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  1. Roz - I'm so glad to hear that Horton is doing well. I know how stressed you were over him! I'm not a hugger. The one thing this virus has done is stop people who are huggers from wanting to hug us non-huggers. Some people just really can't help themselves, and there are some of us who are just uncomfortable with it. One thing I'm actually pleased about is that going forward, we should see more people that think before hugging.
  2. Reflection and Equinox sent another group home on charters from Barbados earlier this week. Both ships, along with a couple of Royal ships have been acting as a hotel for crew trying to fly home. Constellation just released another group of crew today, including some from Europe that had been on board the entire time. Here's hoping they get a short break at home, then are ready to return. A number of them live in areas with few jobs available and need the job on the ship to take care of families. I'm supposed to be on the Constellation for the holidays. I'm hoping to be there. I don't really care where we go, although I was looking forward to the Canal. If the ship doesn't sail, I'll be looking to book a BNB or hotel in South FL for the holidays. I'd rather be on a ship though.
  3. Sometimes you get something by simply being polite. We received champagne and chocolate covered strawberries from an officer. I believe it was because we sought him out to compliment his staff for going out of their way to assist us. Similarly, we received a bottle of wine once and flowers another time from the chief housekeeper when we complimented a public area cleaner who we noticed. We don’t compliment them for freebies, we like to share what a great job they are doing when it is a thankless job.
  4. My thought is that Infinity may stay in India for a bit, until time to bring crew back. Then, it can bring a load of crew back the same way it delivered them home, back to CN for some, Apex for others, and finally across the Atlantic for many others. Guessing it will still be a while, though. I’m booked for the Dec 23 holiday cruise on CN this year. It is the 12 night Canal Touch Cruise. There is not one in 2021 holidays. I’m rather stuck, lift and shift does not apply. If she ship sails from Tampa, I’ll be on her, even if we don’t bother with any of the ports. It is a 16 hour drive from my home to Tampa.
  5. Please remember that Apex has not yet been delivered to Celebrity just yet. While some of the crew had joined her to get her ready, Celebrity has not yet taken possession, so she is not yet owned by Celebrity. They will have a bit of work to get her operational.
  6. Sending hugs to Roz and Horton from Scooter and me. I hope he is having a decent day today, and wish you a good week. Please keep us posted on your boy.
  7. Prices for next year are high, but Celebrity has offered the “Lift and Shift” option, where you can delay your cruise to the next year at the same rate.
  8. Goodness, Roz! Hugs from us for you and Horton! I’m keeping fingers crossed that you have a new dog for him to sniff butts and chase balls with very soon.
  9. The only one I could find has a fairly small seat, but works for me for limited use. I’m 5’9” and 190 lbs. I has three legs and folds flat. I got mine from amazon for about $25.
  10. So glad to hear Horton is responding to treatment! We have a friend with a pet dog that is about 12 years old. They thought their family pet was ready to go, but she is holding on. She met the new pup that the family is going to be adopting in June, and they believe she is hanging on until there is a new dog to care for her little girls. Our dogs are amazing creatures.
  11. According to a friend who is an officer on board one of the S class ships, his ship requires 180-200 as essential crew. Pretty sure they will keep the entire bridge crew (three shifts, each shift stands watch 4 hours at a time), much of the marine crew. A handful of kitchen and service staff, As they still need someone to cook to feed the crew, clean the kitchen, clean the staterooms of the ranking officers on board. Uniforms and linens still need to be kept clean, etc. They don’t need the staff from The Retreat, guest services, the iLounge, casino, future cruise sales, etc. They still need IT although not all the IT as when guests are on board. They need at least some of the medical staff if not all of them. They still need at least one plumber, electrician. Joiner, etc. They are still doing inspections and repairs on all the systems.
  12. I look forward to it. It is just over 7 months away. We've had so much cancelled this year so far. It is amazing. We've been lucky in my community, only 3 people have tested positive for COVID, and they have all recovered. The adjacent county had two more and they have also recovered.
  13. Our next cruise is over the holidays on Celebrity Constellation out of Tampa. I’m praying it happens. I will need it
  14. My guess is they will see how the situation is after July 1 or so. The ships will be down to 200 or so crew. There will be plenty of people who will join a ship if the ships are allowed to sail, and if the flights are allowed to go. All the people who had contracts end early, all the people who were expecting to join ships in April, May, June and are out of work - they will be looking to get back to the ships and earn a living. As for ships being all over - that should not be an issue since they can't exactly start up on a dime. They will need a solid 2 weeks of planning to get the people and resources where they need to be, and that will allow them to move the ships as well.
  15. Sadly, you can’t even experience the MDR for lunch on port days as it is closed. If you don’t wish to visit the Oceanview for lunch, we recommend the Mast Grill for a burger or simply call room service.
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