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  1. Note that Cheers has gone on sale before... It was 20% off in April 2020, for example. If your cruise is that far out, I'd probably wait to see if there's another sale.
  2. I rebooked my reservation for a year later (from Feb 2021 to Feb 2022) a couple weeks ago. My previously purchased Cheers transferred automatically to the new sailing as my booking number didn't change. I called the FunShops and they confirmed.
  3. I was booked on the Feb 13th 2020 Mardi Gras sailing. I was in the same boat (ha) a couple weeks ago - coming up on the final payment and wondering if I should gamble and see if it was cancelled. In the end, I just changed to a 2021 sailing. There was no "penalty" for changing my booking.
  4. Thank you! That is a good explanation. I saw this longer video by the same channel linked in another thread... It is very informative and answered most of my questions. I booked one of the "corner" balconies which seem larger, but I didn't book deck 15 as it seems the Lido deck may be hanging overhead.
  5. Wow, are those standard balcony rooms? I think you'll be sitting on top of the bridge, right? That would be cool. Unfortunately, Deck 17 Forward shows as sold out on my sailing.
  6. I'm excited to start seeing reviews and pictures!
  7. To me, it looks like the size of the balcony on 10463 is about twice the size of the balcony on 10475. If you compare Deck 9 with Deck 10 on the deck plans, it looks like Deck 9 has extended room balconies. Deck 10 has regular sized rooms, so the balconies are (might be?) longer. You can kind of see it in the photo of the ship I posted. Deck 9 is the first row of balconies above the "Lanai" on Deck 8. https://www.carnival.com/~/media/Images/Ships/MD/DeckPlans/mardi-gras-deck-plan-pdf Anyways, it's all speculation for now!
  8. Also, what's up with the balconies in rooms such as 15475? They look huge!
  9. I realize no one has cruised on this ship yet. 🙂 I figure this is the best place for speculation, though! I am trying to pick a balcony stateroom, and the deck plan is very interesting with the shape of the exterior walls... Is the balcony in the rooms such as 10463 really twice as big as the balcony in the rooms such as 10475? Or is it just the way they are drawn?
  10. Thanks! I'll have to keep checking. I only used the Carnival offer earlier this year; but I don't see any of the cruise offers now.
  11. Weird - I do not see this offer on my card. However, I did have this offer (and used it) back in February. Did anyone that used this offer earlier this year get it added again?
  12. Just checked, and I don't see a roll call for this one yet! My wife and I were booked in Feb 2021... We just rescheduled to Feb 12th, 2022 as we don't believe cruising will be ready or as enjoyable in just a couple months. We're excited to get to experience this new ship. Hopefully there will be some good reviews from other travelers beforehand.
  13. Interesting. I'm booked on Deck 9, so I'll have to check out what's across from 9331. I've been through all the other previews of the ship I can find online, so this is at the top of my list to wonder about until we get some real pictures!!
  14. I was wondering if the blank space across from 9331/9333 was laundry/ironing. Unless it's just an extra wide hallway spot? https://www.carnival.com/~/media/Images/Ships/MD/DeckPlans/mardi-gras-deck-plan-pdf
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