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  1. Not sure. There’s been COVID cases on quite a few cruises. And I’m not a betting kind of girl. But you do you and I won’t judge!
  2. Lol great suggestion! I’ll just tell the health people that I let the virus know not to hang out in the back with the cool kids! 😉
  3. Thanks for the reply! At least on the ship I can control where I’m going. If I don’t feel comfortable going into a crowded area I won’t. If I book an excursion and the bus is packed I’m stuck. Also, no matter what your thoughts are on the efficacy of the vaccine and delta, if someone sitting behind me on that bus has COVID I’m going to get quarantined…
  4. Ya that’s what I was afraid of. I just watched a video of an Alaska excursion and they were jammed in a tiny bus. I was hoping that was because they are in the US and it might be different outside of there. Thanks for your replies ❤️
  5. Curious if someone who’s been on a ship excursion in the Caribbean can answer if people are spread out on the transports? Are the vans or busses etc full like normal or are they reducing capacity? Thanks!
  6. Oh that’s great. For some reason I was thinking we needed the longer pcr test that takes 48 hours for results and was thinking we’d end up needing 2 tests. We’re not going until January so who knows what things will be like then but hopefully testing will be easy 🤞
  7. Thank you for posting. Please let us know how you do your testing before embarking in October as most have changed it to the 2 days.
  8. On the glacier day and on a small boat whale watching I wore a long sleeve shirt, a hoodie and a light waterproof winter coat. Hat and mitts. On the regular stops I mostly wore the same layers but with a summer waterproof rain coat. Hat and mitts sometimes. I’m always cold. My husband who is always warm, mostly wore a tshirt, hoody and spring coat.
  9. Lemon drop martini is my favourite and the first thing I order when boarding 🙂
  10. Total paid if after final payment. Just the deposit if it’s before final payment.
  11. If you have a non refundable deposit then you can’t get that cash back but you can get fcc. If you have a refundable deposit but are past final payment you get fcc. If you cancel before final payment day and have a refundable deposit then you get your money returned. Sounds right to me anyway lol
  12. https://www.celebritycruises.com/content/dam/celebrity/pdf/05_07_SP_Beverage-Package-Flyer_051721.pdf
  13. https://www.beyondships1.com/celebrity-reflection-profile.html this website is a little out of date but it will give you an idea of the types of menus and daily activities.
  14. I received 14 points which was lower than I was expecting but brought me up to select so I’m satisfied. It’s gave me something ‘cruising’ to do.
  15. I’m all about cheap so I would totally do this one 😉
  16. I don’t have experience in this cabin but I was curious and found this video. I hope someone can help 🙂
  17. Pina coladas and the like are included in the classic pkg 🙂
  18. Good tips! I’ve upgraded my pkg for the martinis. Does it make a noticeable difference in mixed drinks like that? I’m not a big drinker and would never know the different brands to ask for. (except now I’ll ask for Patron!)
  19. Sorry to get political. Sometimes it’s hard to bite my tongue. And all I’ll say to your comment on Trudeau is 😂
  20. I agree that travel isn’t a priority. Clearly, as they kept the border pretty wide open and if you had the money/time off you could come and go as you pleased. I guess it’s how you look at it. They got a huge shipment of moderna that they wanted to use up before it expired….they took a chance that it wouldn’t cause any problems. If they were only concerned about the number of ppl in the shortest timeframe they would have kept it all in T.O and not spread it around the lightest hit areas. Just my opinion but after all this anything that comes out of Trudeau’s mouth I have to question.
  21. I was really lucky and got the same Vaccine for both or I’d be pissed. The Canadian government (followed by the provincial) were forcing people to mix. People were getting shamed if they turned up to a clinic for one brand and wouldn’t take a different one. Now this happens. What a nightmare and not just because they can’t cruise.
  22. You can pay the difference per drink plus gratuity. Or you can upgrade the package for $12/day.
  23. That’s really good information thank you. I won’t be watching movies or anything but I do enjoy using it on holiday and miss it when I don’t have it. I’m assuming now that most are getting it free that will slow things down a lot. I’ll probably just upgrade before I go to save myself the hassle. Thanks again paula
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