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  1. I phoned back at 9:15pm and waited about 2 minutes for a rep to connect. Life lesson 🙂
  2. Ok thanks so much! Maybe I shouldn’t have hung up lol. I’ll try again later.
  3. I sat on hold for over 2 hours today to get my celebrity air fare price matched today. I finally hung up because I wasn’t 100% sure I called the correct number. Should I call flights by celebrity or the regular customer service number? Also, I wasn’t sure which option to hit so I selected changing the flight. The other option was to select royal Caribbean bookings. Any thoughts? Thx!
  4. I just had a flight changed by delta. A Celebrity rep said it was probably because the price has doubled for that flight since I booked it. Annoying but what are you gonna do. I ended up changing both flights and the rep said that I could make as many changes as I wanted, including full cancellation, before final payment (no penalty)I got the impression that it goes back to original payment but I’m not 100% sure. It’s nice to be able to pick your flight with Celebrity but it’s good to know that these aren’t guaranteed.
  5. I agree that it depends on when and where you’re going. I’ve gotten Vibe passes twice and it was completely worth it. It was very quiet both times. It was Caribbean cruises in November and I remember being very surprised at how loud the pool deck was when we walked through. That was back when it was only $100 though and we didn’t actually get off the ship at all (girls cruise) so we definitely got bang for our buck!
  6. Lol ya I seemed to have moved further away from the model look this year 🤷🏻‍♀️ What r ya gonna do?!?! im sure you look great.
  7. This happened to me and I just phoned and requested an invoice. On the actual invoice it showed the discounts.
  8. You will be a bit underdressed. But I think just changing the hoodie to a solid colored sweater should fix it. Doesn’t seem like a big change your whole personality item but will dress it up a bit. 😃 Also, I agree that the food and service are better on celebrity and the entertainment is much better on NCL.
  9. It’s not just Celebrity. I have an NCL Iceland booked for next June that’s gone up $2500. If people are willing to pay it it will keep going up.
  10. We are also looking at that cruise but have decided against booking the airfare with NCL for exactly the reasons stated above. We want to stay a few days before and after so it won’t work for us. I had a cruise booked in January that included air for 2 and we had to pay $33.47 US each to fly in the day before. Which at the time was well worth it for us.
  11. I’ve been on both of these ships. I find pros and cons for both. Celebrity is smoke free inside. Breakaway you can really smell the smoke from the casino. Celebrity service is better. Ncl entertainment is a little better. The food is better on celebrity. If I was choosing a girls week I would go breakaway. Me and my husband, celebrity. But all this is only my opinion. Everyone’s tastes are different.
  12. I’ve got a cruise booked in January so final payment is in September. Unless they come up with something major before September or extend final payment, we will probably cancel. 😭
  13. I’m booked in January 2021. I’m in a high risk group so it will depend on what’s happening 🤷‍♀️
  14. Yes, it says they can be fined or even jailed (they just jailed someone in Newfoundland)
  15. Absolutely no problem. Things are changing so rapidly! stay safe!
  16. Hi! Not the place for a big discussion. But this happened later after the PMs briefing On Wednesday morning, Health Minister Patty Hajdu told the Senate that all travellers, with the exception of “essential workers,” will be legally obligated to isolate themselves upon their arrival in Canada to prevent further spread of the novel coronavirus. She said the new measure will provide “clarity” to those re-entering the country. 🤷🏼‍♀️
  17. I’m so glad you’re home safe and have someone bring you what you need. Just a reminder though that what you should be doing now is quarantine not isolating. Quarantine means not leaving your house. Even for a short walk. (Unless in you backyard). This has now changed from a recommendation to law as of today. take care! Paula ❤️
  18. I’m in Ontario Canada. It’s snowing here and dull and dark. But I’m going to make myself go for a walk. I’m a cashier at an office supply store. I have told them that I’m not available for any cash shifts but I would work in other departments. But so far I haven’t been scheduled. I take 2 different immune suppressing drugs so I’m trying to be careful. Honestly I’d rather be home. My husband is an industrial firefighter. I’m always worried about him so there’s really no difference now 🤷‍♀️ I just try not to think about it. We had our first death this morning in our small town. I really hope that this poor man makes others in our community realize the seriousness of our situation. I hope they close the stores soon including the malls. It seems crazy that they haven’t yet. They aren’t testing many people in Canada. I think if they ramp up the testing like they did in New York there would be a lot of very surprised people. I understand that they are short on tests but I also wonder if it has something to do with not wanting people to panic. Conspiracy theories lol. We don’t have a cruise planned until January. I sure hope everything is ok by then for more reasons than my silly holiday. (But I want my silly holiday!)
  19. I have a cruise booked for January with 3 of us in a cabin. I am going to purchase a meal package for the third person. It’s not priced too bad actually. And then it saves the worry and hassle. Have fun!!
  20. I would choose the room upgrade. I’ve done 2 different girls cruises where we didn’t get off the boat and spent almost every daylight hour in vibe. We really enjoyed it. This was also when it was only $100 lol. That makes a big difference. The only time we used the balcony was maybe 1/2 hour at night before bed. The main problem with these choices is the Vibe isn’t guaranteed. So you could be kicking yourself if you didn’t get it. Also, it’s really nice to have the specialty dining package...
  21. I booked my next cruise 1 1/2 years before sail date. Lots of people book in advance. No need to be embarrassed.
  22. I find the entertainment On NCL to be a lot better than Celebrity. Including the night life. Everything else is a bit better on Celebrity. But, I have a NCL booked next because it included all the perks and airfare. So sometimes money wins 🤷🏼‍♀️
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