  12. Can anyone who has stayed in one of these rooms give me information please. Are the balconies covered? I am guessing not. It is windy being that far up? Lots of motion? I have stayed on Lido deck before but never the Sun deck. Have been looking forward to it with the retreat pool being right there, but now am second guessing myself. Our usual room location pick is aft, near the elevators and laundry. So Sun deck will be a big change for us. Please give me your opinion, good or bad. Thank you.
  13. Can anyone who has stayed in one of these rooms give me information please. Are the balconies covered? I am guessing not. It is windy being that far up? Lots of motion? I have stayed on Lido deck before but never the Sun deck. Have been looking forward to it with the retreat pool being right there, but now am second guessing myself. Our usual room location pick is aft, near the elevators and laundry. So Sun deck will be a big change for us. Please give me your opinion, good or bad. Thank you.
  14. I was just on this cruise early November. We did the Jerusalem Overnight (Overland) tour thru Princess. It was awesome and I highly recommend it. The tour company that Princess used for this was Petra Tours. Our guide spoke perfect English. Our overnight hotel in Jerusalem was 4 or 5 star. Very nice! Dan Jerusalem Hotel was the name. There were probably 35-40 in our group. The guide was sooo knowledgeable and I learned so much. There was a separate guide for Bethlehem but our regular guide stayed with us the whole time. We did ALOT of walking the first day, the 2nd day was not quite as much. It was go go go the whole time but I would do it again if I had the chance. You can email me if you want more info. mflem1278@yahoo.com
  15. Actually, no mine wasn't domestic but it wasn't non-stop either. Final destination was Omaha, Nebraska. We had stops in Copenhagen and Chicago to get home.
  16. I always use Princess transfers no matter where I am sailing to and from. And have never had any problem getting picked up at the airport, or been late and almost missed a flight using their transfers. I have noticed that alot of people on this forum were saying you shouldn't use them for Rome because the port is so far from the airport. We disembarked on a Monday morning. We used Princess transfers. We had an 11:25 flight from Rome to Copenhagen. Princess had us in Group 1 - Walk Off Transfer to Airport. Yes, we had to handle our own suitcases but I am in my 60s and my friend is in her 70s and we have no problem doing that. We met the Provence Dining Room at 6 a.m. We were on the bus by 6:10 a.m. and on our way to the airport before 6:30. The drive took about 50 minutes - because they had us on the road before the morning commute got busy. We were at the airport before our airline even started checking in luggage. They didn't open their window until 8:10. (We flew SAS). I remember because we asked them when we could check our luggage in. We probably stood there for 15 minutes waiting on them. We were checked in 3 hours before our flight. So yes, you CAN use Princess transfers and get to the airport in Rome with plenty of time to spare. I do realize that there may be other circumstances such as fog or late arrival. Anything can happen. But our experience was that there was plenty of time. By the way - our 14 day cruise on the Island Princess was phenomenal. Italy, Greece, Turkey and Israel. I would do it again in a heartbeat.
  17. If I am reading the Princess website correctly (it appears to just have been recently updated on Sept 19th) - if you are on a cruise that does not depart from Greece (even tho you will be visiting Greece during your cruise), you no longer need to test and you no longer need to have a booster shot. Am I correct with this?
  18. We will be arriving on Sunday morning October 30. Our flight arrives at 9 a.m. We have Princess transfers to our hotel (Best Western Hotel Royal Santina). Any idea what time they might be starting their transfer service? We always use Princess transfers but have never had a flight arrive before 4 p.m. When we arrive on an afternoon flight they are always waiting for us. I am thinking we might have to wait awhile for them since we arrive in the morning. Does anyone have any experience with this?? Thanking you in advance......
  19. We will arrive on Sunday morning October 30 for a Princess cruise embarking on Monday the 31st. We will be in flight all day Saturday the 29th. Does anyone know if pharmacies are usually open on Sunday? I know they have plenty of pharmacies and I know they do COVID testing - it is the Sunday part that I am worried about. Looks like we might to have do Rapid PCR testing on Friday here in the stats before we get on the plane Saturday in order to compliant with Greece. Anyone with actual knowledge on the pharmacy situation in Rome on Sunday, please reply. THANK YOU
  20. I would like to pre-book some spa treatments. I don't sale until end of October on the Island Princess. Will I have to pay for them now, or will they charge them to my onboard account at the time of service? Also curious, as Platinum I see I am supposed to get 10% discount on spa services. I was Platinum last time I cruised and I don't remember getting the discount. Is it an automatic thing, or do I need to say something and pay attention to what I am being charged at the time of service. Thank you.
  21. Our experience has been you put your large luggage by your room door (inside, not out in the hall) and they come and pick it up mid-morning. The exact time is in the information packet they give you at check-in. They take it to one of the "ballroom/conference room" areas of the hotel and you later go down and identify it as yours so all luggage is accounted for and gets on the correct bus. All the luggage (except what you choose to carry on the bus) is loaded under the bus. You don't see your large luggage again until in your cabin. Now if you have a carry-on that you can put on your lap (I personally have a backpack) or squeeze it into the tiny compartment above your bus seat then yes of course you can keep it with you. I always keep my carry-on with me but again, my carry on is a backpack. I don't know why it is that way, but that is the way Princess has done it on all 14 cruises that I have been on. So I guess I didn't really answer your question, just telling you what my experience has been.
  22. We always use Princess hotels and transfers. It is what we are most comfortable with. No, you won't get any other paperwork from Princess except what is listed on your travel summary. When you land you will go to baggage claim and get your luggage. There will be someone around holding up a Princess sign. Sometimes they have a portable small little kiosk type thing but the Princess sign is always very prominent. Sometimes you have to look for them. They will have your name on their list. You might have to hang around for 20-30 minutes if they are waiting for others on different flights. We have never had to wait very long. Someone from Princess will then escort you outside to the transportation to your hotel. It could be a full size bus, or it could be a mini-van. Depends on how many people. If Princess uses more than one hotel in that city, yours may not be the first drop off. Again, it doesn't really take that long. When you get to the hotel and check in, they will give you a packet telling you what time to have your luggage out and what time and where to meet in the morning for your transportation to the port. Often times the hotel has a Princess desk down in the lobby but the Princess rep usually doesn't show up any earlier than the time listed in your packet. The rep will make sure you get on the right bus and off to the port you will go. Your luggage will meet up with you in your cabin.
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