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  1. Thank you for all of your advice, finding the right TA seems to be the best advice. Since we want to arrive so early I think we will book our own airfare and get private insurance just in case.
  2. Thanks, for your input, as my DH and I enter into a new phase of life I will need to find a quality travel agent. For those of you who have a great travel agent what di you do to find one, there are so many out there.
  3. Thanks, we want to arrive a week early to Spain and also leave 3 days later post cruise. I don't have a travel agent, usually book everything myself with research.
  4. We are taking our first Crystal Cruise next summer. With all the cancellations right now, I was thinking we might book our airfare through Crystal. I have two questions. How early can you arrive before your cruise if booking through Crystal? Also if airfare is booked through Crystal and Crystal cancels the cruise does my refund automatically including the airfare or do I have to deal with the airline directly?
  5. Keith, I followed your blog everyday and want to thank you for sharing your grand adventure. Based on your reviews my husband and I have booked our first Crystal cruise, albeit it isn't until 2021. I'm looking forward to reading more of your blogs.
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