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  1. I found this article in Forbes that talked about Viking’s owner’s financial problems in 2008, not recently. https://www.forbes.com/sites/laurendebter/2019/04/15/meet-the-man-who-started-viking-cruises-in-his-50s-after-being-fired-losing-millions-and-surviving-cancer/#742cd7ea2652 I have sailed Crystal many times, but not recently. I have never sailed with Viking. I personally would not give money to either company right now, with all the uncertainty caused by COVID 19.
  2. A negative test three or five days before a trip does not really mean much. The person may have already been exposed, but not yet positive, or may be exposed after the test. The person may have been out and about a lot before the trip getting ready for the trip. Even if the person did not do much between the day of the test and the day of departure, they could easily be exposed getting to/from the airport, at the airport, or on the flight.
  3. When the World cruise ended, COVID was still relatively new, and I doubt HAL was even thinking about selling the Amsterdam and other ships. As such, I doubt the Captain or anyone else could have predicted a future sale.
  4. After our first meal in Blu, we have never had the desire to eat in the MDR instead. On some ships, you can order items from the MDR menu in Blu. Blu also has an everyday menu with steak, chicken, salmon, etc.
  5. In the past, guests staying in suites could also use Blu, if space was available. But no one else is allowed.
  6. We had travel insurance that covered financial default. When we called the insurance company to start a claim, they told us we needed to contact the credit card company and pursue a charge back. Somewhat to our surprise, the credit card company gave us the money back. I do not recall how/if Renaissance responded.
  7. Some credit cards will reverse a charge for a cruise when the cruise line files for bankruptcy, and cancels your cruise. This happened to us when Renaissance filed bankruptcy and went out of business.
  8. I also have used a Chase Sapphire card for travel insurance in the past. With the reductions in benefits and me not traveling at all right now, I may not keep the card when my next annual fee is due. Many people do not know that if you buy travel insurance through Celebrity, it also does not cover financial default by Celebrity.
  9. A person cannot sue a Government without the Government's permission. As such, I doubt there will be any lawsuits against any Government. If there are any, they will not be successful. With respect to lawsuits against HAL, the Cruise Contract states that for "all claims or disputes involving Emotional Harm, bodily injury, illness to or death of any Guest whatsoever . . . shall be litigated in and before the United States District Court for the Western District of Washington at Seattle, or as to those lawsuits over which the Federal Courts of the United States lack subject matt
  10. I do not think the Press has anything to do with cruise lines current problems.
  11. Last July, Barcelona was already talking about limiting cruise ships. I read elsewhere that Barcelona wanted to focus on ships beginning/ending cruises there, as opposed to port stops during cruises. https://www.lonelyplanet.com/articles/barcelona-cruise-ships
  12. From what I have previously read on these boards, reservations made in the UK always have a cancellation penalty, even if cancelled long before the cruise. I have also read on these boards that UK reservations also have some benefits those of us in the US don’t have, such as the right to a full refund for the itinerary is significantly changed.
  13. Hawaii just extended their mandatory 14 day quarantine period for anyone arriving until the end of July. They have also arrested some folks who have violated the quarantine.
  14. Canada has banned all ships with over 100 people (passengers and crew). So no Celebrity ships will be able to do Alaska cruises this year.
  15. I was part of a group of 10 that sat together in Blu on Millennium. There was one big table near the entry that we sat at every night. It worked out well for us, and I do not believe we disturbed folks seated near us.
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