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  1. Thanks, Roz and Linda. I appreciate the reassurance. It is amazing what one bad fall will do to us! I turn 50 in a couple of weeks. I'm lamenting the physical limitations I have.
  2. Profit is definitely key. They still have cruises to the ABC islands on the SClass ships. In 18-19, they were a 9-night on Silhouette. Some of the Equinox’s cruises go there as well, and next year some of the Reflection cruises go there. The issue of the 14-night Eclipse cruises was they were not profitable. They tended to be older adults, and those adults tended to spend very little while on board. The had huge numbers of Elites who enjoyed the Elite Happy Hour, but didn’t buy other beverages. Many of them removed gratuities. (Staff hated being stationed on board because of the lack of tips). Few of them (percentage wise) booked excursions through the ship. In short, they were not profitable. According to a friend of ours, the same was true of the 12-Night cruises on Silhouette in 18-19. We were amazed at the number of people who didn’t get off the ship when we sailed in Feb 19 on Silhouette. We didn’t get off much, because I was recovering from surgery and in a wheelchair. They usually had multiple Alcoves available unsold even on sea days. They did coupons for the Elite Happy Hour because of numbers.
  3. Thanks, Linda. Some days I don't need anything at all. Other days I need the cane. Other days I'm glad we have the WC and the ramp. I guess I'm just frustrated.
  4. Any of you cruised on a Celebrity M-class in the last few years, in an Accessible Sky Suite? I have one booked on Constellation for 2020 out of Tampa. I’m in one of the deck 8 rooms, luckily not backing up to the elevator but next door to that one. After doing some soul searching, I decided I need to break down and book accessible from now on. I’ll manage during my next two cruises with regular staterooms, but I’m learning I need the extra grab bars in the bathroom, the raised toilet, etc. Between the ankle and knee pain and the lasting numbness, I’m guessing I need to accept it. Luckily, Scooter enjoys doing retrieval’s. Part of of me feels bad at taking the accessible suite if I don’t 100% need it, but after the cruise in February when I could not get one, was actually using a wheelchair and needed it, I broke down. I can’t get into one for this December, Feb 2020 or Feb 20201 as of this point, though. The WC didn’t fit through the door unless we at least partly collapsed it, and once in the room it didn’t fit between the bed and the wall. How bad is the water in the bathroom after a shower? That is one of the things I hate about accessible rooms. We had a hotel room in January where the water went everywhere. It was scary. That was when I was completely non-weight bearing and needed the shower seat (that was missing - grrrr).
  5. I no longer book a flight before noon even when sailing and flying out of Fort Lauderdale. We experienced one of those hold ups by CBP on a Friday morning disembarkation and no one exited the cruise terminal until after 10AM. CBP claimed they had received word of a “credible threat” and inspected closely. They finally made one line just for US passengers with passports, but even that line moved more slowly than normal. People around us were complaining left and right about missing flights. We were glad all we did was miss a couple of hours of beach time (we had a 7pm flight and rental car waiting for us). If you choose to do an early flight, make sure to have travel insurance that covers you.
  6. We swapped a February cruise on RF in a Sky Suite for the holiday one on Connie in 6117. Here's hoping it is a good room. The lifeboats don't bother me. I'm currently more worried about the smoke, but I'll have to hope for the best. What kind of grab bars are in the shower? I was trying to leave the accessible suite for someone more needy than me, but II may need to switch to it. We've only done S-Class ships.
  7. The people delivering room service are now wait staff. They are generally supervised by a Head Waiter, who often doubles up evenings at the MDR. We are friendly with one. He assured us they were appropriately compensated, but are always happy with additional compensation like others in the ship. if you eat at a different table in the MDR each evening in Select Dinjng, you are unlikely to add an additional tip. Same thing.
  8. They really think a large company is going to cancel stops over the firing of one person? The cruise lines will stop where they get the best deal. He signed letters of intent after being told not to. Sounds like he was fired for cause. Allure is skipping the USVI for a while because of mechanical issues.
  9. Mine is a “Drive Medical” from Amazon. For $22 it was worth the chance.
  10. What a week! The neighbors finally stopped setting fireworks. Scooter doesn’t mind most of them. But the giant BOOMS make him bark. That is WRONG! The house next next door was condemned a couple of years ago by the city. Last year, the university purchased it. Ever since, all the police departments in the region have been using it for training. That gets interesting! The other day, one of the police departments included a K9 officer. We came home for lunch (as we do almost daily) and spotted the K9 right as he spotted us walking up the sidewalk to our house. He started to pull his handler toward us. The handler wasn’t expecting it. I didn’t know what to expect, since some maintain their training better than others. Chief had forgotten to let the training team know there was a family living next door with a SD. Whoops! All is well, but we had a surprise! i can’t wait until that house comes down! Scooter is otherwise doing well. I’m still trying to get this bad ankle to heal, and the Dr refused to write another Rx for PT, so I’m not thrilled about that. Time will tell.
  11. I own one. The one I have was about $22 on Amazon. The height is not adjustable, and it has 3 legs. It folds someone flat and then you spread it into a tripod for using as a seat. Not comfortable, but works for standing in long lines. Not appropriate if too heavy. I’m 5’9” and about 190lbs. It is not all that great as a cane or as a seat, but works for a short time for either. I use it when I will be standing in line for 20 minutes or so. For $22, good enough.
  12. Thank you so much! We love the Alcoves on Silhouette and Reflection, and we are disappointed in the ones installed on Equinox since they don’t have mid-day sun protection or rain protection. Trying to decide if I want one during our EQ sailing i in December.
  13. Sorry, I have been swamped. Yes, I was on Silhouette in February. I was in a C2, bed by bath. I was in one of the rooms with a slanted balcony. I could not fit the wheelchair through the doorway, even though it is a fairly narrow wheelchair. We had to partly fold my WC to get it through the doorway and through the area between the bed and the wall. My neighbor had the bed by the balcony, but his rental scooter didn’t fit through his doorway. I did a lot of hopping on that cruise.
  14. Alternatively, you can simply take the public bus to the turtle farm and pay the admission, then take the public bus back to the ship when you are done.
  15. Please either get an accessible room or work with Celebrity to arrange what to do. Our last cruise, I was in a manual wheelchair. I skipped the scooter because we could not get an accessible room, and Celebrity states that the scooter user should put the scooter in the room at night. I was non-weight-bearing on my left leg due to surgery, so I had to either use the WC or crutches. The passenger next to use had a rental scooter. Not an accessible room. He repeatedly left his scooter in the hallway, and there was not enough room for me to get through in my wheelchair when he did that. We had to go to guest services for assistance more than once. They eventually had the scooter park by the elevator at night, not the hallway.
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