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  1. I did as well for early 2022. Hopefully it won't be too windy, but I'm excited about the prospect of a larger balcony and maybe even a wider view of the horizon due to the shape.
  2. Cracks me up when people who are call this vaccine an "untested, experimental chemical" and talk about "blood clots, paralysis and death and may cause cancer or other various aliments and diseases later in life" then accuse others of fearmongering. 😄
  3. I expected the same thing from the headline! My first cruise was with my parents when I was 16 years old. I had a good time, but I think the important part is it gave me an idea of what to expect so I could talk my wife into going together 15 years later. We love cruising now.
  4. 😄 This kind of statement is why it should be mandated. The general public simply aren't educated enough to make this decision themselves. Nothing against them - I'm not a epidemiologist either. Although I do understand some of the differences between this virus and the flu.
  5. I have previously purchased FTTF in the past, but was unable to on my last cruise as we booked last minute. I was worried about having to wait in line to board, but we arrived at the port (Port Everglades) about 30min before our boarding window, and was on the ship within 25 minutes. We brought smaller carry-ons to avoid having to lug around too much before we could get to our rooms. I would say that it depends on if you plan to use the priority guest services line or want priority tenders. Our only tender port was Half Moon Cay, so we just took our time in the morning before tendering out. We still got nice chairs on the beach. In summary, it would've been a waste of money in our last cruise, but I can see situations where it would be worth it.
  6. It's nice seeing these pictures... My wife and I took our first cruise together on the Liberty back in 2011. The ship still looks amazing a decade later.
  7. Here is a rendering from Carnival's deck plans page https://www.carnival.com/cruise-ships/mardi-gras.aspx#deck-plans. Deck 8 is the pool, so deck 11 would be at the top of this picture. It will be interesting to see real pictures with the aft pool below.
  8. No, I was not able to get the $600 OBC. I decided I'd rather not risk making the final payment in case the cruise did happen. In hindsight, I probably should've tried to get my final payment due date extended. But I did like knowing my re-booking was in place for a better price.
  9. I was in a similar situation - was booked in early Feb 2021 on the Madri Gras. As the final payment deadline approached, I called and moved to Feb 2022. There was no penalty to rebook, and the cruise was actually a bit cheaper. Carnival cancelled Feb 2021 cruises a couple weeks later. Sounds like you now know your options pretty well... If you want to wait as long as possible, see if you can move your final payment date. If you want to lock in a new date, you could just rebook it instead.
  10. Agreed... I had to pause it at some points to try to get a (zoomed-out) view. I'm pretty sure those balconies are bigger, though. Hopefully we get a review with some real pictures one the sailings start!
  11. One warning about Deck 15 - you might have a "ceiling" overhead if Deck 16 extends out as far as your balcony. Check out the video I posted or the 360 view on the interactive deck plans I linked if you want to see what it may look like.
  12. I'm pretty sure they are bigger - see the (long!) video in the post I have right before yours. I booked one of them. Or, go to the Carnival interactive deck plans here: https://www.carnival.com/cruise-ships/mardi-gras.aspx#deck-plans Go to Deck 8, and click on the 360 view by the "Watering Hole" on the Aft Starboard Deck, then look up for a decent view of them.
  13. I was checking the Mardi Gras Havana area out when I was booking a cruise a few weeks ago. It seems like the only benefit is a small pool. The "balconies" are more like patios, which are interesting, but not sure I'd enjoy them as people may be walking by all the time. Is the Havana bar on the Mardi Gras going to be limited access, or available to everyone on board?
  14. I assume the Cheers package doesn't help with the growler in any way (initial purchase price or refill price)...?
  15. I've found this video to be pretty helpful in determining balcony location, pros, and cons. It's long, but you can skip to your section of the ship if needed.
  16. So, in the new batch of pictures released last week, I see one of the "Bar Della Rosa". I've attached the image below. I've searched and can't find any mention of this bar anywhere else: on the forum, on Google, or on the deck plans! I'm wondering if it is the little bar-shaped counter near the Pizzeria? Although that seems to be the wrong shape/rotation.
  17. OK? I knew what I was doing when I re-booked. I'm not blaming Carnival, just grumbling about my poor timing. Not sure I "shot myself in the foot" though - by making my final payment, I would have entered into a more restrictive cancellation period. If the cruise hadn't been officially cancelled, it may have cost me more to re-book. So it was a gamble either way.
  18. I was booked on the Mardi Gras in Feb 2021. Had to rebook to 2022 a few weeks ago as my final payment was due. So I missed out on the cancellation "bonus".
  19. Note that Cheers has gone on sale before... It was 20% off in April 2020, for example. If your cruise is that far out, I'd probably wait to see if there's another sale.
  20. I rebooked my reservation for a year later (from Feb 2021 to Feb 2022) a couple weeks ago. My previously purchased Cheers transferred automatically to the new sailing as my booking number didn't change. I called the FunShops and they confirmed.
  21. I was booked on the Feb 13th 2020 Mardi Gras sailing. I was in the same boat (ha) a couple weeks ago - coming up on the final payment and wondering if I should gamble and see if it was cancelled. In the end, I just changed to a 2021 sailing. There was no "penalty" for changing my booking.
  22. Thank you! That is a good explanation. I saw this longer video by the same channel linked in another thread... It is very informative and answered most of my questions. I booked one of the "corner" balconies which seem larger, but I didn't book deck 15 as it seems the Lido deck may be hanging overhead.
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