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  1. There is an ATM finder at https://www.link.co.uk/consumers/locator/ - will show you all the ATMs in your area and who operates them.
  2. This routing does show up on National Rail enquiries, but they are not configured to do split ticketing, hence will quote for £74-60 for this journey. Important to note that the fares above are both ‘Advance’, and are therefore only valid on the services shown. If you missed the connection at Waterloo, you would have to buy a new, more expensive, walkup fare. Advance fares will vary in both availability and price - £9 is the very cheapest from Waterloo, a more common price is £15. But with that caveat, it’s a great option for this awkward journey. There are lots of trains from Waterloo, so I might build in an extra half hour or so for the connection, just in case there is a delay on the Dover train and to allow lots of time to make the Waterloo East to Waterloo transfer - as Scottbee says, this is by covered walkway, but it is actually a change of station, not just a platform switch. It probably wouldn’t be needed, but then you have time to grab a coffee or snacks for the next leg.
  3. I can reassure you on this aspect. The order of the pedals is universal (left to right: clutch (if manual), brake, gas). But it if anyone is more than slightly nervous about driving on the ‘other’ (never ‘wrong’ 😀) side, I don’t try to persuade them.
  4. Yes, all ATMs at LHR are Travelex operated. Many of them are multi-currency. There used to be some bank-operated ones, including Barclays, but they are long gone. It has been reported for a couple of years that they no longer use (or offer) Dynamic Currency Conversion and that the rates are comparable (for sterling) to bank -operated ATMs off airport. As I only have sterling bank accounts, I cannot confirm that. However, it may be that you are looking for Barclays to avoid fees?
  5. I don’t know how often you fly from Birmingham, but that’s not generally my experience, unless using a budget carrier (I live a few miles from Stratford, so consider BHX every time I fly). For the OP’s dates, the KLM flights are showing slightly more expensive than ex-LHR. I’d pay that premium to avoid the long drive to LHR, but it’s not going to be cheaper. And given the query about luggage storage storage in Amsterdam, I suspect baggage charges might stack up on FlyBe etc.
  6. Easy Jet are currently booking out to 30 August 2020. But irrelevant in the context of the OP’s query because they do not fly from Heathrow (nor do Ryan Air). OP, there seem to be cheaper flights than your quote available now on the dates you mentioned. I saw a KLM fare of £94 on Google Flights, but haven’t checked with a booking. You might get £20 off that at some point, but is it worth the trouble? I’d just book something I was comfortable with and then it’s done and paid for 🙂
  7. That price feels a bit toppy and a quick Google Flights search suggests it is - I’d expect to pay around £100 (so around €112). I know you said your transfer to LHR is included, but can it be switched to Birmingham airport? So much more convenient for Stratford-upon-Avon and KLM fly direct to Amsterdam. It’s not clear where you are asking about storing luggage - UK or Netherlands?
  8. I timed my entry through T5 this morning to add some data. I was off the BA12 from Singapore, which is one of the first flights into T5 - probably one of the first five or six this morning. 0535 - on stand at the T5 C gates satellite terminal 0550 - I was off the plane (there was a slight delay in ground staff arriving to hook up the jetty, and I was in the back of the A380 plane upstairs, hence the 15 minutes delay here) 0603 - arrived in the immigration hall, after using the transit from C gates 0604 - through immigration via an eGate - about 2/3 of the gates were open and no more than two or three people queuing at each one 0620 - bags began to arrive 0633 - landside after collected bag and through customs (as usual, no visible staff in the Green channel, so straight through) 0640 - HEX departure for Paddington. So, just under the hour from time on stand to landside. The main constraints were delay at the stand, transit to the main terminal and waiting for baggage. Immigration and customs amounted to two minutes, and even if immigration had taken another 15 minutes, my time landside would have been the same, because my bag would not have arrived 🙂
  9. Dolphin House Serviced Apartments in Dolphin Square?
  10. Good to hear - I think the area round the southern end of Blackfriars and Southwark bridges can be a good value location to stay. I remember mention of the Mad Hatter previously on the board, as I was explaining its history as Tress & Co’s hat factory! Was that you?
  11. Almost, but by no means all. Depends (a) where you are flying from and (b) if you are on a BA operated service, rather than (for example) a BA codeshare on an American flight.
  12. Could this have been Town Hall Hotel & Apartments in Bethnal Green?
  13. Difficult in what sense? I know Schipol quite well now, but in my opinion it is very well signposted. As mentioned above, it is a very large and very busy hub airport, so perhaps people find that confusing if they are not used to such a thing. If you are technologically minded, I believe Apple and Google maps, and the Schipol app itself, offer route planning inside the airport.
  14. London Waterloo. Southampton Central. It's easy for us locals to forget how confusing all the transport options can seem from a distance. It will all be perfectly clear-ish once you get here 🙂
  15. No need to be so rude. The OP is clearly aware of that. The ferry companies and the train operators market rail and sail integrated services between Ireland and Great Britain. And an explanation was given of trying to avoid flying. The Ireland tour - Cruise from Southampton - debate Le Havre- Normandy - Paris suggestion that JB and I have helped develop is a reasonable way of achieving what the OP was after. Why does it make no sense?
  16. Disembarking in Le Havre rather than crossing the Channel back to Southampton is quite common and should be relatively easy in this case if some passengers are doing starting and finishing in Le Havre anyway. You should be able to find previous threads about this on this board.
  17. My thought would be to fly from Ireland to Paris, if you’re doing it that way round. Unless you really, really enjoy sitting on trains 🙂 But there is merit in adapting JB’s suggestion - tour Ireland, board in Southampton, hop off in le Havre for the beaches, then to Paris.
  18. And the itineraries are? I can guarantee they don’t leave from Paris, though.
  19. I think Stauntons would suit you well. It is a few minutes walk from the Aircoach stop on Lower Leeson Street. Be aware there is no lift or air conditioning, as you might expect in a historic building. Plenty of online reviews in the usual places 🙂
  20. I'm fond of Stauntons on the Green - the Green in question being St Stephen's. Lovely location between two gardens and easy to walk up in to the heart of things. But I think it would be helpful to have more details of your criteria and constraints (including budget), rather than just "Hotels in Central Dublin" walkable to the main sites.
  21. The Schipol meeting point used to be very obvious - it was a massive red and white chequered cube. However, it has been replaced by a more conventional meeting point sign, which is a shame! https://news.schiphol.com/where-shall-we-meet-at-schiphol/?
  22. Not Queen Elizabeth I, just Queen Elizabeth (and after King George VI's death, Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother). She was not the monarch, her husband was, so she doesn't get a regnal number, simply taking the title of 'Queen' as wife of a reigning monarch. Elizabeth I reigned in the 16th Century and is interred in Westminster Abbey. Typically, this doesn't work the other way round, so the current Queen's husband, is Prince Philip is not King Philip!
  23. And here’s what it looked like in the glorious Olympic summer of 2012 😎
  24. It might just be the way you phrased this, but it’s not quite right. Although it is now primarily used as the home stadium of soccer club West Ham United, this was THE Olympic Stadium, where the opening and closing ceremonies were held, along with the athletics (track and field) programme. It has been substantially altered since then, of course. The Olympic soccer competitions were held at various stadiums around the country, with finals at the iconic Wembley Stadium. The ‘Anniversary Games’, a two-day top class athletics meet is still held here every year, so the stadium reconfigures to include a track.
  25. Of course Scotland is a country. It’s one of the constituent countries of the United Kingdom. It is is not a sovereign state.
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